Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Redistributable Downloads

Programs often fail to work because of missing Visual C++ Runtime libraries, even more so without any error messages. Programs or games simply don’t run or they crash in a second or two after start… You can only see the real reason for these problems within Event Viewer which 99% of people never look at. By installing all C++ runtime libraries, you’ll most likely solve large majority of such issues.


For Windows 32bit editions, you only need to install x86 versions. For Windows 64bit, it’s recommended to install both, x86 and x64 versions. Perform Windows Update after installation of all packages in order to fully update them.

If redistributable downloads never start, try downloading them with Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Mega Pack (RMP)

Contains all the Visual C++ Redistributable Runtime packages in a single easy to use installer that takes under a minute to install. Contains both, 32bit and 64bit libraries. You might get errors for 64bit packages under 32bit Windows. Just skip them over.

RMP Download

Official Separate downloads

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2019
x86 / x64

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2017
x86 / x64

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2015
x86 / x64

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2013
x86 / x64 / ARM

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2012
x86 / x64 / ARM

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2010
x86 / x64

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2008
x86 / x64

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2005
x86 / x64

Microsoft’s own Help section list:

I will update this blog post in the future when new versions get released. If any of the links ever goes dead, let me know so I can fix it.


7 thoughts on “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Redistributable Downloads

  1. I have a huge number of different vcredists installed.
    There’s a lot of diffrent version numbers.
    I have 17 vcredists installed including the 3 xna redists. (v3.0,v.3.1,v.4.0)

    If u do a lot of gaming on a x64 O.S. you should install both version of whatever redist .
    ie: x86 and x64 versions.


  2. Personally I just download “All in One Runtimes”, it basically installs all Visual C++ Redistributables, DirectX, Java,… Sure if you want just one, then I guess it is pointless to get it, but you can choose what you want to install. And I usually just do them all.


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