20th March 2018, the day free speech died

I don’t know how many of you are aware of the Count Dankula case and I’ll try to explain it in as little words as possible for normies to understand it, but I’m still kinda shocked that this is an actual court case and not just a very elaborate joke itself.

2 years ago, a Scottish comedian Count Dankula (Mark Meechan) posted a video where he taught his pug to do a Nazi salute to annoy his girlfriend. He even explicitly stated on the video that he’s doing it to annoy his girlfriend by turning his pug into the most revolting thing possible (a Nazi).

Fast forward 2 years and this is him…


Nope. This is not a joke. This is literally him being handcuffed and dragged through courts for 2 years over a fucking Nazi joke. Today, on 20th March 2018, he was convicted under communications act of being “grossly offensive” and he is now facing 2 years of prison.

Here is Tommy Robinson giving few words on the matter in front of the court where Mark Meechan was convicted.

I find this absolutely terrifying. I’d understand it if it was in some shithole of a country run by a dictator. No, this is Scotland. United Kingdom. Western democratic world. Convicting a man over a joke. For real. It literally happened. And I still can’t believe it. It’s literally surreal that someone can get imprisoned over a joke in a modern society. When shit like this happens, you know society has fucked up and needs to go back.

There is literally nothing in this world that is offensive enough to land someone in prison. You can insult me, my family, my dog, my country and I’ll probably think you’re an asshole, but I’d defend you to have that right and not getting imprisoned or fined for it. And everyone should have such stance, because only this way, we can ensure “being offended” is not being abused to silence and ruin people.

Like Tommy Robinson said, this ridiculous case is setting a precedents to silence people in the future. If Mark Meechan could be silenced and imprisoned for making a stupid joke, what’s next? If muslims find it offensive for making people aware of mass grooming of young underage girls by muslims and you land in a jail for it. You state that wage gap is bullshit and you land in a prison for offending feminists. Make fun of the Queen and they’ll lock you up. It sets an absolutely ridiculous precedents for the future that UK government wants in order to silence people they don’t like. And shit like this is spreading like cancer through Europe and it’s scary as fuck. Soon we won’t be allowed to make a joke about anything or anyone on social media because it could literally get you imprisoned.

People need to realize what a dangerous situation this is for our modern society. Where does it end? Who defines what offends someone? It’s dangerous shit that shouldn’t be happening and I fear for the future of free speech in Europe. It happens time and time again that people who endorse such censorship and silencing of others soon get hit by very same “rules” they imposed. So, why not simply allow everyone to be offensive to everyone and call it a day?

I really hope this will be brought forward to UN and other human rights organizations and brought back to court to make this nonsense disappear. It’s ridiculous and backwards. Shit like this belongs to medieval times, not to modern time Europe for fucks sake.


Ghostery went open source!

Ghostery is a browser extension that provides users of the interwebs with enhanced privacy as it blocks creepy crawlies hiding in webpages, tracking you, following everything you click or visit. Ghostery has been a widely used tool by users who care about privacy and then Cliqz bough them some time ago. And people had some concerns over what they do with all the info on trackers and how they actually make the money to pay their programmers. Well, worry no more, Ghostery has gone open source!

Anyone can check its source code now and inspect how it works and what and how it transmits the data to Cliqz, ensuring transparency and potential forks as well as accelerated development with larger base of contributors. It’s great news for everyone who value their privacy. If you don’t use it yet, check it out. It supports all major browsers and it can be found on extensions/add-ons webpages of all these browsers.

Sour cherry cocoa infused biscuit cake


I might be a geek who likes to fiddle with computers and electronics, but I also like food. And what better way to spend some alone time creating stuff in kitchen. I’ve been cooking “normal” meals for few years without any recipes, just what I’ve eaten in the past and try to extrapolate what ingredients to use and how to prepare it to get that same end result. It’s quite fun figuring out what to use without knowing the ingredients or the whole actual process of making it. But I always had this fear with desserts because they are a lot more unforgiving, especially stuff that involves biscuit batter. Mix it wrong and you’ll get a dense pancake, bake it for too long and you’ll burn it or make it crunchy like a cookie etc. But I’m starting to get a hang of this too. I’ve made it last week and I messed something up and it was too dense, baked it for too long, didn’t use enough fruit and didn’t moist the biscuit enough. But 2 days ago, I’ve done it. With perfection. This will be more as an archive for myself so I can do it in the future again, but if anyone wants to try it out, awesome 🙂

Required ingredients

Ingredients suffice for a baking tray with dimensions of 37 x 28 x 5cm (14.5 x 11 x 2 inches). It’s what I used so predict it appropriately so it won’t overflow when baked.

