RejZoR’s Music

RejZoR – High above the Earth

High above the Earth, that last exhale before the fall, heart beating hard, the journey of thousand thoughts, before the mind goes blank, touching the ground, that overwhelming silence…

RejZoR – Techno Space

Modern techno attempt on what i used to listen back in 1995? I think…

RejZoR – Razorblade Strings (Demo)

My first attempt to make a rock song. I flagged it as “Demo” because it’s not thoroughly polished, but i think it sounds pretty good as it is. I’m more of an electronic music guy, but i like to listen to this one…

RejZoR – Gateway to Melancholia

I made this one on some day when I felt like crap. A bit depressive, monotone and repetitive song which I’d leave playing in a loop for a while…

Let my know what you think about my songs. I’m still learning, so keep that in mind, but feel free to comment what do you like or dislike. If you do like the song, spread the word to your friends. Maybe others will like it too ๐Ÿ˜€

12 thoughts on “RejZoR’s Music

  1. RejZor, we fought on the AVAST forum a few years back. I hated AVAST, you were a fanboy. I dumped it for Sandboxie so AVAST did me a favor, as it made me discover SBIE. At that time I happened to see your link in AVAST to Razorblade Strings and loved it… even then. That song is instantly catchy and the dissonant notes are compelling and driving while also somewhat haunting without being a downer. The beat is very up. All in all, a very complex and moving tune, psychologically and emotionally. You really should do something with it.

    So imagine my surprise, all these years later, when I go hunting for a script to turn my wifi button LED on in Tomato for my R7000… and end up on your page which had the perfect script. At first I didn’t notice it was you… then saw your name which was vaguely familiar… then found your music and yes… it was you.

    You are a talented guy. Just wrong about AVAST. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out Sandboxie and dump all real-time AVs. All you need is an on-demand scanner for when you download a file and remove it from the sandbox. SBIE is also 100% effective 100% of the time, unlike any AV, AVAST or otherwise.

    Good luck buddy… and cheers.


      1. At the time AVAST was auto-updating people’s version even when they had it set not to auto-update. They were also retiring older versions many users preferred, forcing the newest cloud-based version which were objectionable to privacy-conscious users, and loaded with telemetry. And they were caught in many breaches of their privacy policy (such as it is!) besides…

        In the old days AVs downloaded a db to your computer and all scanning was done locally, so no files on your computer were uploaded or scanned by a cloud (which didn’t exit at the time). Today AVs and 3rd party FWs (e.g. Comodo) literally scan all your files in the cloud and log everything you do online ‘in the name of protecting you’ — at the cost of your privacy. If you don’t care about privacy, then that’s fine. But many do.

        Sandboxie is a completely different approach. Sandboxes have been used for decades to study viruses. SBIE creates a ‘virtual OS on the fly’ that the browser operates within, and when you close the browser, the sandbox is deleted. Nothing can escape the sandbox into your system, so SBIE doesn’t have to scan for viruses or dangers…. you can go to an infected site purposely, click on every malware link you can find, and when you close your browser, you’re clean. You can also configure SBIE to run on your USB ports if you’re the friendly type that has visitors who bring infected drives over without realizing it.

        You can also right-click on any file and run it in the sandbox, if you don’t trust it. And you can install programs in the sandbox you might not trust, then set SBIE to make the sandbox persist, so that you can run the program from the sandbox ongoingly. Because whether the sandbox persists or is deleted, nothing can escape it on to your system. Only way that happens is if you download a file and recover it from the sandbox to your desktop (or somewhere else on your system). In that case you need run an on-demand scanner on the file before using it (like MWB), or run the file sandboxed.

        Real-time AVs suck resources, are promiscuous, buggy, and cannot, by their nature, be 100% effective 100% of the time. Time to kick that AV to the curb and re-think your security model. Hope you will research SBIE yourself to see what I mean. You’ll be happy you did. I wish I had known about it 15 years ago.

        But make time to do something with that tune, too… it really IS very good. Would love to hear lyrics… do you write lyrics? Sing?


  2. Unfortunately I’ll still have to stand by my words from back then. How AV’s worked in the old days is long gone. They had to evolve in order to be efficient. That’s why we have cloud systems today and t’s why they are so efficient. Also, users were force updated because you cannot indefinitely support old versions. You have to at some point move users to a new version. Running 5 different infrastructures behind the scene to support all the old and outdated versions just sucks resources instead of allowing their 100% focus on new version. Comparing antivirus to Sandboxie is a bit of a weird point. Sandboxie isn’t antivrus and t doesn’t tell you anything if file is clean or not. It just isolates it for the time being. Antivirus actually analyzes the file and tells you if it’s clean or not. And for that you need behavior analyzers and cloud systems. I know SBIE very well as I’ve used it myself years ago. But since you have to move files from it in order to actually use them with host apps, it loses its point, which is why I’m not using it anymore, because it provides less security than antivirus. But I guess we’ll have to leave it at this because I don’t think we’ll get together about this…


  3. I won’t argue with you on your own website, but you don’t have to move files from the sandbox to use them, and you don’t need a cloud to analyze viruses. An AV is a sieve compared to a sandbox, as a SB is 100% secure. It’s clear you don’t understand what a sandbox is or how it works, regardless of whether or not you claim to have used it in the past. If you understood it, going back to an AV is like trading gold for dirt. Just trying to do you a solid, brother. Enjoy your music and Slovenia. Take care –


    1. You have to if you want to actually do anything productive other than just running a single unknown EXE in it. Or do you by any chance sandbox everything you use? In which case your entirety of files is equally as exposed as if you just ran everything outside. Unless you run separate sandbox for every single app on your system. And even then you’ll run into limitations where things simply don’t work when they are virtualized. Or they work very poorly. And no, SBIE isn’t 100% secure. It wasn’t before and things like recent CPU security issues extend that even further. It’s a helpful tool as addition to antivirus (since antivirus touches the files on disk as they are being virtualized) meaning your AV also checks the apps when you’re running them inside SBIE. Which in the end helps you asses the content inside SBIE even if you don’t see anything obvious as you’re running it in there. But if you feel like that’s all you need, so be it. I know I wouldn’t trust just observing apps in SBIE because you simply can’t see the inner works of the apps to extent that you can say “that’s safe” and “that’s unsafe..


  4. RejZoR โ€“ Gateway to Melancholia me gusto el ritmo, puedo descargarlo


    1. Grazie! That’s about as far as my Italian goes ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a download button in the Soundcloud, you can use that to download the song for free.


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