Game development is going well

I’ve posted about the game development back in February. So far I’ve designed the intro, main menu, all the animated buttons, credits and the quit menu. And I’m very happy with it. Particularly the intro is really amazing. It gives the impression you’ll be playing a AAA game. It kinda sucks the rest doesn’t give the same feeling since the artwork is more comic style oriented, simple graphics with black outline etc.

During design I’ve also thought of a slightly expanded experience using sound effects and music. Still unsure how exactly to utilize it within a comic book style story with static images, but I’ll find a way. I’ll probably use free samples that allow manipulation and I’ll compose some of the music myself. Anyway, just a brief update, will keep you posted.

I might even release a very short teaser video just for fun…

Home light bulb types and uses

I’m quite surprised people still don’t know what are the benefits and uses for different types of light bulbs that can be used in home. I work with these on daily basis and I thought, why not explain their usage to you guys in a quick article. So, here is a tiny guide on what to use, where to use and when to use the correct bulb for the given situation…


HalogenBulbIncandescent (halogen):

+ cheap
+ turns on instantly+ relatively durable for repeated on/off
+ compact size
+ can operate well at very high and low temperatures
+ dimmable
– high power consumption
– generates tons of radiated heat
– relatively short lifespan (usually up to 2000h)
– doesn’t like shocks and strong vibrations
– slightly more tolerant to voltage fluctuations



“Old” incandescent or current slightly improved halogen light bulbs are still an excellent choice for transition rooms where they don’t glow for longer periods of time and are often turned on and off in very short intervals. They are cheap and will still operate for very long time in such situations. They are also a good choice for sensor lights that are triggered by motion and for usage in very cold (outdoor lighting for places with winters) or very hot environments (lava lamps, salt lamps, ovens etc). Glowing wire is always dimmable so that can be useful for certain situations.

They are also a bit more tolerant to voltage fluctuations. If you happen to live closer to a power distribution station, these might last longer than other two. They do get their life shortened, but they will most likely survive few of such incidents.

They are not recommended for rooms where they’ll be used for several hours at a time (power consumption) and where no heat should be radiated around it (desk lamps, inside refrigerators etc).



+ relatively small
+ low power consumption
+ generates very small amount of radiated heat
+ very long lifespan (up to 20.000h)
+ quite compact
= moderately expensive, but can be very cheap
– doesn’t like shocks or vibrations
– takes up to 1 minute to reach full brightness
– doesn’t like repeated on/off unless specific model
– doesn’t like very low or very high temperatures
– not dimmable unless specific model
– they contain traces of mercury
– somewhat sensitive to large voltage fluctuations


They are in a way a dying breed of lightbulbs seeing how prices of LED are dropping. But you can get them really cheap now and they can still be very useful for quite a lot of situations, especially for rooms where they might glow for hours without a break and you need a very affordable initial investment.

They however have quite some limitations, the time needed for most to start-up is quite long so they aren’t useful for transition rooms and sensor lights unless you pay premium for quick-start models and even those need few seconds to reach full glow. Repeated on/off shortens their lifespan considerably unless you pay premium for models with 100.000x On/OFF models and they aren’t dimmable unless if you pay premium to get such model. They also don’t like very low temperatures unless if you pay premium for outdoor models. They also contain traces of mercury (usually around 5 milligrams), but I personally don’t see it problematic considering we actually ingest mercury regularly by eating fish. It is an environmental problem though when they get disposed (especially when not done properly).

Unlike halogen, these tend to be more sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Halogens just get their life shortened where these often just die instantly.



+ turns on instantly
+ can be turned on and off very frequently
+ compact size
+ very low power consumption
+ generates no radiated heat
+ extremely long lifespan (up to 50.000h)
+ highly shock and vibration resistant
= loves colder environments, dislikes hot environment
– still relatively expensive
– not dimmable unless specific model
– somewhat sensitive to large voltage fluctuations


Latest and greatest, LED is basically the best all-around option. They consume very little power, you can flip them on and off as much as you like, they reach full brightness instantly and while they generate heat, it is not a directed radiated heat, instead it’s released at the back through a metal heatsink and they actually love colder environments, so winters aren’t really an issue for these. In fact they increase their lifespan, because they are cooled properly.

Unlike halogen, these tend to be more sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Halogens just get their life shortened where these often just die instantly.

