Microsoft, fix your stupid broken StorageSense!

I’ve recently discovered that StorageSense feature, the one that’s suppose to keep my system clean and tidy isn’t doing its god damn job. Like, at all.

I have StorageSense enabled and it’s set by default to purge files from Recycle Bin that have been there for more than 30 days…


All good and fine here. Except it’s not doing its fucking job. Here is my Recycle Bin…


It’s 4000 files in it, dating back to beginning of year 2022. Fucking 6 months worth of deleted files just sitting there wasting space. Fucking why?

I know why. Because Microsoft is fucking incompetent. There is shit in Windows 11 that has been broken since day 1 and they haven’t fixed it till now. This one is just another one tossed on the pile of all the broken shit they never fixed even in Windows 10. And as you can see it has been broken for at least 5 months given the shit stored in Recycle Bin that should’ve been purged months ago. But hey, that’s not important, what’s important is shoving fuck ass mandatory Microsoft account to even install Windows 11 in our faces and shilling stupid ass Edge browser to my face at every possible occasion. Fuck you Microsoft. Fix the basic shit you incompetent clowns.

Layer seams are annoying in 3D printing… Creality, do it inside model!

Quite some time ago I’ve bough myself a 3D printer. Because why not. Wanted to learn something and they are really cheap now, grabbed Creality Ender 3 v2 because it was super cheap and felt like it’s not a too big downgrade from Ender 3 S1 plus a great way to learn basics including bed leveling and stuff. I used to fabricate parts for years, but in reverse, by removing material from a block and carving it into desired form. 3D printing goes the other way, by adding material until it forms a desired shape. It’s sometimes more efficient and neat.

One thing I quickly noticed is a layer seam that happens at a point where 3D printer is changing layers. I get the reason behind it, what I don’t understand is how it’s done, with no option to get rid of it in the slicer itself. Essentially slicer software computes the printing paths and then just feeds it to printer via gcode so it’s irrelevant what printer it is.

What I can’t understand is why (at least on Ender 3 v2 in Creality Print slicer), there isn’t any option to make the seam fully on the inside of the printed model. You can only adjust whether filament is retracted on layer change which seems to improve things dramatically, but it’s still not it. You can also control where seam is preferred, which is by default designated to happen on the inside of the sharpest edge. Question I have is, why not have option “middle of the model” ?

Who says layer shift needs to happen on the outside edge? Or on the sharpest anything? Usually doing it on the corners, basically ensuring its visibility.

Just add option to slicer to create seam in the middle of the model on the infill. I don’t care if it takes a bit longer and uses a bit more filament, if it’s piling up material on layer changes literally in the middle of the model, I don’t care how ugly it is, it’s done on the infill which I don’t see anyway. Travel outside of the model, move nozzle in the middle of the model and change layer there and return printing to the outside uninterrupted, entirely eliminating any seam formation on the exterior of the model. It’s such a simple solution, yet at least Creality isn’t using it. Hm.

Gearbox, fix your stupid game breaking bug in Borderlands 3 DLC

Oh my fucking god, it’s been 2 years since people reported it to Gearbox/2K and they literally haven’t fixed it because it’s apparently too fucking hard to do it. If you’re wondering what I’m raging about it’s the “Ride to Ruin” mission in Bounty of Blood DLC for Borderlands 3. And the bug is so fucked you literally can’t finish the fucking DLC if it happens and it’s so easy to make it happen it’s ridiculous.

You’re suppose to “follow the posse” to reach to some fort where Juno opens the door for you so you can progress. If you don’t immediately follow them riding to the fort destination (because you decide to wander away or finish something up that you haven’t yet, because that’s kinda what you often do in open world games), the game just decides to permanently fuck itself up, fuck up the quest so that Juno has a marker over her head, but when you try talking to her, she just spits out a line and nothing happens.

How can a professional games studio fuck up something so simple and not catch it during testing phase. And to make it worse, they can’t be bothered to fucking fix it in 2 god damn fucking years after people reported it. Not just whined on some random forum or blog, actually reported it to the game studio. Fuck off.

If you’re so fucking clueless you can’t fix your own god damn game because it’s “too difficult” somehow, then add a button player can press on the map and it just overrides the fucking mechanics that put this dumb ass quest in motion. Either to just reset it or skip it and open the door of the fort automatically. It’s fucking insane that they couldn’t be bothered to do even that.

