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ASUS released new firmware v3. for ASUS RT-AC87U router!

ASUS has just released a hefty update for RT-AC87U router. It includes quite a long list of security fixes as well as bug fixes and new features. It’s highly recommended to update it!

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version

Security fixed

  • Fixed KRACK vulnerability
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14491: DNS – 2 byte heap based overflow
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14492: DHCP – heap based overflow
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14493: DHCP – stack based overflow
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14494: DHCP – info leak
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14495: DNS – OOM DoS
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14496: DNS – DoS Integer underflow
  • Fixed CVE-2017-13704 : Bug collision
  • Fixed predictable session tokens (CVE-2017-15654), logged user IP validation (CVE-2017-15653), Logged-in information disclosure (special thanks for Blazej Adamczyk contribution)
  • Fixed web GUI authorization vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed AiCloud XSS vulnerabilities
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability. Thanks for Joaquim’s contribution.
  • Fixed LAN RCE vulnerability. An independent security researcher has reported this vulnerability to Beyond Security’s SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure program
  • Fixed remote code execution vulnerability. Thanks to David Maciejak of Fortinet’sFortiGuard Labs
  • Fixed Smart Sync Stored XSS vulnerabilities. Thanks fo Guy Arazi’s contribution.
  • Fixed CVE-2018-5721 Stack-based buffer overflow.

New features

  • HDD Hibernation
  • URL filter black/white list
  • Bandwidth limiter on guest network
  • URL filter support https website

Bug fixed

  • Fixed CTF related issues
  • Fixed AiCloud smart sync issue.
  • Fixed client icon modification issue when client name includes special characters.
  • Fixed AiCloud smart sync problem.

Grab it here:

ASUS released new firmware v3. for ASUS RT-AC87U router!

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version

Security fixed
– Fixed CVE-2017-5892 (JSONP Information Disclosure)
– Fixed CVE-2017-7494 (Samba remote code execution vulnerability
– Improved brute-force protection for SSH, Telnet connection.

Bug fixed
– Fixed web history issue.
– Fixed URL filter, keyword filter, network filter time related issue.
– Fixed USB Modem/ Tethering UI issue.

Grab it here (select “Others” as OS version):

ASUS released new firmware v3. for ASUS RT-AC87U router!

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version

Bug fixed
– Fixed Android phone tethering mode detecting issue in quick internet setup process.
– Fixed PPPoE related issue.
– Fixed client rename issue in network map.
– Fixed network tool issues.
– Fixed wake on lan issues.

– Added automatic standby mode for CE Ecodesign directive.

Grab it here (select “Others” as OS version):

ASUS released new firmware v3. for ASUS RT-AC87U router!

ASUS has released a larger bug and security update for the RT-AC87U router.

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version

Security related
– Updated OpenSSL library to 1.0.2j to fix security issues.
– Updated Dropbear SSH to 2016.74 to fix security issues.
– Fixed a security vulnerability regarding XSS.
– Fixed a security vulnerability regarding CSRF.
– Added protection for Brute-force attack.

Bug fixed
– Fixed Chrome, Edge and IE compatibility issues.
– Fixed quick internet setting wizard compatibility issues.
– Fixed NAT issue caused by UPnP media server.
– Fixed dual wan issues in PPPoE or PPTP or L2TP + DHCP environment.
– Fixed AiCloud related issues.

– Updated NAT Acceleration setting help message.
– Supported Google DDNS .
– Modified the Quick Internet Setting wizard behavior to enhance compatibility.
– Enabled smart sync under AP/Media Bridge.
– Supported new 3G/LTE USB dongle, Docomo L-03D.

Grab it here (select “Others” as OS version):

Disable indicator LEDs on Netgear R7000 with Shibby Tomato

If you’re using Netgear Nighthawk X3 (R7000) with Shibby Tomato firmware and you hate blinking indicator LED lights on top of the router, here is a trick to turn most of them off and stop them from blinking. I still haven’t figured all out, but I found many control so far for individual LEDs.

