Soundbar Standby Blocker


European directive dictates electronic devices have to go into standby mode after certain period of inactivity, usually 15 minutes of not playing anything to save power. Such behavior can be annoying when soundbar is used as output on computer where there might not be sound event for extended periods of time, but we want device to be ready when any sound does get played.


Soundbar Standby Blocker is a tiny program that tricks soundbar (or any speaker with such power saving mechanism) from going into power saving standby mode by playing a specially crafted 3 seconds long 10Hz tone every 10 minutes. It should be entirely inaudible to the user at normal volume levels, but will nudge the standby sense on the soundbar and make it think it just had to play a sound, causing it to reset the internal standby timer. Soundbar will stay on and ready to play any sound for as long as Soundbar Standby Blocker is running on the computer.


  • Soundbar Standby Blocker will not work if computer volume is set too low or is set to mute.
  • It may prevent computer from going into standby under certain conditions.
  • File “tone.wav” must be present in same folder as Soundbar Standby Blocker program, otherwise it will not function. User can replace it with own audio sample, but must retain same name and same audio format (WAV).
  • Tone played in 10 minute intervals will be captured along with all other sounds if you’re for example performing a gameplay capture on your computer while Soundbar Standby Blocker is running. Technically it shouldn’t be audible, but you’ve been warned about potential interference.


Soundbar Standby Blocker Download

4 thoughts on “Soundbar Standby Blocker

  1. Thank you so much for this…is there a way to make this a startup item so I don’t have to run this every time I start up?


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