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11 thoughts on “Free security software

  1. I am fed up with avast! updated to 2015 and wrecked my laptop!! Would you recommend Avira? Thanks to you I managed to get rid with removal tool.


  2. Is BitDefender Free still available ? Your link points to a site (at least for me) which does not offer any free version. Mozilla currently has a help page about safety where they also recommend BitDefender Free. Their link does open a BitDefender page offering to download the free version, but… the download does not work (for me, again).

    Could it be that they are offering the free version in certain parts of the world only, and they track your location ?


    1. The link is still valid. Once you click green FREE DOWNLOAD button and ad for BitDefender 2016 appears, scroll down in that window and you’ll see a text link to Free Edition there.

      Be aware that BitDefender Free Edition is NOT compatible with Windows 10. BitDefender company doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to make it compatible considering how much time has passed since Windows 10 release and how everyone else have compatible solutions. If you’re still on Windows 7 or Windows 8.x, then it’s still fine. Hasn’t been updated for ages still (the program, signatures are still valid), but still.


  3. Another free standalone of good quality

    I have been keeping an eye on the AV comparison sites, and update my vivaldi blog each month with the new charts, or when they finally update them.
    I am only posting the top 5 rated Free AV each time.
    There are some links to resources for Android, Linux and Apple AV comparisons, and some other funky resources there you may be interested in at the bottom.

    I really need to start copying posts across to WP, as due to spammers Vivaldi has started clearing posts before they are updated, and I cannot re-edit until they are cleared.


  4. I love avast! I really hate Comodo, their products are third rate, rarely updated, and the moderators on their forums are total a holes. Avast has its problems, but atleast I can rely on them.


    1. I agree about the Comodo support forums, but I’m starting to change my opinion on their software. Yeah, it is glitchy here and there, but they are innovating. Their technologies are really good lately, especially the new Valkyrie system for automated analysis of unknown files which will finally complete the purpose of their Auto Sandbox system. Before users had to decide if file should run outside of sandbox which is a bad policy. Waiting for analysis was just too lengthy. But Valkyrie is planned to be a lot faster, analyzing files in hours or days (opposed to months and years for old rating system). Despite huge connection issues with their latest Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.2, I’m really liking it.


  5. Comodo entirely removed from the list because they are the most retarded, self absorbed and 120% ignorant company with hardest fanboys for moderators on their forums and CEO who is apparently a retard. I got banned twice merely for disagreeing with their (otherwise moronic) methodology of developing software. And now they banned a friend of mine who dared to do the same. He questioned their methods and behold, Captain Fanboys instantly started threatening him for “tone” used. Melih, the Comodo’s CEO also went all pissbaby butthurt. Beyond hilarious. Anyway, as such, company that behaves so immature has no place on this page. Don’t bother asking why it’s not listed anymore, why it’s not listed at all and don’t even bother using them. I don’t even know why I kept insisting on using their stuff. Maybe because they have good ideas, but totally fucked up execution. They have no fucking clue what they are even doing.


    1. Hey RejZoR, you are absolutely right about Comodo, they are a very loathsome “security” company. They are currently running a beta program for their v10 product which they expect to be released later this year (According to BuketB on their forums.). Keep in mind they have only released one beta so far. I used to be a Comodo fan, but they are not good with the development of their software. They would rather have as many programs out at once, regardless of the quality of their products. BTW, don’t believe when you see Melih on their forums posting replies to users, it is very possible that a Comodo staffer or his assistant is running his account.


      1. Yeah, well, a friend questioned just that, ridiculously long CIS 10 beta with zero updates as well as the driver signing fiasco with CIS 8 in Win10 Redstone. It’s possible his posts are still up there if they haven’t deleted them already. It’s what got him banned just like I got banned TWICE for daring to ask things other lame suckups don’t dare. Comodo can piss right off with their shitty attitude of banning anyone who dares to merely disagree. I’ve said some very harsh stuff on avast! forums about avast! and behold, still not banned. Maybe it hurt their feelings a bit that moment, but as they actually value any kind of feedback, avast! is getting better and better and it made a massive stride this year in terms of protection. I wonder what the future will be if they keep up improving stuff instead of getting butthurt like Comodo.


  6. I have been testing Qihoo and am pleasantly surprised as it has many features that its rivals lack.
    eg. It even has options to monitor for keyloggers and webcam hacks.
    installing the extra Avira and Bitdefender engines does eat RAM, but I am impressed with the lack of impact on the system, although it does make scans slower.
    Due to having 3 AV definitions it can be a bit too aggressive, but as long as you don’t let it do everything totally automatically it is very good.


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