Simple Shutdown Timer


I’ve made myself a simple shutdown tool so my netbook shuts down automatically after set time in the evening as I watch TV or a movie in bed. Instead of battery going flat because TV program keeps it awake forever, I just set it for 2 hours and it’ll just shut down after time runs out, preserving battery, making it usable for several days without any charging. You can also use it for other tasks like setting computer to do something and then shut down after several hours since program you’re using doesn’t offer such function or something.

Simple Shutdown Timer 1.0 was pretty slow to start, couldn’t permanently run on every system start in tray bar and had only few time options. When making Simple Shutdown Timer 2.0 I’ve made it start much faster, you can set it to run on Windows startup and added several more options while making selection of times till shutdown even quicker. Also added extra options like Log Out, Restart now and Shutdown now because why not. It’s even quicker than navigating through Start menu.

Shutdown process uses Windows built-in “shutdown” commands and also creates notification that shutdown timer has been initiated as well as notification just before shutdown so you can still abort it if needed.

As before, if you are looking for something more advanced and with granularity down to 1 minute, look for some other tool. Aim of Simple Shutdown Tool was simplicity, ease of use and speed of setting desired time till shutdown which just can’t be achieved if tool is more advanced. It works great with mouse control or even touch control despite its super compact GUI size.


Simple Shutdown Timer


2.2 (2022-01-26)

  • Added “Turn off display” option

This option immediately turns off monitor/display of your computer. You can wake it up by pressing any key or moving the mouse. Great if you don’t want to use very short standby time for monitor in Windows and you still want to turn off your monitor regularly, but you don’t want to abuse the physical ON/OFF button on the monitor or if it’s in a hard to reach location.

2.1 (2021-07-27)

  • You can now left click or right click on the tray icon to display options

2.0 (2021-07-20)

  • Initial release

2 thoughts on “Simple Shutdown Timer

    1. Yeah, I know this tool. I used it as shutdown tool when test driving Linux. It’s pretty nice, but already too fiddly. More powerful, but too fiddly as it needs too many clicks to set shutdown time. Mine always requires just 2 clicks no matter what. And that was my target (my version 1.0 required more clicks and it annoyed me).


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