Just login to your router, go to Administration and then Scripts


Copy this text to Scripts (Init) field, like example shown above in the image. Commands can be stacked together to achieve desired effect.

Red/white POWER LED
WHITE: gpio enable 3
RED: gpio disable 3

Red/white WAN LED
WHITE: gpio enable 8
RED: gpio disable 8

Disable only WAN LED
et robowr 0x0 0x1a 0x0

Disable/enable only LAN LED’s
DISABLE: et robowr 0x0 0x16 0x0
ENABLE: et robowr 0x0 0x16 0x1ff

Disable WAN and LAN LEDs
et robowr 0x0 0x18 0x1ff
et robowr 0x0 0x18 0x0
et robowr 0x0 0x1a 0x0

Enable/disable WPS Button LED
gpio enable 14
gpio disable 14

Enable/disable Wireless Button LED
gpio enable 15
gpio disable 15

Enable/disable USB1 LED
gpio enable 17
gpio disable 17

Enable/disable USB2 LED
gpio enable 18
gpio disable 18

Click Save button below and then Reboot… on the left side since the script kicks in on router initialization. After router reboot, settings should take effect.

Will update this as I find more functional commands…

ASUS released new firmware v3. for ASUS RT-AC87U router!

Asus has released a small bugfix update for the RT-AC87U router.

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version

Fixed GUI issue in IPv6 environment.

Grab it here (select “Others” as OS version):

ASUS released new firmware v3. for ASUS RT-AC87U router!

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version

ASUS has been dedicated to cooperate with third party developers to come up with more innovative features.
To comply with regulatory amendments, we have modified firmware verification rule to ensure better firmware quality.
This version is not compatible with all previously released ASUS firmware and uncertified third party firmware.

Security Fixed
– Fixed Samba Badlock CVE-2016-2110 (Man in the middle attacks possible with NTLMSSP)
– Fixed Samba Badlock CVE-2016-2111 (NETLOGON Spoofing Vulnerability)
– ASUS firmware did not enable Samba LDAP, and not affected by CVE-2016-2112 (LDAP client and server don’t enforce integrity) issue.
– The Samba version in ASUS firmware was not affected by
CVE-2016-2118 (SAMR and LSA man in the middle attacks possible)
– The Samba version in ASUS firmware was not affected by
CVE-2015-5370 (Multiple errors in DCE-RPC code)
– Fixed command injection issue. Thanks for Chris’ contribution.
– Fixed XSS issue. Thanks for Chris’ contribution.

Bug Fixed
– Fixed Windows Radius server compatibility issues.
– Fixed 5G performance issue when using bandwidth monitor.
– Fixed bandwidth monitor incorrect number problem.
– Fixed setup wizard redirect issue when router automatically changed LAN IP in IP conflict case.
– Modified setup wizard process when router detected DHCP and PPPoE at the same time.
– Fixed bandwidth limiter bug when there are multiple clients in rule list.
– Fixed NTP automatically sync issue when router rebooted
– Fixed Safari slow response issue.
– Enhance AiCloud dynamic stream port mechanism (please also keep AiCloud app up to date)
– Fixed AiCloud share link related issues.
– Fixed Media Server/DLNA related issue.

Grab it here (select “Others” as OS version):

ASUS released new firmware v3. for ASUS RT-AC87U router!

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version


  • Fixed Multicast issue when WAN is PPPoE/ PPTP/ L2TP
  • Fixed IPTV GUI issue
  • Fixed two guest networks had same mac address problem.
  • Fixed view list in network map cannot be closed.
  • Fixed network map device icon issue
  • Fixed client cannot get new IP when changed router IP and subnet mask.
  • Fixed wrong notification when using quick internet setup wizard in static IP environment.
  • Fixed wrong notification when client was blocked by Time scheduling.
  • Fixed ASUS Router App related issues.
  • Fixed DNS response error issue.