The only real remaining limitation is the price and limited use in certain situations like lava lamps where bulb has to generate heat, otherwise it just won’t work or for ovens where heat actually slowly shortens the lifespan of the LED elements. The future is in LED for sure.

Still not sure?

Feel free to ask me below, I’ll be happy to advise :)

How to Attract Men

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How to Attract Women is to be found here.

How to Attract Men however, now that is a whole other ball of wax.

1. You need to exist. Your existence is important to men. You need to place yourself somewhere in the vicinity of men. Be present.

squrrel2. Try to appear female. Men tend to prefer long hair. Any other obvious indication of your gender is also helpful. Men do not do subtle, so if there is some doubt as to the fact that you are female, many men will shy away.

3. Try to signal that you see men. Men like to be seen. They also fear being attacked and eaten alive. You can smile or try to catch their eye. Whatever you do, do not project outright hostility, anger, or psychosis…….like I did, and several other happily married women I know. Okay, so men are more likely…

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What is the Anti-GamerGate’s mission?

I’ve been hanging around GamerGate community, standing with the minorities and defending games together with them, side by side. But few days ago, I asked myself, what exactly is our opposition even fighting for? We are just deflecting silly allegations and stupid baseless stuff being thrown at us by the single radical users, but what is their real main goal as a group/community?

Here is my personal view on how I see the whole conflict, at least from my GamerGater/gamer/game developer perspective. Italic parts further describe my thoughts on that matter…

GamerGate mission briefing:

– Get rid of corrupt journalists and destroy their networks of friendship ties that affect the gaming industry in a negative way. After all, primary goal of ALL factual journalists should be objectivity.
If you’re wondering if your hard-earned 40-60 € ($45-65) for a game will be a well spent money, you want and demand objectivity. This is corruption and I’ve been aware of it since the late 90’s. But internet was a rarity back then and something like GamerGate could never actually happen without it. That’s why GamerGate does exist today and not already 15+ years ago. Gamers demanding ethical journalism certainly makes sense to me. Everyone should demand that, even outside gaming industry.

– Defend games, developers and other gamers, particularly those in minorities and encourage more of them to join in, portraying gaming community and gaming culture in a realistic way (which is positive and not a negative like general media has been portraying us for the last several years and decades).
The diversity of the gamers is massive and there are tons of different games to choose from. Saying there aren’t enough different kinds of them is a big fat lie. Also demanding everyone to change just because YOU don’t like something is just straight silly.

– All this has to be achieved through evidence, valid statistics and logic as much as possible.
There are emotions involved, we are humans after all, but every argument has to stand on a solid foundations of evidence. Saying “just because” simply doesn’t cut it for us GamerGate crowd. As much as this should apply to our opposition, it also has to apply to us as well. And it’s something we strive for.

Large if not massive majority of us do it absolutely free of charge, because this is my hobby, my passion and I don’t want to see it get all ruined. I don’t have any financial gain what so ever. No donations, no Patreon, no ads, no sponsors, nothing. Some have their Patreons, I’m aware of that, but nothing on levels of cash hoarding of Anita Sarkeesian or Brianna Wu. The largest fundraisers that were made for GamerGate were in fact donations for good causes and not a profit of a single person.

Anti-GamerGater mission briefing (my view on it as gamer and  GamerGater):

– Ignoring us with the stupid autoblocker (how is that suppose to solve things, I don’t know).
Guilt by association is the most illogical thing I’ve ever seen. If I listen to Sargon of Akkad or other prominent GamerGaters, that doesn’t mean I absolutely agree with them on everything. I do have my own mind and I know how to Google and verify things. I just need them to be presented to me so I at least know where to begin. And these people are really good at digging and presenting factual data, that’s why we like to listen to their opinions. I’ve been in arguments with Anti-GamerGaters and I’ve silenced them with facts, not the BLOCK button (which I haven’t used at all so far). Why don’t more Anti-GamerGaters do this instead of generic autoblocking?

– Fabricating “facts”, statistics, twisting data to fit their needs and using pseudo-science to make some sort of point. And when they can’t prove something, they either block you or start covering up evidences of their fuckups (again, internet never forgets, people should have this burned into their foreheads by now).
Majority of arguments that I had and have seen, ended up with “fuck you” or other insult from the anti-GamerGate/feminists side and then a block. All this is very counter productive. Yes? And yeah, even GamerGaters fuck up their arguments, but I frankly haven’t seen any so obviously bad as the ones from the other side...

