Youtube Heroes is the dumbest idea ever

Now, while I’m not a Youtuber, I do spend quite some time on this platform watching stuff. And when Google announced Youtube Heroes program I was like: “WTF, now you’re going to police what I like and want to watch!?”

And yes, it’ll be a freaking heaven for trolls and SJW’s. Just look at this garbage…

Btw, this Youtube Heroes program is so awesome and applauded (not really) by people that they had to disable comments entirely. When initiative to stop unwanted content has to do that you know it’s very idea is broken entirely…

Youtube Heroes is a bad idea

They’ll give moderator power to random people who vaguely qualify for the “job” and they’ll reward them for flagging stuff. To make things worse, when they’ll be good at their “job”, they’ll get upgraded tools like “video mass flagging”. Youtube is already plagued by mass flagging issues where a certain community gathers around and flags videos of someone they don’t like en mass. And since Google itself can’t police billions of users they just automated this. If you flag something in large enough number, systems automatically demonetize video or even remove it or ban the account. And now they are upgrading this to give individuals same power. Why does a fucking blogger like me have to explain to one of the largest tech companies on this planet why this is a fucking BAD idea?

Way too vague terms of service rules

And the Youtube rules are so vague they’ll erase 3/4 of the Youtube in one single week. They don’t want “negative” content. Ok then. What is a “negative” content then? What qualifies as “negative” when rules are so vague anything can be “negative”? An atheist arguing how religions are stupid? Theists will find this negative and they’ll flag this. Veterinarian channel showing live surgeries (because of some blood and organs being shown)? Channel where bunch of crazy Brits are eating nasty foods and then puke like water fountain? Videos of violent car crashes? Videos of people arguing the stupidities of Black Lives Matters or feminism? All this qualifies as “negative” to someone. You can already see what kind of clusterfuck this will become when this “Heroes” program goes live.

Real issue are the comments sections

Reality is, Youtube is really focusing on comment sections and not as much on actual videos themselves. Because if those are actually that offensive, they get taken down anyway by casual reporting. Moderating trillions of comments under billions of videos is another story and many content creators expressed the impossibility to moderate those efficiently. So, lets focus on comments sections a bit more…

Give more power to content creators

Instead of giving unlimited power to random people, how about giving content creators more power to approve people moderating just their channel? So you have qualified people who YOU approved to keep your channel in check and free of negative stuff per YOUR rules? If you’re a content creator that doesn’t want word “nigger” on your channel, there is an easy solution to that.

How about giving content creators and their moderators power to automatically shadow hide (only hide for everyone else, but not for poster of that unwanted comment) comments that contain certain words? A simple list tool where you add undesired words and any comment containing them would simply get shadow hidden. It’s a simple solution that can eliminate 99% of trolls with few clicks. Trolls still think they are doing shit, but others don’t actually see their garbage. This would almost single-handedly eliminate the need to disable entire comment sections for individual videos.

These could be global with global or per video exclusions (so video cannot contain this and that offensive, but if it contains some 3rd word, it can be allowed). So you can still allow certain comments on specific videos even though same words would be banned globally on your channel, adding extra flexibility for automated moderation of your channel.

Give more power to viewers

Something offends you? Then don’t fucking watch that. If you don’t like something, unsubscribe from that channel. No one forces you to watch it. Just because you don’t like it, that doesn’t mean others don’t like it as well. So, first tool is ability to unsubscribe. Use it as it’s already there.

Next one is “Word filtering for comments” for viewers. Just like content creators, users should have same tool for self censorship. This way you only police content YOU view, not the content EVERYONE else are viewing. So, if certain words offend you so much in comments section, you add them to your personal “Word block list” and comments containing those words won’t be visible for you anymore. But only for YOU. A simple solution for “great” problems. You as a viewer are in full control over what will hurt your feelings and what won’t. You can ban 90% of dictionary if you want. This will be your view on the Youtube then. social network, a spinoff from Twitter is already using this. This way censorship stands entirely on shoulders of the viewer. You are the censorship authority for your angle of view only and no one else. This way you can live in a beautiful fairy tale while not affecting others who just want it all 100% authentic and uncensored, with trolls and whining SJW’s included. Isn’t this better because YOU are in full control what YOU want to watch and not someone else dictating it to you?

Why none of this should be enforced by Google/Youtube?

Erm, because it’s fucking creepy idea? I don’t want some faceless company dictate what content creators should have on their channels or what we, the viewers are allowed to watch or read under the videos in comment sections. But if content creator decides he/she/attack helicopter doesn’t want to see certain types of comments, they could easily and in few seconds solve with word blocking list. Don’t want “faggot” or “bitch” in your comments section? Add them to the list and voila, comments containing these two words are gone. Because some content creators might want that, while others maybe don’t.

But with very simple tools mentioned above, each viewer could decide what they want or don’t want to see during their Youtube experience. Isn’t that far more reliable and abuse proof because YOU are the one creating the rules for content YOU want to see (or don’t want to see).

Appeal to Google

So, Google, fire everyone who came up with this retarded idea of Youtube Heroes and implement features I’ve mentioned above. It’s how you make Youtube experience better, not by allowing trolls and SJW’s getting even more tools to abuse and wreck your platform that’s already not in the most brilliant state…

Permanently disable Input Indicator

Do you prefer to use English Windows, but you need your native language to be the default input language (for keyboard)? It’s the only language, but Windows somehow feels the need to give me choice I don’t even need…


Do you hate this thing appearing when you launch apps and games? I sure do, because I hate taskbar being cluttered with things I never need and this damn thing appears every time I run CS:GO.

