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Anti-fraud service Eye4Fraud hacked

Apparently this service got hacked per recent news. What’s the biggest irony is that they were suppose to keep customers safe from fraud and now, what I can only assume, their pure incompetence resulted in leak of over 16 million customer accounts information. This includes customer e-mails, physical addresses, phone numbers, partial credit card numbers and more.

More can be read here:

Adding extra insult to injury, users can’t do anything about it because they are some 3rd party no one asked to collect user data got all the user data and no one even knows what websites use this service behind the scenes. You may get a notification that your personal information was compromised in a security leak, but you pretty much can’t do anything about it because some unrelated 3rd party fucked up. Slow clap Eye4Fraud.  You may just as well go bankrupt at this point, given that you failed at very thing you exist for…

Legacy WinAmp resurrected from the dead with latest version 5.9 !

It has been years since Winamp was a thing, but it seems it’s slowly coming back. No, it’s not the all new redesigned Winamp, but hey “just” (it actually happened in July 2022 but I somehow missed it) released latest version 5.9 that is still good old WinAmp, but with fixes and improvements for modern operating systems like Windows 11.

One of biggest pros of WinAmp was just absolutely wild library of skins and plugins of all sorts. From crazy high quality input plugins like Shibatch’s mpg123 to DSP processors and all sorts of wild output plugins that supported features no other player could. Like for example ASIO output, OpenAL output, WASAPI output way before it was a thing elsewhere and to insane audio enhancing plugins like QO Lab’s AudioBurst FX. Outputting audio to my Sound Blaster AE-9 with all the goodies at 32bit 96kHz makes music sound sooooooo sweet again even though input is same old MP3 format. Very nice.

WinAmp official download:

You can find a lot of old skins and plugins here:

I’ve also been providing a full mirror of the latest official WinAmp plugins and skins here:

My mirror of latest plugins and skins

QO Lab’s excellent upsampling audio enhancing plugin:

QO Labs AudioBurst Studio Sound FX

Updated ASIO Output plugin:

Updated WASAPI Output plugin:

Been using it for few hours and it’s actually still a very good player. Mostly because of plugins that are still being developed by many people.

Enjoy the nostalgia! 🙂

Firefox Translations, local machine learning translation extension

Mozilla has recently officially released their long running project that gives you the ability to translate webpages in a private way done entirely locally using machine learning. Nothing is transmitted anywhere, browser does all the translations entirely locally. It will download some support data and then perform translation locally on your system.

Here is a quick example of Mozilla Firefox 102 rendering German eBay ( webpage and translating it into English on the fly…

It has a limited range of supported languages, but it supports all the major European ones and more are coming in the future.

You can download Firefox Translations extension here:


Bitdefender Free antivirus resurrected because of concerns over Kaspersky’s ties to Kremlin

You may have noticed Bitdefender discontinued Bitdefender Free with beginning of year 2022. However, things changed as war in Ukraine happened and more and more concerns rose over Kaspersky’s ties to Kremlin. A lot of people are ditching Kaspersky in fear or just out of protest. Bitdefender, a Romanian security company decided to bring back their popular free solution for everyone who want antivirus protection, but can’t pay for full program or simply don’t need the features paid versions offer, particularly for those who ditched Kaspersky. I don’t know if that was their official statement, but it was clearly a motive to fill in the gap.

I present you the all new Bitdefender Free antivirus…


At first I wasn’t interested if they just brought back the old one, because it had so many issues and bugs they never managed to fix, that I just wasn’t willing to even try it. But then someone posted a screenshot that got me interested. It’s a complete redesign and from the looks of it, this alone fixed a lot of issues that existed before after I actually tried it.

It can still be just install and forget just like the old free version, but now you have some more settings under control and also no issues that I used to have before. Still requires registration, which is a bit annoying, but oh well, it’s free and can be used on 3 systems by 1 user.

I don’t think using Kaspersky is an issue, particularly if you’re a regular user and not a company or organization. But still, if you have concerns and don’t want to use anything else, Bitdefender has always been good performer.