Grab it here:

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version released!

ASUS relased a new firmware for their RT-AC87U router…

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version

– Added Movistar Triple VLAN profile in IPTV setting page
– Fixed too many repeat information in system log.
– Fixed Traffic analyzer issue UI issue when changing the data.
– Added workaround for Android devices power drain issue.
– Fixed Adaptive QoS bandwidth setting issue.
– Fixed low samba transfer throughput issue when enable bandwidth limiter.
– Fixed web history related issue.
– Fixed abnormal bandwidth increasing in bandwidth monitor.
– Fixed VPN client UI issue when using Firefox.
– Fixed wireless channel issue when set 2.4G channel in 12 or 13 (only for EU region)
– Fixed dual wan ping time watch dog issue which might cause .false fail over to secondary wan.
– Fixed Bandwidth monitor and Web history UI issue which was caused by “<” or “>” in SSID.


New major firmware release for ASUS RT-AC87U router!

If you happen to be an ASUS RT-AC87U owner, check out this huge update for this awesome router. It brings security updates as well as really nice connectivity enhancements and tools like Traffic Analyzer to see what apps and protocols occupy available bandwidth as well as bunch of QoS enhancements for fastest possible connection.

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version (2015-10-01)

Security Fixes
– Updated TrendMicro security engine.
– Updated OpenSSL library to 1.0.2d
– Fixed CVE-2015-6949 buffer overflow issue, special thanks for Elvis’ contribution.
– Fixed Web server Accept-Language buffer overflow
– Fixed Web server URL handler buffer overflow
– Enhanced router login password and wireless password(WPA2) strength check method to against brute-force attack.
– Reject administrator to set too easy to guess login and wireless password to avoid brute-force attack.

New Features
– RT-AC87U now supports Traffic analyzer.
– Bandwidth Limiter in Adaptive QoS –> QoS. Let administrator easily limit specific client’s upload/ download bandwidth
– Independent mac filter for main wireless network and guest network. Administrator can set white list for main wireless network to only allow trust client connect to main wireless network and share network to guest with guest network
– Modified the network map client status. When chick the client icon, administrator can bind IP, change host name, change icon, block internet access or set time scheduling.
– Added client list view button on network map and help administrator easily monitor all client connection status.
– Time scheduling, Web & App filter, Wireless MAC filter client drop down menu can show offline devices.
– Web history and traffic analyzer can show device name.
– [AiCloud] Show image EXIF info on image player
– [AiCloud] Auto rotate image on image player.
– [AiCloud] Files can be moved and copied.
– [AiCloud] Images can be uploaded to Picasa or Twitter.
– [AiCloud] Share link can be posted on Twitter, Plurk, weibo and QQ in AiCloud.
– [AiCloud] AiCloud can be used in AP/ media bridge mode.
– Added 3G/4G USB modem APN auto detection feature. In most cases, firmware can automatically find the ISP profile and establish link when 3G/4G dongle inserted to router.
– Added Android phone in USB modem/ USB Tethering –> Select USB device.

– Updated the 5G chipset driver to stabilize 5GHz connection.
– Added Meo and Movistar ISP profile.
– Adjusted Guest network mac filter maximum client number to 16
– Allow paste password on login page to fulfil some password management softwares requirement.
– Show current control channel while value is auto.
– Bandwidth limiter can accept decimal point.
– Unnecessary to reboot router after set allow only spcified IP address to enter GUI.
– Adaptive QoS can now be enabled without assigned upload/ download bandwidth.
– Adjusted Adaptive QoS UI and easier to set top priority for gaming, media streaming or web surfing.
– Changed warning page style.
– Changed Cloud sync Dropbox URL encoding from UTF8 to BASE64.

– Fixed media server scanning issue.
– Fixed setup wizard IE11 compatibility issue.
– Fixed Adaptive QoS game mode GUI issue.
– Fixed Traffic Analyzer GUI issue.
– Fixed OpenVPN connection status display error