  • 7 eggs
  • 150g (5.9oz) of flour
  • 150g (5.9oz) of sugar
  • 1 bag of baking powder (12g or 0.42oz)
  • 4 bags of vanilla sugar (each 10g or 0.35oz)
  • 1 bag of lemon sugar (10g or 0.35oz)
  • 1 shot of rum
  • 1400g (~50oz) of pitted sour cherry compote (2x 700g jars in my case)
  • 500ml (17 fl oz) of whipping cream
  • 4 tea spoons of cocoa powder
  • bitter chocolate flakes


Pre-heat the oven to 175°C (347°F) using both, top and bottom heater (so you won’t have to wait for it later).

Preparing fruits…

Separate all the sour cherries from the compote liquid and place the remaining liquid in the fridge to cool. I’ve added some cold water to it to make total of 1.5L (53 fl oz) of sour cherry juice because it was really strong and I like the biscuit juicy. Leave sour cherry fruit part at room temperature.

Making the batter…

Separate yolk from egg white and start mixing the yolks. While you’re mixing, continue adding 2 bags of vanilla sugar, 1 bag of lemon sugar, 1 baking powder, 150g of normal sugar and a shot (or two of rum). Mix till it becomes nicely smooth and sugar starts dissolving. Add 4 tea spoons of cocoa powder and mix it well. Now mix in 150g of flour and expect the batter to become very dense. I didn’t try, but I guess you could soften it up with a bit of butter, sweet cream or milk. It’ll get smoother again when you mix in whipped egg whites so don’t panic.

Foaming the egg white…

Now clean up the hand mixer whisks and start mixing egg whites at full speed in a separate bowl till it becomes nicely foamy and doesn’t seem to inflate any further. When that happens, dump it in the bowl with the yolky batter and use a large spoon and start mixing with the back of it (so it won’t stick so much inside of it). I made a mistake of using a whisk which just got clotted with dense batter and it was really hard to mix till it got smoother and softer batter again. When it gets a bit smoother, use a whisk to evenly mix it. Don’t use hand mixer, otherwise you’ll destroy the egg white foaminess (you need it for the biscuit to be fluffy in the end). Dump the batter into a baking tray, spread it evenly or shake the tray till it levels nicely.

Finishing the batter…

Take the sour cherry (fruit part) and spread it evenly across the batter. There is no specific rule for this, if you like sour cherry like I do, drop in tons of it, really thick. If you don’t like it that much, you can use less. They’ll sink into a batter so do it progressively across all surface so you’ll know where you dropped them already. Also, it’s fine if they sink, they don’t have to stay on top.


Place the tray in a pre-heated oven and bake for 40 minutes (middle level).

Making that biscuit juicy…

When it’s done baking, place it on your cooking top and leave it to cool. When it has cooled a bit, drizzle it with sour cherry juice. A lot. Make it juicy. Just don’t overdo it, you don’t want your biscuit floating in it. If you don’t like very juicy biscuit, you can use less or none. It’s up to you. Sour cherry fruits will provide some moisture when you bite into it, but I like more so I use the juice too.

Finishing touches…

Now mix the whipping cream with 2 bags of vanilla sugar (you can also use same amount of normal sugar or none of it even but add some vanilla extract) and evenly spread it on top of the biscuit. Evenly sprinkle it with dark chocolate flakes. Place it in fridge till it thoroughly cooled (or if you used cold sour cherry juice you can serve it straight away).


