ASUS released new firmware v3. for ASUS RT-AC87U router!

ASUS has just released a hefty update for RT-AC87U router. It includes quite a long list of security fixes as well as bug fixes and new features. It’s highly recommended to update it!

ASUS RT-AC87U Firmware version

Security fixed

  • Fixed KRACK vulnerability
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14491: DNS – 2 byte heap based overflow
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14492: DHCP – heap based overflow
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14493: DHCP – stack based overflow
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14494: DHCP – info leak
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14495: DNS – OOM DoS
  • Fixed CVE-2017-14496: DNS – DoS Integer underflow
  • Fixed CVE-2017-13704 : Bug collision
  • Fixed predictable session tokens (CVE-2017-15654), logged user IP validation (CVE-2017-15653), Logged-in information disclosure (special thanks for Blazej Adamczyk contribution)
  • Fixed web GUI authorization vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed AiCloud XSS vulnerabilities
  • Fixed XSS vulnerability. Thanks for Joaquim’s contribution.
  • Fixed LAN RCE vulnerability. An independent security researcher has reported this vulnerability to Beyond Security’s SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure program
  • Fixed remote code execution vulnerability. Thanks to David Maciejak of Fortinet’sFortiGuard Labs
  • Fixed Smart Sync Stored XSS vulnerabilities. Thanks fo Guy Arazi’s contribution.
  • Fixed CVE-2018-5721 Stack-based buffer overflow.

New features

  • HDD Hibernation
  • URL filter black/white list
  • Bandwidth limiter on guest network
  • URL filter support https website

Bug fixed

  • Fixed CTF related issues
  • Fixed AiCloud smart sync issue.
  • Fixed client icon modification issue when client name includes special characters.
  • Fixed AiCloud smart sync problem.

Grab it here:


5 thoughts on “ASUS released new firmware v3. for ASUS RT-AC87U router!

    1. But Tomato doesn’t even support RT-AC87U. Which is a shame. And the problem with its QoS is that it doesn’t work anymore. In the past it used to be the most powerful one. I had it on my old Linksys and I could setup QoS in such a way that I could do anything and it wouldn’t interfere with other tasks. Later I bought a Netgear Nighthawk, I think it was X3. Totally didn’t work as it did before. Which is a shame. But ASUS’s QoS does work and it works really well at classifying data streams. It’s super smooth as well. I can download and play games and it all just works perfectly.


      1. I will take note because QoS was very important to me a few years back. I run the latest Tomato Shibby build on an R7000 currently. Very tempted to try something new.


  1. This firmware wrecks havoc on an AC3200. Random connects/disconnects, big problems with the 2.4GHz band. These are widespread problems.


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