Windows Update MiniTool

Are you sick and tired of retarded Windows Update in Windows 10 ? You know, that shit that only has one button and shoves all the shit down your throat whether you like it or not? Yeah, that one.

Well, someone made Windows Update MiniTool which essentially looks like Windows Update in Windows 8.1 (why the fuck Microsoft didn’t leave this properly functional feature alone, I don’t fucking know). All Microsoft had to do is force security updates so you can’t deselect or postpone them and call it a day. But no, they had to go the length and fuck everything up with forced driver updates and other shit. Aaaaaagh.

Anyway, switching to chill mode because Windows Update MiniTool is awesome and has restored sanity to my Windows world. It’s all Windows Update in Windows 8.1 had plus more. It’s actually really nice thingie for power users like me.

Updates are delivered directly from Microsoft servers so worry not about quality or security of updates. Windows Update MiniTool is just a more advanced front end for the existing Windows Update service.


Official Windows Update MiniTool “homepage”:

English thread on MDL:

My download mirror and Slovenian translation language file*:

*place wumt_lang.ini file next to EXE of WU MiniTool

I’ll keep my download mirror as up-to-date as possible, though I recommend using official download links if you want to be sure you’re using the very latest tool and language files.


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