RejZoR’s Music

RejZoR – High above the Earth

High above the Earth, that last exhale before the fall, heart beating hard, the journey of thousand thoughts, before the mind goes blank, touching the ground, that overwhelming silence…

RejZoR – Techno Space

Modern techno attempt on what i used to listen back in 1995? I think…

RejZoR – Razorblade Strings (Demo)

My first attempt to make a rock song. I flagged it as “Demo” because it’s not thoroughly polished, but i think it sounds pretty good as it is. I’m more of an electronic music guy, but i like to listen to this one…

RejZoR – Gateway to Melancholia

I made this one on some day when I felt like crap. A bit depressive, monotone and repetitive song which I’d leave playing in a loop for a while…

Let my know what you think about my songs. I’m still learning, so keep that in mind, but feel free to comment what do you like or dislike. If you do like the song, spread the word to your friends. Maybe others will like it too 😀


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