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Twitter, stop the censoring madness!

Twitter is slowly but consistently spiraling down into a dumpster fire it’s apparently meant to be. Their new addition is this garbage…


This Tweet was suppose to have 3 replies. Of which I can see NONE. And whole Twitter is riddled with this nonsense now. Yesterday, some guy was asking about one function of a Swiss Army knife and what it is meant for, he apparently got the answer from one of 12 replies of which I could only see his reply. In the end it looked like he was talking to himself… It’s fucking monumentally retarded. Twitter, get your shit together and STOP censoring shit on my behalf. I don’t want some dumb retarded automated system removing tweets/replies because it thinks I’m not suppose to see them for god knows what reason. Stop fucking up the platform, like it’s not bad enough as it is, you have to keep on adding this bullshit and when it breaks everything, they just call it a “glitch”. Fuck off.

Make a god damn per-user censoring system so anyone who wants this nonsense can have it, but leave the rest of us the fuck alone. There is literally nothing that can offend me on Twitter so much that it needs to be entirely removed from my timeline or replies. NOTHING! If I see something I don’t like, I’ll just fucking scroll past it. It’s not a fucking hard concept you know!


Stop calling everyone a “Nazi” you stupid Americans

It’s been a while since I posted anything politically related after GamerGate thing kinda died out. But the crazy left just never let us have a break.

Now, before anyone rushes into calling me an alt-right Trump supporter, this is where I align politically…


And yes, for some stuff I actually do support things Trump does, because the left has dragged shit so far to the left it has become regressive, we need some of the right’s actions to restore balance again. Call me whatever you want for it, I don’t give a shit. What I believe in is balance between both sides and even though I lean slightly more to the left, it proves my point even more if I at the same time support some of the right’s actions.

Now that we got this shit out of the away, let me continue with something that annoys me quite a lot as an European observing the shit going on in America…

After the crazy far left has called literally everyone a sexist, racist, homophobic, bigoted misogynist rapist a year or two ago (not that they have stopped doing that) and watered down the meaning and seriousness of those definitions, they are now doing yet another utterly moronic thing. They are now calling anyone they disagree with either a “Nazi” or a “Fascist” (often spelling fascist wrong which kinda proves how uneducated they are from all the useless social studies garbage).

The Antifa

The front runners of this nonsense are so called “Antifa” group in USA which is (allegedly) anti-fascist and their mission is to fight Nazis. All fine and well if they were actually fighting fascists. Here’s their definition from official webpage…

Antifa_Mission_Statement.jpgI’m not kidding, this is from their actual, official webpage. Who are fascists for them? Pretty much anyone who happens to disagree with them really. I mean, they are so deranged, they even placed, and I kid you not, FIREFIGHTERS on the list of who fascists are.

Antifa is as far left authoritarian as one can possibly position them on the political compass and anyone positioned anywhere else is literally a Nazi.


Want to see more of these absolutely insane people who call themselves “anti-fascists”?


The first one is especially a sparkling gem. “This is your country and you have the right to free speech.” Only irony here is, they go on and shut down anyone who they yet again disagree with, from expressing THEIR right to free speech. Last biggest incident was a Milo Yannopoulos speech at UC Berkeley (The Faggot Tour, look it up) which got shut down by these actual fascists. Here, they talk about freedom of speech and then they go on and shut down a flamboyant conservative Jewish gay speaker. Now, who do such people remind me off… ooooh, right, the actual Nazis!


The “Punch a nazis” is no less idiotic. Now that we established that they hate literally everyone, they go on justifying violence on people by calling those everyone a Nazi and then committing violence on them and their property. Which they clearly displayed during Trump’s inauguration riots as well as recent UC’s Berkely riots where they knocked a man unconscious with flag poles, hit women  who were just standing in the wrong place, pepper sprayed a girl who was just giving an interview to someone while wearing a red hat which wasn’t even a MAGA hat, it actually said “Make Bitcoin Great Again” on it and they felt obliged to assault her just because she roughly resembled a Trump supporter. They torched and smashed businesses that have nothing to do with any of this. Especially businesses like Starbucks which often panders to these actual fascists and they just smashed it anyway.