– Portraying ALL gamers as misogynist straight white male rapists and deliberately ignoring everyone who don’t fall into this group, because they aren’t fueling their narrative (just check the #NotYourShield hashtag and see the actual diversity of gamers).
I’m just not really sure what that narrative is exactly, to be honest, which is partially the reason for this “open letter”.

– Deliberately ignoring all the things said by actual women in the gaming industry and they also ignore everything proper feminists say on this matter.
I mean, why would women and other minorities lie about their experience as developers and gamers in this very moment, when they could benefit the most from spilling out their frustrations (if there really were/are any)? All I can see is these very same women and minorities standing on the GamerGate’s side, defending it…

– Profit. The loudest Anti-GamerGaters run their donations, Patreons and kickstarters/fundraisers like mad. And every time they scream harassment, they point people to these funding sources.
Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian, right? The biggest “victims” with the largest wallets at the moment. I’m just surprised no one from the Anti-GamerGate camp questions their motives and the funds involved… I know I would if I were on their side. I frankly wouldn’t even mind any of them having financial gain if it was done through facts and honesty. But it has been proven countless times that they twist reality so badly it almost seems like parody in the end, just to get attention and therefore a steady stream of income. Think about it for a bit…

What is the real Anti-GamerGater mission briefing?


So, there it is. I’d really like to hear what exactly are people in Anti-GamerGate community even standing for? What do they actually want to achieve as a larger group?

Because I’m confused by their behavior which just doesn’t line up with what they are supposedly trying to “defend”. I’m genuinely interested in hearing what is their goal. Throwing insults back and forth won’t solve anything and we could go on like this for months and months. Gamers have the stamina for that, you can trust me on that because we never give up, but I’m frankly tired already of not meeting some proper common ground in this worldwide internet conflict.

My blog is fully open and doesn’t require registration, but I kindly request that you write below in a civilized manner. I will not delete or censor opinions that might be different from my own, but I will not tolerate insults, pointless single liners and other crap which will get sanctioned swiftly. This goes for both sides, GG and anti-GG.

Thank you!

How To Attract Women


This has to be the most hilarious stuff I’ve read in a while :D

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batman1. Learn to fly. Superman can fly. Batman and Spiderman have improvised but they can fly, too. Edward the vampire in Twilight can fly. Rocket man can fly.  Learn how to fly. Flying is important to women.

2. Be tall. Be precisely 2.2 inches taller. This is absolutely critical. I realize this can be challenging because women come in all different sizes and height is not something one can control on a whim. Fortunately women are easily deceived, so you can always arrive on a horse. Or find a dangerous profession like climbing telephone polls. The point is, we need to be able to look up to see you. If you can fly, this shouldn’t be a problem.

superman3. Drive a cool car. This is actually not completely true. You can also ride a horse. Or a motorcycle. Riding a flying dragon would be even better. If you can actually…

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I’m working on a new game…

Ok, after few days of brainstorming how to actually do it, I’ve decided to redesign the game that I’ve made 14 years ago. Its core story was published in a physical paper local computer magazine called “Joker” by a writer “Quattro” at that time. A World War II inspired, text-based adventure game where you could pick different paths and navigate through the numbered segments depending on your actions. It was really cool and then I’ve digitized it into a digital form using Klik & Play game development tool. It used Comic Sans font for text (horror I know), green/yellow gradient background and it looked rather horrible from a visual perspective. But the text was there and instead of finding the right segment depending on the action, the game did that for you. You just had to click the right action. And it felt really good, since it became an actual game.

And here I am, 14 years later, translating it into English, modifying the storytelling part and planning to deliver slightly extended experience along with full hand drawn scenes.

I have to prepare all the texts, prepare the storyline sequence, decide how to integrate selection of options for which I’m hoping to sort of make a blend of text-based game and point and click adventure. Just to spice it up a bit. And then the biggest and most time consuming part, to draw all the scenes in context to the story. I don’t have a drawing tablet, so I was thinking of either doing it on a good old paper, scan it and do the post processing using image editing tools or use my Windows tablet and try to draw using a touch pen. I’ve already tested it and while I’m still a bit clumsy, I got some pretty decent results.

Still not sure about it, but I’ll certainly try something I’ve never tried before.

Oh and it’ll be a free game :) It’s not that long so charging for it would be a bit silly (and in conflict with the original author). But as a concept it’s a really cool old school adventure and I hope you guys will like it when it’ll be released. Still a long way there :)

I’ll keep you posted as the project continues…