Murica, the rest of the world is not universally fat



Why do these narrow-minded social justice warriors think the rest of the world outside Murica is universally fat? Why do they think ALL women need to be chubby or fat to be “acceptable” or “normal”? Overly “stronger” women aren’t my cup of tea, but I don’t demand absolutely perfect athletic body girls. I’m not perfect either, so I don’t expect any more than that from women. But I’d be lying if I’d say I don’t fancy skinny girls. Sounds reasonable right?

But the examples above are just ridiculous. Those aren’t even normal “real” women, they are just very chubby versions of hot original female game protagonists. Making all women chubby doesn’t make them any more realistic than having all of them super skinny in games. Stop doing this shit because it’s retarded.

Also, the 3rd images show that such women do exist. And I do know quite a lot of women in my life who have insanely crafted body and they aren’t even photo or fashion models. So clearly, they do exist. They just happen to care about their looks and health. Stop making excuses for being a land whale in expansion…

And the fact is, large majority of men simply prefer women who aren’t stronger. It’s not because of movies or fashion magazines say so. It’s just naturally wired in our brains to have certain preference for such women, just like it is for some men to prefer chubby or strong women. So stop fucking shaming us for liking women the way we like them. We happen to like normal and skinny women, others like stronger women. Both are fine. If it’s not my preference and I happen to express that aloud, that’s not shaming of anyone, it’s simply my preference. It’s really no different than my preference for freckly redheads over brunettes and blondes or girls with blue eyes over those with brown eyes. Or the same preference where some girl might fancy my looks and some other just wouldn’t be able to like me no matter what. And I’m fine with that. We are all different and each has their own preferences. There is no universal right or wrong. It just is. And it’s correct in both states. It’s just that one is my correct and the other one is someone else’s correct.

New Youtube notifications are rubbish

Updated my Android Youtube app and now I’m getting bombarded by e-mails and Youtube Android app notifications. What the hell Google!? And if that’s not enough, here is the Notifications control panel.


Where the hell is “NO FUCKING NOTIFICATIONS” option? Are you people at Google stupid or something? I visit Youtube page regularly and check my subscriptions list on my own. I don’t want artillery of notifications being thrown at me freaking constantly. Why can’t stupid notifications be turned off entirely!? WHY!?

Because of this I have to set to e-mail only and create a new rule that will delete all the stupid Youtube e-mail notifications directly. Fucking hell… Get this shit fixed.

A GamerGate letter to University of Victoria

University of Victoria is hosting a “rather strange” subpage on their official webpage and I’ve decided to respond to them…

Click for larger image
Click for larger image

Thy are still hosting the webpage here:

And here is a screenshot in case they decide to make it “disappear”…


I have no idea if my letter will have any influence, but I just can’t sit here and do nothing while universities are brainwashing students like this and further libeling GamerGate consumer revolt as a “hate-group”.

And yes, at the end of the letter I did mention “USA” even though University of Victoria is from Canada. The clusterfuck of this misinformation comes from North America and Canada is there as well.

GamerGate harassment narrative nonsense


You’ve probably already heard about the GamerGate “hate mob” and a “harassment” campaign to drive women out of gaming. It’s copy & pasted all over the media, by the same media who is accused of being corrupt to the core. And people outside of it seem to just blindly believe it, otherwise this nonsense narrative about harassment of women would end 1 month after it started. But no, here we are almost a year later and the exact same bullshit is still going on like a broken record skipping at the exact same part, repeating it over and over again…

But, I’m wondering about few things that just don’t compute for me, but somehow do for everyone else who aren’t GamerGate “members”…

You are bunch of misogynists…

If we (GamerGate) are here to attack, harass and drive women out of the gaming, what the hell are we benefiting from it? What’s the benefit of being dedicated to harassment of women for 10+ months? The whole idea of this narrative is so stupid only a retarded amoeba could believe it…

So, lets assume we are really about harassment of women in gaming and we finally drive every single woman out of gaming. And then what? What the hell would you achieve by doing that!? How would that improve our lives or hobby? How does turning a fun, interesting and diverse hobby into a cis white male sausage fest “improves” things, somehow?