First gameplay through the game I accepted DLC quests, all of them and then continued to play the main game, causing difficulty scaling to go all fucked up for ALL DLC’s because it cemented them at that difficulty when I accepted them, not when I actually started playing them. This is my second play through and after specifically paying attention to that, this shit fucks it up again. It seems I’ll have to do 5 playthroughs to finally manage to avoid all the dumbass problems this game has because its developer is fucking clueless knob that doesn’t give a shit about their customers. They happily push out bunch of editions and extra paid for DLC’s, but when it’s time to fix literal game breaking bugs, they fuck off into silence. Assholes.

And then everyone wonders why piracy still exists… Start giving a shit and customers will also give a shit to actually pay you for your actual work, not this half baked broken shit.

Russia faking Nazi arrest using The Sims games instead of Sim cards…

When you thought Russia couldn’t dive into depths of any greater stupidity and being even bigger meme of itself, they’ve done it again. This time it wasn’t another random spontaneous combustion on board of their ship or an fuel depot, it was official video of their glorious FSB doing arrest of alleged “nazis” who were plotting alleged assassination on Putin.

Apparently something got lost in translation during preparations to stage this fake arrest video and some dumbass prepared 3 copies of The Sims games instead of 3 SIM cards for the phone.


There were also some books with signatures and one of signatures said “Unreadable signature”. The uncensored video that I managed to dig out was recorded at 480p and that part was entirely unreadable as the recording was so blocky and compressed, but I read online that this pair of fuckups, The Sims games instead of SIM cards and literal “lorem ipsum” in place of signature that should be scribbled in unreadable form raised all the alarms that Russia tried to fake the arrest of alleged “nazis” and cocked it up big time. Because we all know there aren’t any nazis at all. Except the ones coming from Russia to attack Ukraine. Then again this also explains their utter incompetence in Ukraine if they can’t even fake a video without fucking it up. The alleged world superpower can hardly handle Ukraine alone and they are barking at the NATO alliance. Fucking hilarious. I can’t believe Russia is so fucking incompetent.

Russian officials later censored the boxes of The Sims game to cover up their fuckup.

Here is uncensored version with poor quality:

Video got removed after they realized what a monumental cockup they made fabricating bullshit. LOL

HDMI is garbage for computer monitors

Yesterday, I’ve ranted about damaged DisplayPort cable and how it screwed up system badly with hard crashes and random reboots. Replaced it with HDMI and all seemed fine…

Until I noticed bad tearing in games. Hold up, I have FreeSync display, my image shouldn’t be tearing like that. Went to check settings if it somehow disabled itself and G-Sync settings panel on my RTX 3080 was just gone. Not even there anymore. What?! Checked Windows display settings and no Variable Refresh Rate settings either. Ok, now I’m confused. Done quick search online and read that HDMI 2.0 doesn’t support FreeSync or HDR. Now, RTX 3080 supports HDMI 2.1, but my monitor doesn’t as it only has HDMI 2.0 input. Well, fuck. So, I had to rush into a tech store for new DisplayPort cable on god damn Saturday just to get back freaking FreeSync. Ridiculous.

HDMI is such garbage connectivity standard for computers. Last monitor I had couldn’t do 1080p at 144Hz via HDMI. Only 60Hz. I had to use DisplayPort to get 144Hz refresh. Fast forward to now on larger 1440p display and same shit. Again some dumb limitations with HDMI. At least I could get 144Hz, but without FreeSync? Come on!

Well, now it’s DisplayPort and FreeSync is back again. Pretty annoyed by all this. If you’re on computer connecting higher end computer monitor, don’t bother with any other cable, go straight for DisplayPort, if you want to avoid dumb problems, because HDMI is apparently totally inferior.

Damaged/bad DisplayPort cable causing total system failures

Back to bizarro problem solving and here it is, another one I was dealing for a long time, but it never really crossed my mind it might be a god damn video cable causing this…

I’ve had really weird random system reboots for a while, we’re talking 2 years now because this AMD Ryzen 5800X system I’ve built just before the COVID pandemic hit with full force. But it happened so sporadically that I couldn’t really put a finger on it at any point. It could go entire month or two without an issue and then suddenly 4 reboots in a single day.