I mean, does this speech looks to you like something a fascist white nationalist would say?

And no, they aren’t stopping just here either, they are going down route of threats as well…


Yup, threatening people and their children with violence, now you’re really showing them who’s a real Nazi! Boy oh boy, your arguments are just flawless!

The outcome of left’s riots

The end result of these riots and threats of violence and actual violence committed upon different thinking people was pretty sweet in a way despite it being horrible. These idiots have such a short fuse they’ll never realize they are just ensuring Trump’s re-election for second term and even stronger position of the right. Milo had a talk to maybe 200-300 students at Berkeley. After the cancellation of his event, he was given a nation wide interview which gave him audience of several million people. Congratulations idiots, your senseless and violent rioting is doing the opposite of what you’re supposedly trying to achieve, and that is silencing people with different opinions. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Milo says, but I love to listen to his speeches. And he opened my eyes for certain things that were on the very liberal side of my mindset, but he proved that doing that in a more conservative way is actually better. Challenge your beliefs and allow others to speak up. Exchange of ideas is the core element of free speech and if you’re shutting down one side, you’re the fascist who needs to be shut down!

The Nazism and Europe

Now that we have come to a conclusion who are the real Fascists and Nazis (the Antifa), let me go back to my starting statement why I find this disturbing as an European.

They have watered down the meaning of words like sexism, rape and racism by calling everything not even by far related to these things, these exact things, they are doing this to Fascism and Nazism as well. For them, it’s just a buzzword to be thrown around and to somehow justify senseless violence, for us Europeans, it’s a very strong historic reminder of what should never ever happen again. Granted, I haven’t lived through that period of time and I’m grateful for that, but my grandparents have. And they have told me of all the horrible things that happened during that time. Europe actually lived through that while most Americans had no clue what’s going on across the Atlantic and now all of a sudden a bunch of spoiled American millennials think they are fighting Nazis and Fascism? Give me a fucking break. Open a 20th century European history books and learn something about dark times of Europe instead of spouting out this absolutely pointless drivel and destroying an actual meaning of these words yet again.

Until then, YOU are the actual Fascists, beating people, smashing businesses and property and silencing people who’s ideas don’t strictly align with yours. You are the fucking Nazis and you deserve to be called a domestic terrorist organization and be shut down immediately!

One of a kind Pepe. The SheePepe

Since I missed the Pepe train from years ago, I’ve made a return this time around. After all, Pepe the cartoon frog was named a symbol of hate and racism in the current year. It’s 2016 alright haha 😀


23 thousand hours in Paint.NET. A true work of art, a one of a kind masterpiece, the rarest Pepe at the moment!

Youtube Heroes is the dumbest idea ever

Now, while I’m not a Youtuber, I do spend quite some time on this platform watching stuff. And when Google announced Youtube Heroes program I was like: “WTF, now you’re going to police what I like and want to watch!?”

And yes, it’ll be a freaking heaven for trolls and SJW’s. Just look at this garbage…

Btw, this Youtube Heroes program is so awesome and applauded (not really) by people that they had to disable comments entirely. When initiative to stop unwanted content has to do that you know it’s very idea is broken entirely…

Youtube Heroes is a bad idea

They’ll give moderator power to random people who vaguely qualify for the “job” and they’ll reward them for flagging stuff. To make things worse, when they’ll be good at their “job”, they’ll get upgraded tools like “video mass flagging”. Youtube is already plagued by mass flagging issues where a certain community gathers around and flags videos of someone they don’t like en mass. And since Google itself can’t police billions of users they just automated this. If you flag something in large enough number, systems automatically demonetize video or even remove it or ban the account. And now they are upgrading this to give individuals same power. Why does a fucking blogger like me have to explain to one of the largest tech companies on this planet why this is a fucking BAD idea?