If we are only cis white men as portrayed by the corrupt media, then naturally we’d want women around, right? After all we are straight, right? No one wants a fucking sausage fest. Whoever thought of idea that gaming would be perfect if all you have around are dudes, then you’re either gay (nothing wrong with that, just saying) or you have absolutely no idea how straight male brains works. There might be moments in gaming when dudes just want to be left alone and be allowed to run around with erect dicks while ejaculating toxic masculinity, but for the overwhelming majority, guys want to hang with girls, have fun with them, enjoy their company. And guess what, that also includes games. Shocking, right? I mean, girls also want “girls only nights” here and there with no dicks flailing around where they can just do whatever girls do when guys aren’t around. But that’s certainly not how overwhelming majority of gamers want their gaming experience. Actually believing it is this way is just out of this world silly assertion…

You are bunch of homophobic racist bigots…

They have also thrown in that “GamerGaters” are homophobic racist bigots, because you know, calling us misogynists just wasn’t enough. Can someone at this point explain to me how exactly does a gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual person of any skin color affect me as a gamer when I’m playing, I don’t know, Counter Strike: Global Offensive online? Why would I care if an in-game teammate or enemy is a black transgender lesbian? If he/she/it/otherkin can play the game, I will not be able to tell the difference between them and a straight white guy. I’ve probably played games online with all these people without even knowing. I don’t ask people these questions, because frankly I don’t care just like no one cares who I am. We just play games and that’s it. Sure there are assholes, but then again, assholes are everywhere, not just in gaming. How is this narrative still standing, I have no fucking clue. I guess if you repeat a lie for long enough it becomes the truth…

You are bunch of trolls…

So, if we aren’t misogynists and racist bigots, we must be trolls right? Except, no… I’ve seen bunch of trolls in my life and there is NO troll in existence of this world that would be so persistent in harassment of people just for the sake of trolling them to be going on about the same exact thing for almost a year. Trolls can be persistent and annoying, but sooner or later even they get bored. Trust me, they do. Trolls need a moment of satisfaction from someone else’s misery and then they fuck off their own way. Asserting GamerGate somehow breaks the unwritten rules of trolling, you’re mistaken and you know it, if you’ve ever met a troll online. It’s just not in their MO.


And lets don’t forget mentioning all the people of different ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations gathered under NotYourShield hashtag who went so far to violate their own privacy in order to prove a point by presenting their own photo with a hand written message or a video recording, defending GamerGate and the fact that they are real people who aren’t cis white neckbeards. What kind of troll or harasser would go and expose his identity to the world like that? That goes against any logic. And if they say they are part of GamerGate, who the hell are you to say they aren’t and even have the balls to say they aren’t real with a straight face? Call them sock puppets even (yes, you Tim Schafer)!

Listen and believe

Ok, so we aren’t misogynists, we aren’t racist bigots and we aren’t trolls, we aren’t sock puppets, but we are diverse and we want ethical gaming journalism. Then what the hell are we?

Now listen and believe when I say it. We don’t care how it all started, what was the exact catalyst that ignited the chain of events that led into existence of GamerGate. That’s their thing to resolve. We are here for the aftermath, we are here because of all the things that were uncovered after that. We just want corrupt gaming journalists to be driven out of this industry. Either the easy way, by I don’t know, gaming journalists starting to behaving by the ethics code or the hard way, by shutting down their rotten outlets. It’s really that simple. And if you continue to accuse us of anything else, then you are part of the very same problem we are fighting against.

Stop being such a numb drone and start thinking with your own head. Because when you do, you’ll realize that all the accusations being thrown at GamerGate people make no fucking sense. At all.

Anita thinks MRAs and atheists are cute


Are you really accusing MRA’s and atheists (what the fuck have atheists to do with gaming?) of not being gamers? Newsflash Anita, I’m both. MRA and atheist. But firstly, I was a gamer. My passion for games predates advocacy for men’s rights and atheism. I was a gamer first, someone who still has very fond memories of spending my childhood with my sister, playing games together on one PC. We used to play Worms, Need for Speed, Atomic Bomberman etc, all the most misogynistic games imaginable. So take this tweet, hold it firmly and shove it up your rear. It’s exactly where it belongs.

You are the LAST person to preach to us about gaming. You played what, Super Mario once, 20 years ago and you were showing off your stack of Xbone games (console peasant heh…) once and you think you all of a sudden have the voice to talk over us who are gamers, day after day through the entire year for 20+ years?

Respect and knowledge in gaming is earned, it’s learned and any real gamer can sniff out phonies like you in under a minute through conversation about games. Fucking hell, even Colbert got you in under 10 seconds when you couldn’t name 3 fucking games. It’s a bitch talking about games without a teleprompter isn’t it? Especially if you’re not really a gamer… Guess what, it’s not for me, because I’m a real gamer, I know games I play well and I even extend my interests to games that aren’t my cup of tea and I can talk about games for hours. And if you think you can just walk into the gaming scene and just expect everyone to respect you with the knowledge and respect you’ve shown to gaming… I can only laugh at you.

We have NO respect for you and it’s NOT because you’re a woman, it’s because YOU have no respect for gaming industry or the people in it. You’re the one constantly throwing nasty accusations at us wrapped in fancy high-flying selection of words. You’re the one constantly twisting facts to make us look bad, to make us look like monsters. You’re calling us sexist misogynist. Do you know how painful that is for me to listen day after day where in reality, I respect women as much as I respect myself if not even more? You apparently have no idea how horrible that feels like.