I’ve had my system just out of the blue in the middle of the night go “click” and reboot with fast fan ramp up that woke me up followed by 1 long beep and 3 short beeps. And then it would startup normally. What the F ?! Checking ASUS beep codes and 1 long and 3 short beeps means “No VGA detected”. Reseated my RTX 3080, reconnected VGA power again and it was fine. For some time. Recently I had just straight out power failure reboots. Like, I was using system and next moment it just blanked out and rebooted, but this time without the usual beep error code (but not always). Event Viewer gave me no insight on what happened other than “Unexpected power failure” error in the logs. Thought it was my Ryzen 5800X overclocking attempts. Just to have same problem on fully stock configuration. Ugh.

Then I had an “aha” moment as I was putting my system back together and I notice how wonky the DisplayPort connector is. It’s a plastic shell with a release button and I notice how connector can move slightly inside the connector shell and how it’s bent in the way how cable is hanging down from the system. Thankfully I had HDMI cable next for my PlayStation 2 “HD” module so I used that. It’s fine for 1440p at 144Hz so I totally unplugged the DisplayPort and I’m now on HDMI only for several days. No issues so far and it has been several days.

Now thinking about it, I’ve had this particular DisplayPort cable for ages (since GTX 980 actually and through GTX 1080Ti and now RTX 3080) and the way I have my PC case placed on a dedicated box stand next to my table, I regularly lift it up while turned on to put it on a table and tinker with it while everything is still connected. Apparently years of doing this messed up the cable which lead this cable to cause total system failures like reboots with graphic card detection failures as well as just absolutely random system crashes and reason they were happening so randomly is because I was trying to fix the issue, I was bending the cable some more and it sometimes fixed it for a moment and next time it made it worse. Seeing how flimsy that DisplayPort connector was after quick inspection, I have a strong suspicion this was really it, even if I don’t have weeks of system working to really confirm it. A god damn cable for 15 or 20€ causing such catastrophic problems. Wow. I’m generally used to problems like image blinking or green tint across entire image, not simple display cable crashing entire system like it lost power. And I think I’ll just stick with HDMI even though I generally prefer DisplayPort. Because all DisplayPort cables seem to have this wonky cheap plastic housing around the connector where HDMI has it really firmly molded into the housing, preventing any bending. You’d really have to yank it really hard to damage it.

Next time you’re having such weird issues, just try a different display cable as one of first things you try. I know I’ll do that from now on…

Netflix whining over loss of subscribers is the funniest shit ever

In recent days I’m reading all over the news how Netflix is losing huge amount of subscribers. You may wonder what they are citing as reason for this drop? Garbage interface? Useless search engine they have? Poor selection of content? Rubbish regional content restrictions? Nope, none of that, they are blaming Netflix password account sharing. I’m getting flashbacks of dumb companies in late 90’s whining over piracy for any failure they made.

Not only Netflix initially encouraged password sharing to boost the viewership, main reason they are losing subscribers is because the service is just shit. And it has been for years. How shit you may say? Well, let me tell you…

Shit interface

The horizontally scrolling movies/series in a vertically scrolling categories is just idiotic. Not only it’s incredibly hard to navigate as it is, bunch of categories share exact same damn movies and series that scroll in a frigging loop so you hardly know hwere is the start and where is the end. just to make it seem like there is so much content to watch…

Poor content selection

Reality is, there is hardly any. And to make matters worse, if you live anywhere but in US, you get less content by default because yay, fucking regional content is somehow still a thing in year 2022. I thought we left that shit behind back in 2003… And no, I’m no going to pay extra for a fucking VPN just so I could watch some regionally blocked bullshit. This is really a primary reason. There is just so very little to watch on Netflix that you’re done with it in few months of not that intensive watching and then there is very little left to even care about and the sporadic additions just don’t make it any better. Only stuff I can really think of being good from top of my head was “Love, Death and Robots”, “Black Mirror” and “The Expanse”. And that’s about it from their entire library. They don’t have a single frigging iconic movie on it. No Aliens franchise, no Jurassic Park franchise, no Die Hard, no Home Alone, nothing. I’d totally binge watch entire Alien franchise right now. Nope, just frigging can’t because there isn’t any. I also love old action movies from 80’s and 90’s, just sort of to relive the nostalgia. Nope, nothing. The fact I listed 3 Netflix’s own productions and nothing else is telling. And don’t think everything they make is gold. It really isn’t. Most of their movies and series always leave you with a hardon and with conclusion that is best described as “fuck you”. Most of their movies have no conclusion in the end, no real satisfaction, no explanations of anything (especially since there won’t ever be any continuation of that movie), it’s just wtf I just watched most of the time.  And the fact competition is now on the market, it just makes it even worse for the consumers, not better…

