Permanent Process Priority Tool

I’ve created Permanent Process Priority Tool (PPPT) because I had to set Shadow of Tomb Raider to High priority to fix its stupid sound stuttering problem, but there simply isn’t any program or tool that has such functionality where you can set process priority and it would just stick forever. Windows Task Manager doesn’t offer such functionality and most others haven’t been updated since Windows XP or Windows Vista days and basically all of them require you to have a program running that then enforces selected process priority and a lot of them are really buggy, problematic or clumsy and cause all sorts of bizarre problems.

Instead, I’ve used a different approach by utilizing Windows built-in functionality to control process priority through registry settings. I basically just made an easy to use interface for it. Run PPPT, select program you want to assign certain process priority level, select the priority level and apply it. Done. Run or restart the program and it will run at selected process priority every time you run it. To revert the whole thing, just select the same program and PPPT will guide you through removal.

I’ve tested it with Windows 10, but I’m assuming it should probably work all the way back to Windows Vista if not further back. But I haven’t tested that…


  • No installation required (portable)
  • Simple and straightforward GUI
  • PPPT doesn’t have to be running
  • Set priority is permanent until changed or removed
  • Unlike Task Manager, program doesn’t have to be running in order to control its process priority (useful for games that glitch out or crash on Alt-Tab)


  • Real-time priority is not an option due to limitations of Windows built-in process priority feature. Use Task Manager to set Real-Time process priority (cannot be permanent unfortunately)


PPPT download


1.0 (2021-01-03)

  • Initial release

4 thoughts on “Permanent Process Priority Tool

    1. Yeah, I know… this tool is using it. I mentioned it’s using Windows built-in functionality. It’s just easier and faster to use than having to manually dig through registry and having to know where exactly and what exactly to put there in order to make it work.


  1. Great Tool. I like the use and simplicity of it. Without having to dig through Registry and Shortcut using Target commands.

    Is it possible in the future you’ll likely be adding a Set Affinity for choosing what CPU Core to use?


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