Update Huawei Ascend P7 L10 to Android 5.1.1 !

I was a bit tired of waiting for the stupid update to show up within the phone updater, so I’ve taken things into my own hands.

Here is what you need:

This update ONLY supports following existing builds:


Check Settings -> About Phone -> Build number if numbers match. In my case, the first one was a match, the XXX can be any number, it was 135 in my case followed with SP3. But I don’t think that’s important.

If they don’t match, anything you do in advance is on your own risk. But I recommend you don’t do the updating because you’ll most likely just brick the phone.

Extra details for Slovenian users:

The phone was purchased at Telekom Slovenije (Mobitel) and arrived with Android 4.4.2. Check the build number just to be sure, but it should work without any issues since this is the phone I’ve manually updated.

Updating process

The update also contains very detailed instructions inside the ZIP archive in DOC document format, you can also use that to perform update if unsure. Otherwise use the instructions provided below.

  • Download the update and unpack the ZIP archive to desktop
  • Connect phone to your PC using USB cable
  • Open the newly extracted folder on desktop and copy entire dload folder to root of your microSD card on the phone
  • Disconnect phone from USB
  • Go to Settings -> Updates and select Local update
  • Confirm the update and leave phone to finish

Phone will take several minutes to complete updating, don’t fiddle with it while it’s working.


For some dumb reason, certain things got bugged when I made a system wipe/restore to default.

  • keyboard doesn’t get installed for some reason
  • Motion control menu is just empty
  • When you make a system wipe it says the process failed even though it doesn’t fail (at least not fully)

The rest seems to work fine, not sure what’s happening here.


PS: If you need any extra info, ask me down below and I’ll check it out for you.

Insulting religion of peace

Make fun of Christians, no one dies. Make fun of Buddhists, no one dies. Make fun of atheists, no one dies. Make fun of Islam, 130 innocent people die. And that was just recently…

We watch sketches, parodies and comedy movies where they make fun of Christian God, make fun of Jesus, make fun of pope and the list can go to infinity. How many people died because of that through all the last few decades? None. But make fun of Muhammad or Islam, heads will roll and there will be bombings and mass shootings at civilians.

So, please, do preach me more about how Islam is a religion of peace. No matter how much you people bitch how Islam is religion of peace, your behavior and your actions say otherwise.

And before anyone says I’m forgetting what Christianity has done through the history, fuck off, I’m an atheist. I’m not giving anyone a free pass. This is today, I don’t care what happened half a millennia ago, I’m concerned for today. And today, Christians (or any other religion for that matter) aren’t walking into theaters with fucking AK-47’s and killing hundreds of innocent people because someone made a drawing of their god damn prophet. For fucks sake.

There is literally NOTHING in this world that can offend you this much to justify killing of innocent people. NOTHING.

ASUS released new firmware v3. for ASUS RT-AC87U router!

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version

Security improvement
– Fixed User-Agent buffer overflow. Special thanks for Hubert’s contribution.
– Fixed null ptr dereference in https issue. Special thanks for Anthony’s contribution
– Fixed buffer overflow issues.
– Modified brute-force protection mechanism in router login page.
– Fixed malicious site block related issues.

New Feature
Support ASUS router app which make it very easy to monitor and manage route status and client devices and more.
Search ASUS Router in google play or go the following URL
iOS app coming soon.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed httpd crash issue. Special thanks for Merlin’s contribution.
– Fixed blank web page when clients number over 100.
– Fixed Network map client list related issues.
– Fixed firmware login issue when connect to router by OpenVPN.
– Add reboot scheduler in Administration –> System
– Fixed warning page showing issue when only enable the HTTPS authentication.
– Fixed the slow UI issue when enabled Bandwidth limiter.
– Fixed repeated mDNSNetMonitor message in system log when there is a Apple TV in LAN.
– Fixed IPv6 firewall UI issue.
– Avoided Traffic analyser using too many flash size.
– Fixed UI issue when enable monopoly mode in printer setting.

Grab it here:

New BIOS v2001 released for ASUS Sabertooth X99!

ASUS has released a new BIOS version 2001 for their Sabertooth X99 motherboard. Not much info on it apart that it improves system stability. Well, yes please! Not that I have any problems with it, but I’m just obsessed with keeping everything up to date :)

Grab it here:

Make sure to write down settings because BIOS update always resets to default and loading old saved profiles doesn’t seem to work. It’s annoying to re-set all the fan settings when you have such complex fan setup as I have :D I had to again open the case and trace all the fans back to connectors and that took a while :P

7-zip 15.12 released. This time for real.

I jumped the gun in the past for this program release. Twice in fact. Bloody stupid SourceForge not mentioning it’s not a final release. But oh well, have been using beta for ages and it worked great. Changes in version 15.12 are not drastic, but are well welcomed. After all, program is very minimalistic and I’m perfectly fine with it. Zero bloat, maximum performance.

It brings few interface changes ranging from cosmetic to prety big functionality changes, new graphics, better interface arrangement etc. It’s now also a lot easier to set default supported archives.

It also supports a lot of new formats, mostly containers like disk volumes and disc images, but also few actual new archive types like RAR5. Main compressor remains the LZMA2 which is still one of the best compressors in existence. It has almost the highest compression ratio despite receiving very little compression updates but was lately heavily invested in speed. Which makes it perfectly balanced compressor. It provides superb compression at actually usable speeds. Most others provide tiny bit better compression, but take like 300 times longer to compress same data. Not 7-zip!


Ms. Male Link


Oh my fucking god, you people are the most inconsistent bunch of whining motherfuckers I’ve seen in my whole fucking life.

They first demand women to be main protagonists, company pleases their sorry whining asses and introduces a female protagonist in the desired game. Seconds later, same fuckers are whining how the newly created character is just a “Ms. Male” character and not really a new female character.

Of course it’s a Ms. Male character you dumb retards, you demand a gender swap in an existing universe. Which means you’ll just get a female version of a male character every single freaking time. Fucking morons.

That’s why we are constantly bitching at feminists to create new unique universes with unique characters if they are so god damn smart at demanding shit. But they are without any kind of inspiration, imagination and ideas so they are incapable of making one. All they know is whine and force gender “reassignments” of existing characters which will always lead to Ms. Male trope bullshit. For fucks sake.

Also an interesting fact, I never owned a Nintendo console. PlayStation 2 yes, but nothing from Nintendo. Played Mario 64 using emulator on PC and Banjo Kazooie on N64 at friends place, but that was it. Long story short, I’ve always thought Link was in fact a girl. It was this petite figure with short hair that kinda looked feminine. And name “Link” doesn’t necessarily mean a male character. So, I really don’t get it why feminists are whining about it. But they always have to whine about something, right?

Firefox 42 is coming, this time also in 64bit!

Along with many privacy and performance improvements, there is for the first time also a 64bit binary for the Windows systems. It’s still not 100% sure whether it’ll be widely offered on Mozilla webpage or just for those who specifically pick a 64bit version as an alternate option, but either way, I won’t have to wait for days and weeks for Waterfox to release a 64bit version of a 32bit browser anymore. It’ll be 64bit from version 42 on officially. I’ve been using 64bit version for the entire beta cycle and it has performed amazingly well. Twitter for example, it started stalling on high end system even after few scrolls down the page. With 64bit version, it takes quite a lot longer for this to happen. So, certainly very noticeable benefits.

It should be available on Mozilla webpage tomorrow, but if you can’t wait, here are the direct links for Firefox 42, 32bit and 64bit…


Firefox 42 (32bit, English)
Firefox 42 (64bit, English)

Firefox 42 (32bit, All languages)
Firefox 42 (64bit, All languages)