Garbage support for even when you were paying for it

For a while I was paying for the HD tier. Not 4K, just HD one because it was suppose to give me 1080p video. Just to soon realize image is kinda crap most of the time on my monitor. I soon realized dumbass Netflix only serves me 720p video in Firefox. You know, because that happens to be my primary browser and I really don’t like to use dumb clumsy useless Windows Netflix app. You’re already using Widevine DRM bullshit, why the fuck do you need me to use Edge to get 1080p video I’m fucking paying for? Eh? Are you clowns entirely and totally incompetent. I very quickly downgraded my account to SD because it wasn’t that much worse than 720p I was getting anyways.


We’re expected to be subscribed to all these services because each and every wants to have some fucking exclusive shit on their service. I’m still pissed when I wanted to watch Rogue One on Netflix, I have fucking seen it there, but a week later I come in finally ready to watch it and it was just… gone. Turns out Disney snatched all Star Wars content from Netflix and put it on their Disney+. Upon visiting Disney+ webpage I was informed the service is not available in my country. Well, fuck you too then.

Idiotic categories and search

What really pissed me off every time is how stupid categories are and how useless the search is. I already mentioned how it’s clumsy to navigate, but even when you picked a dedicated category, for example “Sci Fi” because I like fucking Sci Fi, the dumb thing didn’t spit out anything useful and it insisted on “recommending” me things I couldn’t give two fucks about and kept recommending me shit I already watched ages ago. Dafuck!? It always felt like it’s confused or something. Search was even bigger fuck you. I’m sure anyone has experienced it how you typed a movie name into Netflix’s search and the thing started recommending you the movie names based on few letters you’ve typed so far. All excited, if it found the name, I’ll be watching the movie in no time, just for the search engine in Netflix to spit out “No match”. Are you fucking shitting me? You literally recommended me an exact movie name of a movie I was looking for and now you’re saying there is no such movie? Then why the fuck were you recommending me its full name? Absolutely insane.

How will Netflix counter loss of subscribers?

Apparently Netflix’s brilliant idea to counter massive bleeding of subscribers is to seriously crack down on account sharing. Because people who were so cheap to not buy their own account will now totally rush to pay for one. Totally!

Second brilliant idea was including a cheaper tier with ads. Yes, because cheaper tier with more shit too look at (ads) will totally fix all the fucking shit I was complaining about above. It’s so bad I wouldn’t use Netflix even if it was just 1€ a month. Hell, given how pissed I am over their useless service and what kind of monumental victim they are portraying themselves this moment, I wouldn’t want to use it even if it was free. I shit you not. There just isn’t anything to watch on it, so why would I even use it for free?

I just don’t understand the movie industry…

As a response to movie industry constantly whining over piracy and loss of viewers and revenue/profits, I always like to point out the state of gaming industry. When Steam was launched, it changed the industry. Games suddenly became super accessible and their delivery absolutely painless. Want pretty much any game in existence? Well, I just come to Steam and in few clicks I’m downloading game that I’ll enjoy in matter of minutes. Fully legally. Want old game that you loved in your childhood? No problem, visit GOG. GOG became so popular with resurrection of old games that Steam also started adopting this resurrection of old games with compatibility for new operating systems. There are some exclusive games on few other services that are exclusive to certain publisher/game studio, but for 99% of games, you can get it on Steam, totally pain free. Experience is so painless it hasn’t crossed my mind to pirate any game for years. In fact I’ll soon be able to state that as “decades”. Plural. Something being so consumer friendly, painless and convenient you stop thinking of stealing the stuff. Imagine that!

