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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus crashing on NVIDIA graphic cards

I’ve revisited this game after many years because I realized I haven’t finished it somehow. Well, since I’m clearing my backlog of games, why not finish it up. Until I got a repeating crashing of the game the moment I’ve entered the game. It never crashed in menus and if I didn’t move mouse in-game, it could run just fine which was weird, but the moment I moved the mouse, it crashed.

I couldn’t really diagnose it because all I got was a sudden freeze of the game with a Windows dialog “ding” sound. Ctrl+Alt+Del and invoking Task Manager and I could see error message saying “Could not write crash dump” (this isn’t the actual error, it’s just a symptom of game being unable to write a crash dump on the error it just experienced) and all the Windows Error logs only state unspecified error in NewColossus_x64vk.exe and that was it.


Digging online I could find bunch of “solutions” that didn’t really work at all as game kept crashing no matter what. So I went with ALL settings OFF as that seemed to work, but it looked rubbish so I kept gradually enabling the settings. Basically I could enable it all until I enabled “Deferred Rendering” and the game instantly crashed again. For some reason this game really doesn’t like using Deferred Rendering method on GeForce RTX 3080 even with currently latest 532.03 drivers. Or with these in particular. Not in mood to downgrade drivers anyway.


So, make sure “Deferred Rendering” is disabled in Advanced settings and it should work.

Fuck off with anti-piracy protection in games

Just installed Chronicles of Riddick Dark Athena on Steam after having it in my backlog for years. Finally decided to give it a go after completing Dishonored series and I liked the original Chronicles of Riddick, so what good way to continue stealthy action with this one. Even wanted to replay the original since they remastered it with newer Dark Athena’s engine.

Finally click the game to run it, and then this motherfucker comes up…


It’s a motherfucking Tages protection bullshit driver. Ok, what the fuck? Went to Steam to check what’s up if there are any comments on it or shit review bombs for this. Nope. The game isn’t even listed there anymore. Gee, thanks for releasing game with bullshit protection driver and then removing it from the game store without first fixing it first. Fuck you, fuck you all who do this shit. Now I’ll have to find motherfucking crack to pirate a game I own because I fucking bought it. Haven’t looked for a fucking crack for like 15 years and here we fucking are now in 2023. Where do I even look for fucking cracks these days…

This is the exact same bullshit I’ve been experiencing for years when WindowsXP was released. All the legit owned games that had SecuROM and SafeDisc protection baked into game discs simply refused to work because dumb protection driver couldn’t even work in Windows XP. This is some AAA grade assholery. This is why everyone hates this protection bullshit. Pirates get them cracked eventually one way or the other. All you do is fucking inconvenience and annoy users who actually fucking buy your motherfucking shit. Ugh. Fuck.

Dead Island 2 is Epic Games exclusive. Fuck you Epic.

Just finished Dead Island 1 and after hearing sequel wasn’t made by Techland, I was a bit excited, because this would mean no typical Techland bullshit in the game. Until I got a slap in the face with electrified bat, realizing it’s Epic Games exclusive and you can only buy it on Epic Games store. HELL NO! Uh oh we care about gamers and competition and yadiyadiya says Epic on every fucking occasion! Fuck you Epic. You fuckers constantly bitch how competition is unfair and how you so deeply care about gamers and then you always do this FUUUUUCK YOU “U” turn with these bullshit exclusives. Now I’ll have to wait how many fucking months for this thing to come out on Steam or god forbid GOG? It’ll be so long I’ll forget about it just like I did about Metro Exodus, another dumbass Epic exclusive that I forgot about and never played it afterwards and probably never will because this exclusivity shit annoyed me so much. I just don’t want to buy or use shit Epic launcher. It’s shit like this why no one likes Epic Games and their stupid launcher and it’s why I call everything Tim Sweeney says a complete bullshit lie. I respect him for developing excellent Unreal Engine, but he’s an absolute and complete ass when it comes to business side of things.

I hate Hexen game and its stupid map design

Finally bought Heretic and Hexen package on GOG the other day. Remember playing Hexen with friends when I was a kid, but I never really played Heretic or actually finished any of them.

