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OSRAM Diadem Chrome comparison

As much as I like fiddling with computers, I also love cars. I’m not a turbo Jedi just yet (fiddling with engine, mostly because of moronic homologation rules in my country), but I do all the styling myself. Mostly subtle stuff like full interior LED replacement, LED parking/side lights, LED license plate illumination etc.

Today’s afternoon project was replacement of all standard orange indicator bulbs with OSRAM Diadem Chrome.

 photo DiademChrome_zps5dd28798.jpg

Diadem Chrome promises stylish silver light internals instead of orange ones. Some also refer to it as “fried egg effect”. Can it deliver? I think it can and it did. Check the side by side comparison photos before and after replacement. These are from my car, because I couldn’t find any real good ones on the internet when I was deciding for these bulbs.

 photo DiademChrome_1_zps8cb8676b.jpg  photo DiademChrome_2_zps65b9eb01.jpg  photo DiademChrome_3_zps7116dba3.jpg

 photo DiademChrome_5_zps90d2d921.jpg  photo DiademChrome_6_zps9e48f480.jpg  photo DiademChrome_4_zps1c0db1d4.jpg

Looks pretty good in my opinion. The mini styling project cost me a tad over 40€ and like half an hour of work 🙂 I’m very happy with the results 🙂