And movie industry? Well, it hasn’t really changed at all since 1950’s really. Instead of bringing content closer to the consumers like Valve did with Steam, they keep on fucking it up and making it harder to consume the content. I don’t want to be permanently subscribed to 8 streaming services and paying hundreds of € every month and still not be able to watch anything I want. It’s idiotic. Especially since you watch movie once and that’s about it. Maybe I’ll rewatch it again after 5 or 10 years, but it’s not like games that offer endless supply of fun that doesn’t start repeating that quickly. I’ve said many times I’d gladly pay a cinema ticket price just to watch a blockbuster movie in comfort of my home, on my terms when I’ll want to watch it. I was hoping for that to happen for decades now and it seems it’ll never happen. So, I’m really not surprised why people still pirate movies and series and do “absurd” things like share account access. Why wouldn’t you when people offering them to consumers behave like absolute baboons who are entirely disconnected from reality? Ultimately, it’s not just Netflix. It’s the entire god damn industry. When downloading and watching a torrented movie is more convenient than bothering with idiocies of the legal one and for free, who the hell wouldn’t do it? However, if it was as accessible and convenient as it is for games, I’d watch tons of movies. Instead I rather just replay a game from few years ago or simply buy whatever just roughly excites me, even if it’ll ultimately end up in a backlog. Games are so fucking accessible people buy them ahead of time even though we often know we won’t be able to play them for months or often ever. Mind blown to pay for content you won’t even consume. But with movies and series, you often throw money at their face and they are like “Sorry, no”. O_o You deserve to be pirated for fucks sake. You really do.

Got into 3D printing and I love it!

3D printing isn’t anything new. A lot of people on Youtube have been big into 3D printing for like a decade. But it used to be a very expensive hobby with 3D printers costing insane amounts of  money. But prices have dropped and I stumbled upon a 3D printing shop by accident like 2 weeks ago as I was searching for something else and dropped my eyes on Creality Ender 3 S1. It was around 440€ so not really a fortune. Creality is kinda the most mainstream 3D printer maker and I thought, can’t go wrong with most widely used device. Usually great for servicing too thanks to availability of parts as well as info how to operate them and all the tricks.

The issue was that this particular 3D printer was not in stock for whole month. And then I spotted Ender 3 V2 model. Sure, it’s an older, more basic model with no automatic bed leveling and more basic extruder, but I thought, hell, it’s so much cheaper (like half the price) and how hard can it be to level the bed and it’ll be great for learning while saving bunch of money. And I was right!

Assembled it super quickly with included instructions. It was like assembling LEGO Technic 😀 I did an exception and just ignored the included 3D models. Instead, I went ahead and used Tinkercad from Autodesk to just go straight into my own designs and man, I love it. I’ll eventually move to more advanced modeling programs, but I love Tinkercad for how easy it is to work with. From idea to 3D printed models literally in minutes. It’s literally like Minecraft or LEGO building. I just wish it wasn’t an online only tool, but I can forgive it because it’s just so simple to use yet powerful. All other 3D modeling programs are so clumsy and it seems like there is this huge disconnect between input of information and its visualization. Tinkercad is the opposite. It’s literally WYSIWYG. You drop in basic object and define its dimensions and as you’re tinkering with it, you already see how it’ll look like. I kid you not, it’s as simple as drawing basic shapes in MS Paint, but still much more powerful as you can input dimensions of sides directly and you can also lock objects together or substract them by changing objects status to “hole”. If you merge regular object and a “hole” object, the “hole” object will remove the material from the original object, creating a hole. Or an angled edge or whatever you want. It’s an amazing tool to work with.

What I love the most is how easy it is to fabricate parts for real-world practical applications. All I use is measuring caliper and I can basically fabricate anything with it by quickly transferring measurements into Tinkercad. And man it’s actually damn precise. I was mostly rounding measured things down to 0.5mm, but it still fit things perfectly once printed.

Created a holder for my CMOS clear switch that I had in front of the case so I don’t have to take apart my entire case just to bridge the CMOS clear contacts. Before I just had switch dangling in there and now it’s properly held in place with this little thingie I fabricated in like 5 minutes.


Mind you, those walls of the object are just 1mm thick! The blue parts hook into the PC chassis and you slide the switch in from the side so it’s sandwiched between chassis and this printed plastic piece.

And here is the final result…


This was my 2nd printed object of all time and I initially made a mistake of making a solid box with hooks and realized I won’t be able to jam it in. So I just carved away a line of material to give the hooks on one side some springiness and it clicked in beautifully. I’m actually amazed how flexible and springy PLA material is. This bit is covered by front case panel so I don’t care that it’s white and not most aesthetically pleasing, but it works and all I used was measuring caliper to read out dimensions from the case and the switch and transfer them in Tinkercad.

