Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus crashing on NVIDIA graphic cards

I’ve revisited this game after many years because I realized I haven’t finished it somehow. Well, since I’m clearing my backlog of games, why not finish it up. Until I got a repeating crashing of the game the moment I’ve entered the game. It never crashed in menus and if I didn’t move mouse in-game, it could run just fine which was weird, but the moment I moved the mouse, it crashed.

I couldn’t really diagnose it because all I got was a sudden freeze of the game with a Windows dialog “ding” sound. Ctrl+Alt+Del and invoking Task Manager and I could see error message saying “Could not write crash dump” (this isn’t the actual error, it’s just a symptom of game being unable to write a crash dump on the error it just experienced) and all the Windows Error logs only state unspecified error in NewColossus_x64vk.exe and that was it.


Digging online I could find bunch of “solutions” that didn’t really work at all as game kept crashing no matter what. So I went with ALL settings OFF as that seemed to work, but it looked rubbish so I kept gradually enabling the settings. Basically I could enable it all until I enabled “Deferred Rendering” and the game instantly crashed again. For some reason this game really doesn’t like using Deferred Rendering method on GeForce RTX 3080 even with currently latest 532.03 drivers. Or with these in particular. Not in mood to downgrade drivers anyway.


So, make sure “Deferred Rendering” is disabled in Advanced settings and it should work.


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