End result should be a very refreshing cake (or biscuit if you’re European 😛 ) that nicely blends bitter cocoa biscuit with sour cherry and sweet whipped cream on top. It may not look anything particularly fancy, but it tastes soooooooo good and because it’s juicy and fluffy, it’ll easily find it’s place in a tummy even after a substantial dinner. A perfect dessert in my book 🙂

If you decide to make it, let me know what you think of it 🙂

CNN, shut the fuck up about guns already

Oh my god, the monumental cringe from the CNN factories. You have to watch this and brace yourself so you won’t snap your spine with the cringe like I have…

This is what an AR-15 sounds like

Straight away trying to make it look intimidating. Sure, it’s a gun and every gun is intimidating. But CNN is intentionally trying to make it more sinister than it is just to push their bullshit narrative.

FACT: If you fire any kind of a gun in a huge empty hall (shooting range), the echo created by the hall will make even a .22 Short from a handgun sound like it has a massive stopping power of a sniper rifle.

General Mark Herting served in US Army for 37 years

There is no way this guy is a real person or even a Lieutenant General.

FACT: The way he’s firing the AR-15 like he’s a bit retarded, the way rifle is rocking all over the place like he’s firing an M60 from a hip to one single specific thing he said later on, that made me believe he’s not really a real person, let alone a former soldier. There is a 3rd possibility that he’s a real person and a real soldier, but CNN made him behave like an absolute imbecile to appease their dumb viewers and push the narrative the way they want it, to make AR-15 look absolutely terrifying and scary like it’s a nuclear bomb or something.

Full Semi Automatic

When this alleged Lieutenant General said this very specific line I questioned everything about this video…

FACT 1: There is no such thing in existence as “full semi automatic” rifle. It’s an literal oxymoron and if a former soldier who served for 37 years says something so monumentally retarded, he basically wiped out his entire credibility.

FACT 2: AR-15 has a single firing mode and that is “semi automatic”. There is no other mode to switch to. So, when he’s saying “now I’m going to switch to “full semi automatic” :)” he’s just talking gibberish at this point.

FACT 3: Semi automatic means, every time you pull a trigger, a bullet flies out of the barrel. To fire a next round, you need to depress the trigger and press it again. This is what a “semi automatic” is. “Full Automatic” means you squeeze the trigger once and it will fire for as long as there are rounds in a magazine. Semi automatic guns literally fire as fast as you can physically pull the trigger.

This weapon in the wrong hands can be more dangerous than most weapons because of its capability to do a lot of damage in short period of time and be irreversible.

FACT: Saying AR-15 is more devastating than lets say Glock or a 9mm Beretta is total and utter nonsense. Every gun is devastating and every gun is designed to inflict irreversible damage if possible under given conditions, be it chambered with tiny .22 or fat .45. Of course shorter barrel brings slightly lower accuracy and slightly smaller stopping power because gases don’t have as much time pushing the bullet through the barrel, increasing its kinetic energy, but the reality is, every fired bullet is fast enough and has enough stopping power to be deadly at typically ranges experienced in school shootings which is what most people are familiar with. So, if you take a school shooting scenario, perpetrator having an AR-15 or a Glock would not make a single difference. A bullet of any kind hitting vital organs like brain, heart or liver could result in death in seconds or minutes. Doing this absurd witch hunt after AR-15 specifically like it’s some special weapon of mass destruction is just insane, stupid and illogical. It’s as lethal as any other firearm.


I haven’t served military and I haven’t fired a single gun myself (paintball and air guns and rifles don’t count). But I am fascinated by physics, mechanics and guns. And I learn about them a lot and I know how they operate and what kind of damage they inflict. And even I could spot all this bullshit in CNN’s video and they are pushing this drivel to the masses like it’s a holy word of a prophet. It’s bunch of illogical nonsense designed to further confuse casual CNN viewers who don’t know better to push this anti gun narrative you miserable sacks of shit, CNN is a sad excuse for what used to be called journalism. Stop talking about guns because you’re bunch of cretins who don’t know anything about it and you’re making that Lieutenant General look like a total fool saying those words. Assuming he’s a real person to begin with…

Susana’s Press Play Radio


I’ve been listening to Susana for years now, ever since I first heard her voice in one of Armin van Buuren mixes and simply fell in love with her powerful vocals. There are many vocalists in the world, but not many are like her. Have been following her work through years when she was still hosting V2V show which unfortunately ended (and I never managed to archive all the mixes), but she continued with Press Play Radio show which puts even more emphasis on amazing vocals in trance and vocal trance genre. Thanks to her mixes, I’ve discovered many other amazing vocalists within this genre. I think her mixes are amazing way to promote these vocalists. Most of them can be found on Beatport where you can buy their music and support them as well. Best way to consume Press Play Radio mixes is to create a playlist with all the tracks in your favorite music player and set it to randomized repeat loop. I can listen to it like this for days and never get tired of it!