I’ve been playing for a while with various other things and I’ve made some pretty amazing things with it. Probably one of most complex ones is the HEPA filter replacement for my vacuum cleaner so I can mount the vacuum cleaner hose on the exhaust of the Bosch vacuum cleaner, converting vacuum cleaner into a blower. So I can clean dust from my PC without any worry about static electricity or having to use a compressor.


It’s a drop in replacement for HEPA filter so it fits into same slot on the back of vacuum cleaner. I didn’t design or use any gaskets because I don’t require perfect seal like HEPA does.


Now it no longer sucks, it blows! And boy it blows hard! 😀

I’ll be printing more of stuff in the future, might even post finished models to print. It’s pretty cool as it’s the reverse of how I used to fabricate parts for my stuff. I used to take away material from blocks of plastic or metal to create objects. Now I’m adding it till they form a desired shape. And it’s so freaking cool 😀

r/worldnews, you dumb motherfuckers

When sub permanently bans you for calling ISIS terrorists “camel fuckers”, you know its mods are fucking dumber than retarded amoeba that fell on its head from 20th floor and treated the injury by snorting some crystal meth…


Not only r/worldnews mods don’t seem to know what the fuck context is, we were clearly talking about ISIS and how this terrorist organization tarnished name of the Egyptian goddess Isis, they can’t seem to read for shit either. I also don’t understand what’s up with the downvotes. Seems there is a lot of people who are illiterate in this fucking sub. Why the fuck I’d spend several posts defending Egyptian mythology and then after I did that, just called everyone there “camel fuckers”. How the fuck does this make any kind of sense in your little dumb heads r/worldnews mods? HOW?!

So I sent them perfectly polite message I was more than obviously talking about ISIS, the terrorist organization.


They don’t seem to give two fucks about my explanation and call it “post-hoc” excuse. Are you fuckers for real? Go back to school instead of fucking camels. Here’s an actual insult you baboons.


Aaaaaah yes, the usual muting. Reddit mods are always such bullshit pussies, they always instant mute you as soon as you argue against their bullshit moderation (and its fucking always bullshit moderation almost universally across all subs), because they can’t stand behind their shit and they rather just mute you because its just easier. Fuck you weak assholes.

Ironic thing is, Reddit suspended me for this very shit site wide because so many apparently got butthurt over it, I made an appeal and they (actual Reddit top level mods) found I wasn’t in violation by calling ISIS “camel fuckers”. Dumb r/worldnews mods still roll with their shit and go with thumbs up their ass and fingers in their ears going lalalalalala.


At least someone still has a concept of context and understanding what they are reading, not like idiots at r/worldnews who can’t seem to connect two separate comments and understand what the fuck they say. But no, they instantly formed their dumb ass opinion I just called everyone in Middle East “camel fuckers” somehow. How the fuck did you clowns get to that fucking conclusion? Fucking ridiculous lol. I wish it was just an April’s Fools, but these idiots are for real. And their monumental stupidity is funniest shit I’ve read today. So, congrats r/worldnews, you win April’s Fools of 2022 hands down.

Bitdefender Free antivirus resurrected because of concerns over Kaspersky’s ties to Kremlin

You may have noticed Bitdefender discontinued Bitdefender Free with beginning of year 2022. However, things changed as war in Ukraine happened and more and more concerns rose over Kaspersky’s ties to Kremlin. A lot of people are ditching Kaspersky in fear or just out of protest. Bitdefender, a Romanian security company decided to bring back their popular free solution for everyone who want antivirus protection, but can’t pay for full program or simply don’t need the features paid versions offer, particularly for those who ditched Kaspersky. I don’t know if that was their official statement, but it was clearly a motive to fill in the gap.

I present you the all new Bitdefender Free antivirus…


At first I wasn’t interested if they just brought back the old one, because it had so many issues and bugs they never managed to fix, that I just wasn’t willing to even try it. But then someone posted a screenshot that got me interested. It’s a complete redesign and from the looks of it, this alone fixed a lot of issues that existed before after I actually tried it.

It can still be just install and forget just like the old free version, but now you have some more settings under control and also no issues that I used to have before. Still requires registration, which is a bit annoying, but oh well, it’s free and can be used on 3 systems by 1 user.

I don’t think using Kaspersky is an issue, particularly if you’re a regular user and not a company or organization. But still, if you have concerns and don’t want to use anything else, Bitdefender has always been good performer.