Started with Heretic and it was the usual Doom like experience. It was pretty straight forward and I actually quite liked it. Now it was time for Hexen. When I first started the game I was amazed by how much graphics have improved. The lighting, shading and little details like leaves falling from trees. Pretty amazing despite all of it being so pixelated for today’s standards…

Until I got slapped in my face with what I’ll probably consider greatest heresy in gaming. The god damn fucking hub design of levels. Maybe it was ground breaking back in the 90’s when everything was linear and this felt almost like open world, but I’m on second hub now and chasing those fucking stupid keys and switches running in circles for hours to spot some tiny gap somewhere, just straight up pisses me off to a point I lost all will to play this stupid game anymore.

Took me hours to find all the stupid keys (I think, have 4 of them) and apparently, I’m missing 2 switches judging by the 2 dark portraits in the temple. Fine, so I will resort to walkthroughs to find those two god damn switches. Just for all of them to be so confusing and non descriptive it’s crazy. “Walk through the path”. There is 15 fucking paths and your “pool of water” in cave tells me fucking nothing. There is also no images of map with big X that would mark the switch location and best effort on Youtube is over 1 hour long video. God damn.

I’ve seen some stupid things in 30+ years of gaming, but this is quite something else… I wonder if people hated it as much back then…

Halo is overhyped garbage

I’ve complained before about Halo. A lot. Especially what an absolutely lazy level design it had back when it was released in 2001. There were segments of maps that were literally copy & pasted around. Most obvious were the bridges segment around beginning of the game where you had to fight across same frigging bridges over and over and over. And then the dreaded idiotic dull copy & pasted Library level. And then for the finale, same copy and pasted space ship, they just applied burned textures and some fire.

So, many years have passed and when Halo Master Chief Collection was released I thought, ok, maybe I was wrong and somehow just didn’t understand the game or I remember it wrong.

Bought the Master Chief Collection and decided to re-experience it fully with refreshed visuals. Maybe I’ll change my opinion…


Just to be greeted with this. I was in such disbelief what I’m seeing I actually asked on r/Halo if my game is glitching out. Turns out, this is in fact not a glitch, it’s a normal display of how game looks. For a game released in late 2019. I had to mark it with circles because I’m sure there would be people saying “hey dummy, there is nothing wrong with this image”. And while I was preparing it I realized it’s not just on player and NPC models. It’s the entire fucking scene. Look at all the beams. Fucking checkerboard pattern everywhere!

If you’re still confused what I’m whining about, it’s the shading and shadowing. These motherfuckers are literally using checkerboard dithered shading and shadowing of objects and scene. I faked shading in MS Paint using spray tool this way. 25 years ago. Holy fucking shit, I haven’t seen that in games from mid 90’s and they release a game in late 2019 with this. And not only this, it’s a fucking remaster. A REMASTER that has shadows and shading looking worse than original game from 19 years ago.

How can you be that frigging lazy or just plain incompetent? Slapping fucking alpha blending over this and it would make the god damn checkerboard disappear and everything look billion times better. And cost modern graphic card 0.0001% of GPU resources. God damn. It would be still incredibly low resolution for 2021, but I’d be able to digest it. This, I just couldn’t. Sorry, the checkerboard shadows are just so painful to look at I just couldn’t bring myself to play this lazy ass trash game that’s so fucking overhyped by fucking everyone. I don’t care how amazing it is when first game, Halo Combat Evolved was such disappointment I can’t bring myself to play any later Halo game. And with remaster, they fucked it up visually to a degree that I just can’t enjoy it in any way. I mean, I’ll be seeing this shit literally 100% of the time. Just no. Nope.

Disagree with me all you want, I don’t give a shit. Halo is overhyped, overrated, lazy ass garbage and I can’t grasp how people’s minds work to consider this game as “one of most iconic games of all times”. It’s just shit.