Way too vague terms of service rules

And the Youtube rules are so vague they’ll erase 3/4 of the Youtube in one single week. They don’t want “negative” content. Ok then. What is a “negative” content then? What qualifies as “negative” when rules are so vague anything can be “negative”? An atheist arguing how religions are stupid? Theists will find this negative and they’ll flag this. Veterinarian channel showing live surgeries (because of some blood and organs being shown)? Channel where bunch of crazy Brits are eating nasty foods and then puke like water fountain? Videos of violent car crashes? Videos of people arguing the stupidities of Black Lives Matters or feminism? All this qualifies as “negative” to someone. You can already see what kind of clusterfuck this will become when this “Heroes” program goes live.

Real issue are the comments sections

Reality is, Youtube is really focusing on comment sections and not as much on actual videos themselves. Because if those are actually that offensive, they get taken down anyway by casual reporting. Moderating trillions of comments under billions of videos is another story and many content creators expressed the impossibility to moderate those efficiently. So, lets focus on comments sections a bit more…

Give more power to content creators

Instead of giving unlimited power to random people, how about giving content creators more power to approve people moderating just their channel? So you have qualified people who YOU approved to keep your channel in check and free of negative stuff per YOUR rules? If you’re a content creator that doesn’t want word “nigger” on your channel, there is an easy solution to that.

How about giving content creators and their moderators power to automatically shadow hide (only hide for everyone else, but not for poster of that unwanted comment) comments that contain certain words? A simple list tool where you add undesired words and any comment containing them would simply get shadow hidden. It’s a simple solution that can eliminate 99% of trolls with few clicks. Trolls still think they are doing shit, but others don’t actually see their garbage. This would almost single-handedly eliminate the need to disable entire comment sections for individual videos.

These could be global with global or per video exclusions (so video cannot contain this and that offensive, but if it contains some 3rd word, it can be allowed). So you can still allow certain comments on specific videos even though same words would be banned globally on your channel, adding extra flexibility for automated moderation of your channel.

Give more power to viewers

Something offends you? Then don’t fucking watch that. If you don’t like something, unsubscribe from that channel. No one forces you to watch it. Just because you don’t like it, that doesn’t mean others don’t like it as well. So, first tool is ability to unsubscribe. Use it as it’s already there.

Next one is “Word filtering for comments” for viewers. Just like content creators, users should have same tool for self censorship. This way you only police content YOU view, not the content EVERYONE else are viewing. So, if certain words offend you so much in comments section, you add them to your personal “Word block list” and comments containing those words won’t be visible for you anymore. But only for YOU. A simple solution for “great” problems. You as a viewer are in full control over what will hurt your feelings and what won’t. You can ban 90% of dictionary if you want. This will be your view on the Youtube then. social network, a spinoff from Twitter is already using this. This way censorship stands entirely on shoulders of the viewer. You are the censorship authority for your angle of view only and no one else. This way you can live in a beautiful fairy tale while not affecting others who just want it all 100% authentic and uncensored, with trolls and whining SJW’s included. Isn’t this better because YOU are in full control what YOU want to watch and not someone else dictating it to you?

Why none of this should be enforced by Google/Youtube?

Erm, because it’s fucking creepy idea? I don’t want some faceless company dictate what content creators should have on their channels or what we, the viewers are allowed to watch or read under the videos in comment sections. But if content creator decides he/she/attack helicopter doesn’t want to see certain types of comments, they could easily and in few seconds solve with word blocking list. Don’t want “faggot” or “bitch” in your comments section? Add them to the list and voila, comments containing these two words are gone. Because some content creators might want that, while others maybe don’t.

But with very simple tools mentioned above, each viewer could decide what they want or don’t want to see during their Youtube experience. Isn’t that far more reliable and abuse proof because YOU are the one creating the rules for content YOU want to see (or don’t want to see).

Appeal to Google

So, Google, fire everyone who came up with this retarded idea of Youtube Heroes and implement features I’ve mentioned above. It’s how you make Youtube experience better, not by allowing trolls and SJW’s getting even more tools to abuse and wreck your platform that’s already not in the most brilliant state…

It’s not censorship when private companies do it. Or is it?


