What if someone made a “kill all men” game…

Today’s This Tweet in Stupid guest is Randi Harper, the online bully extraordinaire…


Actually, all the people supporting him wouldn’t be pissed. Why? Because 90% of games already are “kill all men” and no one gives a damn, because they are just games. It’s you crazy lot, bitching about exclusion/inclusion of women and misogyny. Few of the most popular games just to give it a taste how horrible games really are and how they are all about misogyny…

– entire Call of Duty series, I have yet to see a female enemy soldiers (don’t recall any).

– entire Battlefield series, I have yet to see a female enemy soldiers (don’t recall any)

– entire CounterStrike series, I have yet to see a female player model to shot at/play with.

– Half-Life 1, no female soldiers except those black ninjas. The rest is 99% of shooting men.

– Half-Life 2, I don’t remember any female enemies to shoot at.

– entire F.E.A.R. series, I don’t remember any female enemies (if we exclude Alma), only male enemies.

– Max Payne 1 and 2, again, I don’t remember ever seeing women shooting at me and me shooting at them…

– Soldier of Fortune series, apart from few female gang members in the very beginning Subway level of the SoF1 game, the other 99% of the time, you’re shooting exclusively men in most grotesque and cruel ways.

– entire Tomb Raider series, apart from female antagonists, you’re shooting and fighting men exclusively.


Why this happens is explained by Vavra’s Law (by game developer Daniel Vavra)…

If game only has men in it, SJW’s demand equal representation of women. And when you add women as enemies to make things equal, they scream misogyny because you can now shoot women. It’s a never-ending hell for developers, that’s why they just stick with male only enemies. Because no one is bitching over that anyway…

Driver Store Explorer FileRepository Cleanup Tool


Has your Windows FileRepository folder grown into an enormous monster over the months and years of using same Windows installation and regularly updating device drivers like graphic drivers? Windows stores copies of old drivers in FileRepository folder, but those drivers may no longer be needed and they just take up disk space.

Well, here is a solution and it’s called Drive Store Explorer. It’s a tool that checks the FileRepository folder for stored drivers and presents them to the user in a nice and clean interface that gives you ability to delete all the unnecessary drivers that are probably long outdated and not needed ever again.

Be warned though that deleting wrong driver may cause problems. Create System Restore point before cleaning or inspect the driver name, date and version before deleting it. You can save yourself a lot of trouble if you take few seconds to inspect that well…

And lastly, if you are not experiencing disk space problems because of this very specific feature in Windows, it’s better to leave it alone. Don’t fix it, if it ain’t broken ;)


Fallout Shelter is sexist and misogynistic

This one will be a bit longer, but I still won’t cover it under Political Correctness because its just so much stupid from twitter it just belongs here. I’m not even going to bother to archive.is these tweets, there is no way on Earth anyone would make up this much of condensed stupid and pour it into tweets. XD


When woman has drastic mood swings, is hysterical and irrational due to fluctuations in hormone levels, it’s not reinforcing of sexist ideas, it’s just how female body behaves in large majority of cases when it is pregnant. It’s not harmful, it’s not sexist, it’s just how it is and it doesn’t affect just humans, same can be observed with animals as well. And when you require a certain type of consistency and behavior at work, sometimes things like this aren’t wanted. Just like it’s not wanted for me to argue with customers, just like it’s not wanted for me to browse on my phone constantly during work time and just how it’s not wanted for me to treat customers badly just because I have a bad day. Also, academic, peer-reviewed citation needed on how it “reinforces” anything. You’re just asserting it does, but we won’t just “Listen & Believe”…


How is it “super troubling”? It’s a fucking game with a comedy factor. But just like McIntosh, you had fun once. And it was problematic. Of course the primary way to progress is impregnation of women. Have you missed the game title? It’s FALLOUT SHELTER, meaning the world has gone to shits and it’s up to few people from the Vaults to repopulate the world. I also love your twisting of words there. It’s not “increasing population”, it’s “impregnation of women”, like it’s a rape simulator (which it isn’t) or something. Besides, have you missed The Sims games from 15 years ago? They too required you to make a baby in order to progress further at one point. In later games it even became an integral part of the gameplay because that’s how you made several generations of your Sims. Again, academic, peer-reviewed citation needed on how is this “super troubling” and how it affects real women (or people in general for that matter).


We’ve already established that hormone levels do affect behavior of women during pregnancy. It’s not a stereotype or something I made up. It’s scientifically proven that hormone level changes affect behavior. So, we are talking about facts here. How are facts harmful? Also, how is running away from danger a bad thing? Like any living thing, self preservation is an integral part of our life. More for some, less for others, but we all without exceptions strive for survival in one way or another. It’s wired in our instinct. Again, scientifically proven. Flailing their hands around, for god sake, it’s a game with comedy factor. People also run around, make funny screams and jump away in a comedy fashion in an old game Midtown Madness when you try to hit them with a car. It’s called a “comedy factor”. Something anyone knows what it is, but it’s not like you have fun often or anything…


Oh my god. Stop using gaming/games terminology if you don’t even understand what it means. Childbirth in Fallout Shelter is NOT a game mechanic, it’s an end result of a game mechanic. Game mechanic is to try to get a lady to fancy you, flirt with her and then make babies with her to repopulate an apocalyptic desolate world. It’s a simplistic comedy game to waste time when bored, it’s not meant to be a fucking child birth simulator for education of real medical staff. Jesus Christ, how much stupid can you compress into 140 characters!? Again, I love your way of twisting words yet again, portraying women as these helpless creatures getting savagely impregnated by men in order to produce an army of babies and how this dehumanizes them into baby factories.