Doom Eternal Part Deux Reloaded 2021

Since I’m apparently a masochist and I like to punish myself in all sorts of ways, I decided to buy Doom Eternal again. It’s been over a year since its release and since I first bought and refunded it. It’s been like 15€ on Steam recently and I picked it without the expansions because people say they are shit anyway. So here’s a second take. I thought, surely it’s something wrong with me and not the game, if so many players give it such huge praise and gave it another try…


And I basically still hold the same opinion as in my initial rant. I don’t know what devs were thinking, but this game has so many absolutely and totally unnecessary elements like they are compensating for something. And the biggest offender is still the retarded way of getting health, armor and ammo. You’re always in a clusterfuck of battle and you keep endlessly think if you need health, armor or should I maybe restock the ammo and because you don’t really have much time to decide or your stupid chainsaw is out of gas it’s just an utter and complete annoyance that you can’t even get past or ignore. Doom 2016 had this magic where you could play it in so many different ways. Either all in crazy, you could use more tactical keep them at a distance approach, you could rely on Glory Kills to restock health or just pick health through pickups only. Same for ammo. You could use chainsaw or rely entirely on pickups like I have. In Doom Eternal, there is just NO choice at all. There is just one way of playing it and it’s you being forced to use the trio of dumb Glory Kill, flame thrower and chainsaw while jumping and dashing around like an absolute lunatic. And you’re always out of ammo. Constantly. Jesus christ. I’m sure it gets better if I put all the upgrades into ammo only, but the path to there will be this stupid annoying nonsense I just don’t want to go through. And I basically only play with shotgun in grenade launcher mode and sniper rifle. One for close combat and another for really far away. Plasma gun and machine gun just feel so pointless and I didn’t even get any other weapons yet.

And if that’s not enough, all the monkey swinging nonsense has no place in Doom game. Sorry, it just doesn’t. When double jumping and swinging wasn’t enough, they put fucking double dashing into the game. WHY?! I’m this fucking badass demon slaying motherfucker and I’m swinging around like a fucking preschool kid on a school playground. Fucking hell.

Like I said in initial rant, I never had problems with such mechanic in Tomb Raider game. It’s the core element of it to jump across platforms, do monkey swings over poles, climb and do all sorts of acrobatics. I loved it and Tomb Raider without it wouldn’t be Tomb Raider.  When has that been a core element of Doom? Or any first person shooter for that matter. Mirror’s Edge maybe, but that was parkour masterpiece, this is just a mishmash of many stuffs. It’s just so unnecessarily stupid I can’t understand why they put it in the game and I still hate it from bottom of my heart even in second try.

As I’ve been pushing myself through the game, I’ve now also discovered I have this space ship where I “upgrade” my stuff and it’s also this big fucking thing filled with “stuff” to unlock. It’s yet again just so unnecessary and overwhelmingly oversized. Maybe there will be a fight in it at one point in the game which is the feeling I have, but it’s just too big for a “home base” and filled with crap I may or may not unlock someday.

It’s just more of everything and it just feels like they were already past the point of having fuck ton of everything and they crammed even more stuff in it. It’s just bah, overwhelmingly pointless and doesn’t really add up to the feel there is so much to discover as there is “my god, I’ll need to repeatedly fiddle through all this crap” to really make full use of gadgets and guns or be forced into chore with inferior tools? Ugh.

It feels tiny bit better now that I’m playing it from beginning for the second time, but at the same time I discovered so many new unnecessary things I now again hate it.


And lastly the bonus rant, something that didn’t bother me initially, all the RTX stuff. Don’t get me wrong, ray tracing is nice and I have the power to run it. Issue is, they selectively used RTX effects, mostly on reflections and some lighting effects, but ignored the rest like shadowing and global illumination which is almost non existent in this otherwise great looking game. And then you’re at a point where reflections in windows and guns look ridiculously good, but then you look across the world and it’s this washed out scene that feels like games from around 1999 that didn’t really have proper world shading, ambient occlusion and global illumination, just objects sticking out of the scene like a sore thumb. It just feels like bare polygons with some general light applied, lacking any kind of depth and feel that light is reaching it and creating shadows or darker areas. And my god, whole game looks like someone smeared vaseline across the lens of a player. It’s just so soft and muddy looking I had to slap ReShade on it with CAS sharpening, FakeHDR to give it depth and eliminate the washed out foggy feel and also use AstrayFX GloomAO which is screenspace ambient occlusion effect that adds the missing world shading and shadowing and overall depth as well as RadiantGI to actually give the game global illumination because it feels like it has none. Now, with all this stuff, it finally looks proper. Textures are sharp and feel like you’re actually using seriously high quality textures, washed out textures are gone and all the gore actually looks like blood is right about to burst out of the tentacles and guts hanging all over the levels, lava actually feels like a scorching fluid and basic things like rocks and stairs around finally have some depth because of AO/GI. Even the main menu portal with Doomguy standing there looks so much better. I mean, just look at this…