There was a lot of talking about this after basically all incidents where high profile people got censored on social networks for what they posted there or sometimes even got banned for it. And every time it ended with: “yeah well, they are private company and they can do whatever they please since it’s their social network, but…”

This idea only supposedly holds true if the government is censoring people, which by the First Amendment in America, it’s not allowed to. I’m not aware of any law here in Europe that entitles us to same level of freedom of speech. I guess we have something similar, but it’s not as prominent as famous First Amendment in US, which is why I’m not aware of it off the top of my head.

Three reasons why I think this is bullshit and why private companies should be held to the same standards as governments when it comes to free speech:

1. Laws like First Amendment were written down in times when there was NO concept of internet or social media. At all. It was designed for forms of media existing back in those days, which was basically just public communication in person and newspapers, maybe? Today, media in general spans far wider and as we can see already, social networks are far more important and effective than any other form of communication, especially when it comes down to pushing ideologies or shaping global political landscapes.

2. Companies can do it on behalf of the government and allow governments to censor people unpunished. It’s not like they’ll gonna brag about it, so, if no one finds out, no harm done by the government, right? Nice example of that was Facebook censoring Germans when they expressed concerns over “Syrian refugees”. Anyone daring to talk about that or even criticize Angela Merkel for allowing this mass immigration from Middle East got punished on Facebook by a ban or demand to delete those kind of messages, because Germany’s government and Facebook made a censorious agreement in that regard. Of course they weren’t bragging about it, but it’s not like people wouldn’t find out…

3. Third and in my opinion most important reason, social networks these days are bigger than most governments. In fact they are bigger than biggest governments combined. And since they are so effective at shaping narratives or pushing certain messages to millions and billions of people, they should be held to the same standards as governments when it comes to free speech. Especially because these very same social networks dictate how governments are perceived or shaped by the voters based on how company itself is aligned on the political map. For example, in Twitter’s case, they are very much aligned with the pushing of feminist bullshit and hating the people who align with the political right. Facebook censoring people who have an opinion over Middle Eastern immigrants taking over their country. Yes, they are private companies, but they affect real life countries and governments more than anything else these days. If you ask me, that very much makes them involved with the governments and lives of people under certain government and thus they are doing censorship in the name or on behalf of governments. And such behavior should be prohibited by a worldwide global law(s).

Social networks should be neutral

Because of the above three reasons, social networks should be neutral and should not side with anyone, because they are already too involved with governments no matter how much everyone denies it. And yes, this is censorship and silencing of people. I don’t give a fuck if a social network is run by a private company. It’s clearly and very much visibly affecting real world governments and people under them and not necessarily in a positive way. Technologies and media change, but laws remained the same. Laws need to be updated for current modern times to ensure this neutrality and actual freedom of speech. Yes, also by enforcing this on private companies like Twitter and Facebook.

Only question is, which government will be the first one to enforce it? I have very little hope for Germany given recent events and it’s not looking particularly good for United States either, despite existing First Amendment… There might be some hope in France maybe. French know how to do revolutions. But in the end, governments are benefiting from all of this, why would they interfere with it? This is my main concern why things might never change or improve…

What’s your opinion on this? Let me know in the comments down below.


Islam and the downfall of European culture

I’ve seen the future today. In fact I’ve been seeing it for a while now, this today just undeniably confirmed it. Our own moral, cultural, tolerant and inclusive superiority is what will be our own downfall.

It was a heated discussion around this…


This is French police enforcing the “no burka/niqab/burkini” law on a beach near Nice, France. And the people on Twitter were all disgusted by the god awful behavior of the French law enforcement. Even women which baffles me even more, defending this as “women should have choice what they wear!”. Sure, that’s what European women actually have. A choice to wear bikini, single part swimsuits, be topless for the most part even on non-nudist beaches or they can decide to wear a fucking black pajama made of 100% acrylic material. I bet that’s super comfortable to wear on the beach at fucking 40°C. But you can’t possibly believe muslim women actually have that choice. If you do, you’re unbelievably naive and ignorant. Because sorry to burst your bubble, they just don’t. This woman would prefer to wear anything but this burkini garbage. How about a floating white cotton dress that might show some knees and neck, oh my god, with a thin veil to cover the head if the sun is an issue? I bet European men would rape her right there because of it, just like we do our own women. Oh wait… If I as a man wouldn’t ever wear this black synthetic crap on the sun, no woman deserves it either. Burkini is NOT a choice, it’s an oppressive clothing enforced by the islamic “culture” if we can even call it a culture of any kind. This woman doesn’t actually have a choice not to wear it, she “decides” to wear it so her man doesn’t beat her like an animal because she dared to show 1cm of ankle more than it’s allowed by islam. Would you call that a “choice”? Be fucking real.