And I just remembered why you hate atheists…


Atheists never listen and believe. Atheists listen and question everything. That’s why you don’t like them. They are the ones who listen to your manure and then do research, find out you’re a fake and then they spread that info online. And you hate it when your shitty narrative is crumbling like a fine china in a car crusher…

Do you know who you are Miss Sarkessian? You are a bully and a harasser. You’re a perfect definition of those assholes. You injected yourself into gaming industry, into gaming scene with sole purpose of harassing everyone who doesn’t bow down to your totalitarian ideology. So don’t fucking preach to us how to be a gamer. Just listen and believe, because we are the gamers. Far more than you’ll ever be.

avast! 2015 Protection Tweaks updated for the new R3 release

AVAST Software has “just” released a new build of avast! named R3. This is basically a 3rd “Service Pack” after original avast! 2015 release.

New features and Improvements in Avast 2015 R3:

  • Grimefighter is now redone and called Cleanup.
    – runs without need of reboot
    – much faster
    – runs on more devices (better compatibility)
  • Improved Windows 10 compatibility
  • Ability to check compatibility issues with other antivirus software
  • Host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS): an installed software package which monitors a single host for suspicious activity by analyzing events occurring within that host
  • StreamFilter with HTTPS scanning  is now available also for Windows XP/Vista
  • NG is not using Volume Shadow Copy Service anymore

avast! download:

Updated avast! 2015 Protection Tweaks:


Changes for the R3 release include adjustments to the newly introduced HIPS functionality which is set to “Monitor system for malware-like behavior” only with highest sensitivity. This should provide higher protection without annoying the user.

Short Game Review: Infinifactory

There is just one word to describe this game: “Freaking out of this world amazing” Yeah, one word LOL

After I got notification from GOG about release of Infinifactory, I honestly didn’t expect it to be this good. I had mixed feelings, it looked interesting, but didn’t really have any idea what it is. I have decided to give it a try anyway since GOG has a no risk refunding policy since forever. It just looked interesting in some mysterious way. It’s roughly 20€ which might sound a lot for an indie game, but when you’ll taste its brilliance, you’ll forget about the price.

How to describe this game?

Imagine Lemmings in a Minecraft world with objective based building of The Incredible Machine. This is Infinifactory explained in one sentence.

Gameplay & puzzles

There is a story attached to it, but the main point of this game is construction of the most efficient production line possible. You get a blueprint of the final product and you have to manipulate individual bits and pieces to form the final product. You can use conveyor belts to move them around where you want them, rotators to rotate objects, pushers to sort items, welders to combine them in larger fixed objects, mill them into different shapes, eviscerate parts and replace them with new ones, there are sensors and wiring that can be used to manipulate parts timings and control other parts. If you’ve ever played Minecraft before (who hasn’t), you’ll feel like at home because the building of complex machinery is very similar to using redstones in Minecraft. Just with one very important exception, you don’t have to build stupid stairs to wire things in vertical dimension. Here you just make a vertical wiring and it’ll work. I don’t get it why they still haven’t done it in Minecraft, because that shit is dumb. But Inifinifactory developer has done it right.

Initial Infinifactory missions are rather easy, but later on, they become very challenging, but not frustrating, which is another bright point of this game. At first you make a rough prototype of the production line to sort of get production parts in the right places, then you start combining them and that’s when things usually become complicated, they break and get stuck and then it’s some trial and error work to sort all that out. And it’s really not frustrating or annoying. You just can’t wait to resolve some problem and finally see the finished product exiting the production line. And the feelings you experience when everything works like a clockwork, well, that sensation is un-freaking-believable. It just makes you chuckle like a small child who found a way how to steal cookies from the cookie jar without parents ever finding out. :)


Oh, fun fact at this point, developer of the Infinifactory also created Infiniminer which is a Minecraft style game that actually predates Minecraft. I didn’t know this either till this very moment. I’m using Minecraft above to describe it since people are more familiar with that one, but Zachtronics Industries actually invented the block manipulation sandbox game that we today know the most as Minecraft (and several other spin offs). He innovated that!

Graphics, music and audio

I’m not even going to write about graphics, music or sound effects. They are besides the point. Ok, they are all nice, but trust me, you won’t spend hours and hours in this game because of graphics.

Game features proper FOV (Field of View) adjustment which means it gets a FOV Alliance seal of approval!


I know there will be a small percentage of people who won’t like it for whatever reason, but if you love good and incredibly unique puzzle games, this game is a must have.

Infinifactory has a lot of familiar elements found in other games, but it uses them in such unique way I can’t praise it enough. Zachtronics Industries, you’ve outdone yourself with this game. It’s brilliantly unique, entertaining and educational.

I can only recommend it with a 20 out of 10 woolen seal of approval! Buy it. NOW!