I’ll always upload Press Play Radio mixes to MEGA Archive the moment they become available.

Press Play Radio

Press Play Radio is a monthly music show hosted by incredibly talented vocalist Susana every first Sunday of the month at 20:00 CET on 1.FM Amsterdam Trance Radio channel. But if you can’t listen to it live or you fancy listening to Press Play Radio mixes at a later time, you can check them out below…

Listen/download Press Play Radio archive

Press Play Radio on SoundCloud

Press Play Radio on iTunes

If you for whatever reason cannot download Press Play Radio mix of your choice from above links, use my Press Play Radio Archive on MEGA.

Press Play Radio MEGA Archive
Decryption key for MEGA Archive: !Cz8QWNcH6aBraifQiramEA
Decryption key is used separately to prevent direct hotlinking due to limited bandwidth.

Press Play Radio Tracks Lists

Discover other artists from Press Play Radio mixes

Support Susana

If you like Susana’s music and you want to support her, follow her on social media and consider buying her music on Beatport.


This is not a paid promotion, I just really like her music and vocals and I want to share her work with the world (as well as work of other musicians included within the mixes). All Press Play Radio continuous mixes are available for download as MP3 free of charge by Susana herself, I’m just hosting a MEGA Archive so her work won’t ever get lost (also SoundCloud is often funky and tracks can’t be downloaded reliably). For any copyright or licensing concerns, please contact Susana directly as she is selecting the tracks and hosting the Press Play Radio show as well as providing the downloads.

Adding custom AdBlock filter lists to Opera browser

As you might know already, Opera comes with integrated AdBlock for quite a while. And it’s generally very fast because it’s an integral part of the rendering engine in this browser. It also comes with widely used EasyList and EasyPrivacy out of the box as well as with NoCoin protection from cryptocurrency mining scripts that can abuse CPU usage during visits on certain webpages. But there are a lot more out there that you can use to filter out of webpages…

How to do it?




What lists to use?

Most widely used ones are from EasyList and Fanboy. EasyList and EasyPrivacy are already included in Opera out of the box, so you basically only need Fanboy’s lists as an extra.


My favorites are Annoyances List (which includes blocking of social widgets and cookie messages), Anti-Facebook List and Enhanced Trackers List (which also includes Problematic Websites List).

Read the descriptions of lists well because some already contain the others and you don’t want to unnecessarily duplicate them as it will just make browsing slower with no other benefits.

This way I filter out all the nonsense and tracking garbage from websites without using a single extra extension.

How to use the lists?

To use the list, just go to Fanboy’s webpage, right click on “View List” link and “Copy link address”. Paste it in the “Add a site” field and press ENTER. It’ll import the list and it will also regularly auto update on its own.

Congrats! You’ve just removed bunch of nonsense from webpages you visit, keeping them clean and without social networks that track you everywhere you go.

Slim down your Windows with Auslogics Windows Slimmer


If you’re tired of constantly running out of disk space, especially on smaller SSD’s, and Windows Disk Cleanup doesn’t do much and you don’t want to use magic all in one optimizers that usually just break everything, maybe it’s time for you to check out Auslogics Windows Slimmer. It’s a very focused tool that doesn’t do anything magical, but it does focus on Windows stuff that gets accumulated the most. WinSxS libraries, Old Windows versions which always remain after larger Windows updates, Windows Update remnants and System Restore points. Under Regular Maintenance you’ll find few more usual entries like Memory Dumps, Recycle Bin, Temporary Files and old Windows Logs. Over time, all this can accumulate quite a lot of stuff and this is by far the easiest (and free!) tool to remove all that clutter. CCleaner generally does similar, but this one focuses on few more areas not covered by CCleaner.

Just a word of caution, installer of Auslogics Windows Slimmer offers bunch of their other apps which you have to manually decline during installation, so watch out what you click during installation.