ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version released!

ASUS relased a new firmware for their RT-AC87U router…

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version

– Added Movistar Triple VLAN profile in IPTV setting page
– Fixed too many repeat information in system log.
– Fixed Traffic analyzer issue UI issue when changing the data.
– Added workaround for Android devices power drain issue.
– Fixed Adaptive QoS bandwidth setting issue.
– Fixed low samba transfer throughput issue when enable bandwidth limiter.
– Fixed web history related issue.
– Fixed abnormal bandwidth increasing in bandwidth monitor.
– Fixed VPN client UI issue when using Firefox.
– Fixed wireless channel issue when set 2.4G channel in 12 or 13 (only for EU region)
– Fixed dual wan ping time watch dog issue which might cause .false fail over to secondary wan.
– Fixed Bandwidth monitor and Web history UI issue which was caused by “<” or “>” in SSID.


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