Gigabyte G27Q custom crosshairs pack

Some time ago I’ve bought myself Gigabyte G27Q monitor and it has a neat feature to create custom virtual crosshairs that act like an overlay. Main benefit is that you don’t need to create a rendered overlay or inject anything into games, making it friendly for online games as it’s entirely undetectable to anticheat systems. And can also be useful for single player games because it’s just so simple to enable and will work with any game. Sometimes games just have rubbish in-game crosshairs or you like to complement existing ones with custom one. Usually Diagonal one works well since it can fill the gaps of built-in crosshairs and can function as a guideline for example when character in game is sprinting and games usually disable crosshair. This way you always know exactly where you’ll be aiming when you stop sprinting for example. Call it cheating if you want, but it’s useful. We used to paint dots on monitors back in the day when none of this was available so why the heck not 😛

Since Gigabyte OSD Sidekick allows exporting of crosshairs, I thought, why not release them if anyone else wants them. So, here it is 🙂


You need to connect your Gigabyte G27Q monitor with USB cable and install Gigabyte OSD Sidekick. Then you can easily import these through OSD Sisdekick app. Or even create your own. Might even work with other Gigabyte monitors that have custom crosshairs support, but that is untested. If it doesn’t work, you can use the screenshots of crosshairs above to recreate them yourself and modify them to your liking.

Firefox Tweaker 2.9 with new Proton Interface support released!

I’ve just released new version of Firefox Tweaker 2.9 that can enable preview of Mozilla’s new Proton Interface. Proton is Mozilla’s redesigned interface for Firefox which is planned to be released to all users with Firefox 89. You can try it out now in Firefox 88. While some things are a bit weird, some are surprisingly better. Like the god awful oversized twitching URL bar which feels much better under Proton. Give it a try if you want.

The tweak controls several parameters at once. Parameters are listed under Help button of Proton interface and you can individually adjust them under about:config if you desire to do so. I’ve decided to pack them all under single checkbox for convenience purposes.

Micro page for more details:


Permanent Process Priority Tool released!

I just want to let you all know I’ve released a new tool called Permanent Process Priority Tool (PPPT) which allows you to permanently set a specific process priority for any program in just few clicks.

I’ve created Permanent Process Priority Tool (PPPT) because I had to set Shadow of Tomb Raider to High priority to fix its stupid sound stuttering problem, but there simply isn’t any program or tool that has such functionality where you can set process priority and it would just stick forever. Windows Task Manager doesn’t offer such functionality and most others haven’t been updated since Windows XP or Windows Vista days and basically all of them require you to have a program running that then enforces selected process priority and a lot of them are really buggy, problematic or clumsy and cause all sorts of bizarre problems. PPPT doesn’t have any of such problems, is simple to use and doesn’t have to be running all the time to function. It only has to be run when setting process priority for a program and after that, Windows itself will set the program to user specified process priority. How cool is that. 🙂

For more info and download, visit PPPT’s micro page:

Firefox Tweaker 2.8 released!

Was checking what new is there to tweak in latest Firefox 83 and I stumbled upon a tweak I was looking for ages and couldn’t find. And now I tripped over it by chance 🙂

I’ve included new “Disable Developer Tools” option under “Browser Components” tweaks section.


What this tweak does is the following:

  • Disables F12 key shortcut for quick access to Developer Tools panel
  • Disables Developer Tools in Menu Bar
  • Disables Developer Tools in right click context menu

The logic behind this is that large majority of users will NEVER need any of these tools, yet they are just there, making clutter by being present in right click context menu all the time or accidentally pressing F12 and the panel pops up.

I have also included this option into “One Click Configuration” so this component gets disabled when using this feature to quickly configure browser. And of course into Restore Default Settings feature.

Micro page for more details:

AnyKeyboard Multimedia Controls released!

I’ve been busy making this little new app that allows you to use multimedia keys on regular keyboards without said multimedia buttons. Basically it emulates the multimedia buttons with hotkeys that are just combinations of buttons/keys found on any keyboard. If you love listening to music, these controls are a must and I can’t imagine using Windows PC without them. Yeah, PC as whole because they also control Windows volume and toggle MUTE. Super useful stuff. And because a lot of keyboards don’t have them, this app steps in and fills that void. I made it for myself so I won’t have to make compromises when picking new keyboard which might not have multimedia buttons and then thought, why not just polish the app, make it all fancy with few extra cool features and release it to you guys. And so, here we are.

Check out its dedicated micro page with more details, screenshot and download links.

I hope you’ll like it 🙂

AnyKeyboard Multimedia Controls micro page: