Disable indicator LEDs on Netgear R7000 with Shibby Tomato

If you’re using Netgear Nighthawk X3 (R7000) with Shibby Tomato firmware and you hate blinking indicator LED lights on top of the router, here is a trick to turn most of them off and stop them from blinking. I still haven’t figured all out, but I found many control so far for individual LEDs.

Just login to your router, go to Administration and then Scripts


Copy this text to Scripts (Init) field, like example shown above in the image. Commands can be stacked together to achieve desired effect.

Red/white POWER LED
WHITE: gpio enable 3
RED: gpio disable 3

Red/white WAN LED
WHITE: gpio enable 8
RED: gpio disable 8

Disable only WAN LED
et robowr 0x0 0x1a 0x0

Disable/enable only LAN LED’s
DISABLE: et robowr 0x0 0x16 0x0
ENABLE: et robowr 0x0 0x16 0x1ff

Disable WAN and LAN LEDs
et robowr 0x0 0x18 0x1ff
et robowr 0x0 0x18 0x0
et robowr 0x0 0x1a 0x0

Enable/disable WPS Button LED
gpio enable 14
gpio disable 14

Enable/disable Wireless Button LED
gpio enable 15
gpio disable 15

Enable/disable USB1 LED
gpio enable 17
gpio disable 17

Enable/disable USB2 LED
gpio enable 18
gpio disable 18

Click Save button below and then Reboot… on the left side since the script kicks in on router initialization. After router reboot, settings should take effect.

Will update this as I find more functional commands…


8 thoughts on “Disable indicator LEDs on Netgear R7000 with Shibby Tomato

  1. Hello! Thank you for this – very nice! I also recently bought the very nice R7000 and installed AdvancedTomato, however I’m struggling with disabling the 2,4 GHz and 5,0 Ghz LEDs. When I run the command, they shortly turn off to immediately be turned on again. Have you ever encountered this and by any chance know how to fix this? I’m currently running version 3.2-137. Thank you very much in advance!


      1. Thank you for responding! No worries, at least I’m glad that I’m not the only one! It seems weird as they do turn off shortly.. Well, I’ll guess we have to wait to some clever guys figure it out! 🙂


  2. the leds appear to be managed by the executable “blink” running in the background (check with ssh). So I believe you have to kill thoses exe before attempting to turn off the leds. Secondly, there must be something wrong with the commands given here as I can’t turn off all the lights. This need more investigation.


  3. I’m currently using the hints from here and a few variations, which work for me:

    # sleep 10s since it is too early and killing blink and setting power LED will not work otherwise
    sleep 10

    # kill blink to stop interfering with LEDs
    killall blink

    # Disable WAN and LAN LEDs
    et robowr 0x0 0x18 0x1ff
    et robowr 0x0 0x18 0x0
    et robowr 0x0 0x1a 0x0

    # disable WPS button LED
    gpio disable 14

    # disable WLAN button LED
    gpio disable 15

    # turn on power LED red
    gpio disable 3

    # turn off power LED white
    gpio enable 2

    # turn off 2.4GHz LED
    gpio enable 13

    # turn off 5GHz LED
    gpio enable 12

    # disable USB 2 LED
    gpio enable 18

    # disable USB 1 LED
    gpio enable 17


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