Click the Magnifying glass in taskbar and type in “system icons”. Only one entry will appear, click it. You’ll see this…


Switch the Input Indicator to Off.

Click the Magnifying glass in taskbar again and type in “language”. Select Language Control panel.


Select Advanced settings and you’ll land on this panel…


Select Options button…


Select Hidden option.

If you only disable it on Advanced settings panel, it still shows up for some reason. But if you have selected “Hidden”, it’ll stay hidden forever.

This will permanently get rid of the annoying Input Indicator in the taskbar.

Aeon Command short review



Aeon Command on Steam


  • unique approach for tug of war game with space ships
  • tons of upgrades for resources, weapons, armor and powerups
  • decent long campaign with 3 sides
  • skirmish with 3 game modes
  • looks quite nice for a 2D game


  • 3 sides are very similar in terms of space ship arrangement
  • space ships are hard to distinguish visually on the field
  • once you figure out the method, it becomes a bit easy even on Hard


I’m a big fan of tug of war games because you can play them with just one hand and the other one can be used to stuff Doritos in your face.🙂 Plus, I love the fast resources management and spawning of your military, so you don’t have to deal with lengthy initial building phase like in RTS games. I had quite some fun with this one, looks nice, is interesting to play and it’s one of rare tug of war games that has space ships which I think is nice and unique. If you want to blast some space ships with lasers and rockets and have some instant fun, this is the right game for you. And it goes for just 2.99€ on Steam, so it’s a steal😀

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood short review


  • same engaging gameplay with stealth and mad Rambo “modes” as in The New Order
  • skills force you to utilize more arsenal depending on what skills you want
  • no more weapons being taken away on every mission or incident
  • can carry heavy machine gun with you if you attain the skill
  • occasional funny stuff by the Nazi if you listen to their conversations
  • nostalgic original Wolfenstein 3D levels via Nightmare levels
  • no more technical issues like getting stuck in vents
  • generally good graphics and audio
  • now has Anti-Aliasing modes
  • has FOV controls


  • story and gameplay not as engaging and interesting as in The New Order
  • a bit disappointing last boss fight despite playing it on hardest difficulty
  • texture pop-in effect is still infuriating
  • half an hour of stupid unskippable intro videos


Even though developers fixed a huge share of negatives from The New Order, especially technical issues, this game wasn’t as engaging and interesting as the old one (this is a prequel to The New Order). Could be that I simply adored the alternate reality World War 2 so much with all the alien tech Nazi’s had and the way how they were winning instead of losing. It was scary and freakish and I loved that. This one was more of a contribution to the Return to Castle Wolfenstein to be honest, a lot more tame on the occult hellish Nazi technology. Still a good shooter though. Would still recommend it. Shooting Nazi’s just never gets old🙂

Wolfenstein: The New Order short review

Because I’m lazy as fuck, I’ll try to make my short reviews even more compact. This will be my first attempt, but I might refine it even further over time😀


  • amazing presentation of alternate reality World War 2
  • presentation of story through game is really interesting and engaging
  • very engaging gameplay with stealth and/or mad Rambo “modes”
  • skills force you to utilize more arsenal depending on what skills you want
  • nostalgic original Wolfenstein 3D levels via Nightmare levels
  • generally good graphics and audio
  • has FOV controls


  • stop taking my bloody weapons away all the freaking time!
  • because of losing weapons every mission, most skills like extra throwing knives can’t even be used properly
  • constantly getting stuck inside vents for no logical reason
  • texture pop-in effect is infuriating
  • game knows no anti-aliasing and refuses to accept from graphics driver control panel (had to use SweetFX SMAA to improve edges slightly)
  • half an hour of stupid unskippable intro videos


Brilliant game gameplay, story and presentation wise that is somewhat ruined with technicalities like horrendous texture pop-in when looking around, complete lack of anti-aliasing, getting stuck inside vents into invisible barriers and god awful losing of weapons on every mission and every major incident during game. Would still highly recommend it because it’s still a very good shooter despite those negatives. A true successor to the original Wolfenstein 3D.

Disable indicator LEDs on Netgear R7000 with Shibby Tomato

If you’re using Netgear Nighthawk X3 (R7000) with Shibby Tomato firmware and you hate blinking indicator LED lights on top of the router, here is a trick to turn most of them off and stop them from blinking. I still haven’t figured all out, but I found many control so far for individual LEDs.

Just login to your router, go to Administration and then Scripts


Copy this text to Scripts (Init) field, like example shown above in the image. Commands can be stacked together to achieve desired effect.

Red/white POWER LED
WHITE: gpio enable 3
RED: gpio disable 3

Red/white WAN LED
WHITE: gpio enable 8
RED: gpio disable 8

Disable only WAN LED
et robowr 0x0 0x1a 0x0

Disable/enable only LAN LED’s
DISABLE: et robowr 0x0 0x16 0x0
ENABLE: et robowr 0x0 0x16 0x1ff

Disable WAN and LAN LEDs
et robowr 0x0 0x18 0x1ff
et robowr 0x0 0x18 0x0
et robowr 0x0 0x1a 0x0

Enable/disable WPS Button LED
gpio enable 14
gpio disable 14

Enable/disable Wireless Button LED
gpio enable 15
gpio disable 15

Enable/disable USB1 LED
gpio enable 17
gpio disable 17

Enable/disable USB2 LED
gpio enable 18
gpio disable 18

Click Save button below and then Reboot… on the left side since the script kicks in on router initialization. After router reboot, settings should take effect.

Will update this as I find more functional commands…