What is this blog about?

This blog is all about my day to day life. It will mostly cover technological stuff like computers, hardware associated with them, games, software and so forth, since this is really stuff that plays the largest role in my life, but I may also cover other things like art, social issues and other less or non computer oriented topics that went past me in life.

Tiny bit about me…

This is me 🙂


I’m coming from Europe, more specifically from a tiny country from below the Alps, called Slovenia. Born in its capital city Ljubljana and now living in a small town not far away. My passions are computers, overclocking and technology in general as well as games that I love to play all the time. There are many other things that I love to do which include fiddling with cars, music composing, drawing, painting, photography, a rather strange (for some at least) passion for watches and horology in general. I also love nature and animals, have had a lot of little fury balls like hamsters and guinea pigs and now I have a cute westie who’s like a second sister to me 🙂

Need to contact me?

If you need to contact me and don’t know how, use the good old e-mail…


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi RejZor,
    Very interesting profile. Nostalgia, past hobby of mine was working on my cars (still do but more of chore than hobby nowadays) and photography. My first camera was a Sigma with 35-70 mm f/s 3.5 got it from Manhattan NY in 1986. It was a good camera but the viewfinder was dark and the lens depth of field was not accurate in spite of still produced a good photos. I’ve upgraded to Nikon 8008s and Nikon N90s was my last one. Closeup shots can be very time consuming but the reward is great. I used shot a night scenes in the East side Manhattan in early Spring and late Autumn. I can’t afford it anymore, take 100000 shots a year is out of my budget beside I’ve got a bigger things to worried about.
    Your blog is more than meets the eye. Thanks for bringing back the good memories. I enjoy your art.


  2. HI rejzor, i love playing Killing floor 2. Knowing your love for the game would like to play with you too, whats your steam name, would like to have you as my friend to play along side. Thank you very much for the tweeker, very professional i must say !!!


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