What’s also funny is everyone is disgusted how French law dares to be so oppressive and dictate what can be worn on the beach, but the same people conveniently forget all muslim countries do the exact same fucking thing to Westerners and no one gives a fuck because it’s their “culture” and we have to respect it. Sure, but why they don’t respect OUR culture when they come over here? This level of retarded double think is what will be the downfall of Europe. Of the western culture.

Europe is so god damn fucking polite it bends over to every fucking outsider who starts screaming “bigotry” and “muh culture”. This is why islam is spreading like wildfire, because they don’t fucking bend over to ANYONE, they just demand it their way and because everyone is such a fucking pussy they always achieve what they demand. European culture is disappearing because of this and is slowly being replaced by islam. Muslims don’t even have to invade Europe with armies, they just have to exploit Europe’s guilt for all the worlds problems. And this is exactly what they are doing. Accept islam or we’ll call you intolerant bigot. And everyone bends over and points their anus upwards…

People said: “But allow the burkini, it’s not affecting me!” Yeah, it’s not affecting you today. And it won’t be affecting you tomorrow. But what will happen over 50 years? I know what will happen. Today you give them mosques, tomorrow you give them burkinis, next week they’ll demand niqabs, next month it’ll be sharia law in this town and next year your daughters will have to wear this shit because you spineless fucks keep on bending over to every fucking demand they make. Give them a thumb and they’ll want an arm. Just fucking NO. You have to slam on the table at one point and this is where Europe should start. This isn’t oppression you moppets, this is defense of the freedom you ALREADY have in Europe. Bringing more of this shit here is what will slowly take away your freedom. I fully support French here and I hope whole Europe will follow. Pray to your Allah 12 hours a day all you want, no one gives a shit. But you won’t be converting free society into this oppressed shithole you have down in the Arab world. Just because they ejaculate oil from every orifice and build tallest skyscrapers with it, that doesn’t mean they are morally superior to us. Especially not for as long as they’ll treat women as fucking curtain hangers and hanging gays for just being what thy are. And then we are the intolerant. Fuck off.

People also attacked me for supporting this “oppressive” practice. Excuse me, a what? How will Europe be superior to those savages if we make it the same as their god damn countries? If you like it so much, go to Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, enjoy your stay there if it’s so god damn fucking wonderful with their beautiful culture. Not interested anymore all of a sudden? I wonder why (not really)…

You can call me intolerant bigot all you want, I’m immune to this shit now. What I know is that I do care about women’s rights, the future of our children and their actual freedom of choice and the future of our diverse European cultures. Bringing islam here will not help anyone and it will not improve life for anyone. Where will people from Middle East escape to if they’ll arrive to the same shithole as the place they escaped from? Do you see where I’m aiming? Defend European culture and don’t give it up for anything. If you want islam, practice its bigotry somewhere else. Islam has no place in Europe. I’m just one of rare few who are willing to speak up, the rest are just bunch of cowards who are afraid of being called “a bigot” for not wanting islam here. Stop being silent, speak up!

SJW’s offended again, why isn’t it called No Woman’s Sky?

Ok, so we already know feminists get all foaming around mouth as soon as they see “man” in any word. Woman, human, manhole, mankind, everything highly problematic and offensive.

Idiots at Jezebel (Gawker’s sister site, explains everything) got offended over game “No Man’s Sky” containing, you guessed it, word “man” in the title.

Now, I’m not native English speaker and even I understand this. Or maybe I don’t understand it because of that. But I think the “man” in “No Man’s Sky” title refers to human in general, “a man”, not to a human of a male gender specifically. So, renaming it to “No Woman’s Sky” wouldn’t make any sense. Not to mention making it highly sexist and very problematic!