Dear Anita, this is how you see this game. How everyone else see it is that it’s a comedy game where men and women flirt with each other, have sex and make babies. There are no hidden messages, no hidden agenda, no hidden sexism, no hidden perpetuation of anything. It’s just a fucking game to waste time. But like everything else, we know you and your pal Jonathan McIntosh have enormous problems separating fictional things from reality…

Sure, games affect us too. Just like every single event in our life, be it positive or negative. But the level at which games affect us have been proven by academic, peer-reviewed science to be negligible or in some cases even more beneficial than anything else.

Stop using words like: “sexist idea”, perpetuates, reinforces, “super troubling” and dehumanizing if you don’t provide ANY academic evidence to back up those words and claims. If it’s troubling for you and not for everyone else, that is your problem and your problem alone. Stop making it like it has to be a problem of everyone else too.

At this point I will quote a very smart man Christopher Hitchens and his even more famous Hitchens’s razor:

What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

The burden of evidence is not on us to prove the games are not sexist and misogynistic, the burden of evidence is on the accuser. Yes, YOU Anita Sarkeesian. So stop throwing around assertions and start providing academic evidence to back up your empty claims.

World science studies all the most bizarre things one would never think anyone ever bothered to study, so there is absolutely no reason for you not to provide academic evidence to back our claims. And no, citing your own article as academic evidence is not a proof of anything. We are waiting…

Twitter, your notifications bar is broken!


I don’t know what happened, but since yesterday evening (or this morning), notifications count just keeps increasing on Twitter and even when I read them, they stay the same and increasing further. Guys in #GamerGate, I think you broke Twitter with the #OpSKYNET lol. Either this or a conspiracy and sabotage from the Anti-GamerGate nutters.

Twitter, get this fixed!

.NET Framework 3.5 error 0x80071A90 during installaton

You’ve probably come here because you were trying to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on WIndows 8.1 and it kept on failing with this silly error, right?


There are some resources on this one online from uninstalling certain updates that aren’t actual anymore to other hacks, but the one that worked for me and is worth giving it a try is just temporarily pausing the antivirus, installing the .NET Framework and resuming it again. In my case it was avast! Antivirus Free, but considering the number of these errors found online, it probably isn’t limited to avast! only.

Because you are disabling antivirus, make sure you only use .NET Framework installer from a trusted source that is digitally signed by Microsoft Corporation. Like the one on link below (goes to official Microsoft webpage).

.NET Framework 3.5 installer from Microsoft webpage

Tauriq Moosa, the man who knows nothing


Ladies and gentlemen, I present you This Tweet in Stupid from Tauriq Moosa. A “gaming journalist” from Polygon.

Anyone noticed everything wrong with his tweet? It’s like being a doctor and knowing basically nothing about human anatomy. Or being a chef with basically no knowledge on how to even boil an egg. Or being a car mechanic with basically no knowledge about cars…

And even if you’re really this blunt and uninterested in the trade you’re doing, at least fucking keep it to yourself and learn it in the meanwhile!?

But there are more gems from him, like this one…


The saying: “PC Master Race” has NOTHING to do with actual race of people. But since you know NOTHING about anything related to games or PC’s, I kinda understand why you think this way. PC Master Race means superiority of PC users over console users, because we can tweak games more, use mods, fiddle with them, upgrade them, improve them further. And it’s not even anything serious. It’s more of an internal joke of the PC gamers as a whole than anything. You can be white, black, Asian, otter or even a space alien, if you’re using a console, you’re less of a gamer than if you use PC (while being any of that as well). You can be black PC user and you can say that you’re superior to a white person owning just a console. That is what PC Master Race is. But hey, make it about actual race, you racists… :facepalm:

Even I joke about it here and there and I also own a PlayStation 2 and I’m not ashamed to admit it. i bought it because of amazing exclusives like Burnout 3, Revenge and Dominaton. And also Gran Turismo 4. But my primary gaming platform is still a PC. Thus, I’m a proud member of the PC Master Race.

Why is there always this constant need to make races a focal point? It’s not “progressive”, it’s stupid, counter productive and it’s starting to make me racist just by listening to constant whining of these narrow minded idiots.

And in the end he quit Twitter while screaming along with other SJW’s how #GamerGate is attacking him because he’s not white and makes it a racial thing again. No one was attacking him because of his race, we were calling him out on his moronic (and to a degree even unethical) statements, which are rather self evident. You’re supposedly a gaming journalist for fucks sake, start acting like one.