I know it fucks up with some distant objects making them too sharp for the distance, but who gives a crap about that when stone literally gets cracks and damage that doesn’t exist in shots without ReShade. Or the banner actually getting textile texture all of a sudden. Or all the little tiny shadows on steps and stones as well as on Doomguy. Sure, I’m grateful they added RTX and DLSS later and all that, but balance things a bit for god sake. You can’t just go all out on reflections and forget your entire game outside of that looks bland and smeared with almost no details anywhere. And this is all maxed out running on RTX 3080!

I’m going to finish it since I like to punish myself and since I bought it at such discount, but this surely won’t be a game I’ll remember fondly. Not at all. Angry sheep in praetor suit, signing out.

Update NVIDIA DLSS to latest version by yourself

A lot of games these days come with NVIDIA DLSS support which is nice. However, the DLSS support at the moment is sort of “baked” into games. The DLSS logic is not provided by driver itself, it’s provided by a DLSS DLL file inside game’s folder. So, you can update it and improve performance or resolve certain artifacting. However, there’s a catch. You can only update DLSS if it’s version 2.x. If game is still using original DLSS 1.x, then you can’t update it this way. You can check this by going into game’s folder and look for file named “nvngx_dlss.dll”, right click it and select Properties. Go to “Details” tab and look at file version…


On the left example from Battlefield V, you can see it’s DLSS 1.x which cannot be updated. However, the right example is from Doom Eternal which I already updated to the current latest version. As you can see from version number, it’s DLSS 2.x which can be updated by swapping the file with latest version.

You can always grab latest version from TechPowerUp and they even offer notification service via e-mail when new version is uploaded so you can always run games with latest DLSS version.


Just download the ZIP archive and extract “nvngx_dlss.dll” file into game’s folder, replacing the file already located there. That’s all you have to do.

Don’t expect magic to happen, but I heard reports of newer version resolving certain visual issues created by DLSS itself and it’s possible that newer version might also provide higher performance. Or at least no performance degradation at better visual quality.

It’s still unknown if DLSS 3.x sometime in the future will behave the same or be updatable this way, but for DLSS 2.x based games, this is the method you can use to update DLSS.

Battlefield: Hardline and the story of: “Can I play one game that’s not fucking broken?”

Like, fucking seriously? This is 4th game that I dragged out of my backlog that’s a fucking broken clusterfuck.

First one being just starting this stupid game. Click the shortcut and it opens fucking browser. Then you click PLAY and it goes on next page. And you click PLAY again and game finally starts running. Gotta love EA and their dumb Battlelog. How about just starting the damn game directly without stupid browser?

I also just love games that allow you to bind own keys, but show hardcoded in-game keys as “hints” when playing. Like for example arresting people in Hardline. Apparently “Melee” key is for making arrests and it’s bind to “F” by default. I have it bind to “Mouse Wheel Down”. But when I approach the suspects that I need to arrest, game displays “F” in a square. I’ve seen this in games before and it’s fucking stupid. Especially when you have a fuck ton of special dedicated keys and then you’re digging through settings just to see what the fuck you actually have bind to that action.  Idiotic.

The next gem is FOV slider that literally does nothing. When setting up the game I moved it to 110 which is what I usually use for FPS games and when playing, everything felt so awkwardly in-my-face. Moved slider to 120 and still the same. Then I stood in front of objects to see if it actually changes when adjusted. And the in-game image stayed the same… Come the fuck on EA, you manage to add a FOV slider, but then it does fucking nothing. O_o

As cherry on top, the game runs at locked 144fps, but when I was driving around in the “cut scene”, game feels all choppy and mouse look sluggish as fuck like it’s running at locked 30fps. I check my monitor refresh on its OSD and it says it’s 144Hz (which means 144fps because of FreeSync). This dumbass game somehow runs at 144fps, but actually samples animations at 30fps. How?! How the fuck can you go out of your way to design such a stupid shit EA? How? I’ve actually never seen such a dumb thing in any game to this date. They either ran at locked 30fps, but I’ve never seen one that runs at 144fps but feels like 30fps because that’s what’s actually being rendered at.

All this before I actually started playing the fucking thing properly. Fucking hell. Now I don’t know if I should continue torturing myself or just uninstall this pile of shit…

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare movement with arrow keys is fucked up

Now I’m starting to notice a trend with something… It’s games I unknowingly kept in my backlog for years. Max Payne 3, Alpha Protocol, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare… coz when gaming gods fuck me in the ass, they really go full force.

After I lost interest in Alpha Protocol because of stupid broken hacking “mini game” well knowing it’ll be this jarring trash experience every time I’ll have to hack any system, I dropped it and picked up Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that was still waiting in my backlog. I mean, how can one fuck up CoD right? Well, they managed to do just that…

I’m old school gamer, back when we played games with arrow keys. And it stuck with me. I don’t like bunch of keys crowded underneath my fingers and arrow keys with surrounding keys with just enough space around provide comfort gaming for my big hands. Been doing just fine for almost 3 decades with some issues here and there. But I really haven’t had them for quite a while and certainly not in AAA games. Usually some indie games or from some B studios that had poor QA or whatever.

Well, started playing Infinite Warfare and I noticed how weird movement is. It’s like keys have a 500 millisecond pause in some cases, especially when trying to move diagonally with forward and left/right pressed at the same time. It’s really awkward and clumsy, like the legs aren’t connected to your body correctly or something. It’s really bad. So I searched online and apparently this is a known thing. Well, it was when game was released and apparently, nothing has changed in 2021.

Tried using WASD and behold, disconnected legs are not a thing anymore. Set back arrow keys and legs are behaving like they are all twisted and tangled up again. What the fuck? How can one fuck up a game in a way that actions you can bind to any key don’t behave the same depending on keys you use? WHAAAAAAAAAT? And to make matter worse, not fucking fix it at all?


Well, in the end I made a fix for a fuckup Infinity Ward couldn’t be bothered to fix.


CODIW Arrow Keys Fix

Alpha Protocol’s hacking is the most retarded thing I’ve seen in any game

From Max Payne 3’s roller coaster of retardation, here comes Alpha Protocol. What started as pretty interesting almost Deus Ex experience, quickly turned into a fucking rage fest on first hacking attempt.

Seriously, what absolute moron designed this shit? I don’t mind puzzles and I’ve seen many through years, but this one, this one is just pure distilled retardation.

A screen of flying numbers and letters and you need to spot some that don’t move and place them there. The one you move with keyboard is sort of a non issue as you can quickly tap it across with directional keys and confirm it, the issue with it is because some dumb twat thought controlling the second code with god damn mouse was a great idea. Not only the code isn’t under mouse cursor so you could quickly move it around and place it where you want it, no the fucking thing moves across the field like a slug that’s in no fucking hurry, with massive delay and it’s so wonky and inaccurate that before I move that shit to the right place, the code gets re-positioned already and I’m suppose to move this craptastic slow shit elsewhere? WHAT. THE. FUCK? Trying this dumb crap for like 10 attempts and I just can’t hack this dumb fuckery because it’s so impossibly clumsy.

Why couldn’t this dumb shit just be entirely controlled by keyboard? Move on, confirm it and then continue with second one. Or was this meant to be done simultaneously with both “controllers” or something? By who? Fucking cross eyed Flash Gordon who can go so fast to stop literal time? Or just two segments of keyboard, WASD and NUMPAD or something. Anything but this nonsense.

I was already excited I uncovered an old gem that was stuck in my Steam backlog for years just to have the experience totally fucked up with one simple “minigame”. Some say it’s much easier with a gamepad, but fuck me, I’m not playing this thing with no gamepad. God damn it.