Halo is overhyped garbage

I’ve complained before about Halo. A lot. Especially what an absolutely lazy level design it had back when it was released in 2001. There were segments of maps that were literally copy & pasted around. Most obvious were the bridges segment around beginning of the game where you had to fight across same frigging bridges over and over and over. And then the dreaded idiotic dull copy & pasted Library level. And then for the finale, same copy and pasted space ship, they just applied burned textures and some fire.

So, many years have passed and when Halo Master Chief Collection was released I thought, ok, maybe I was wrong and somehow just didn’t understand the game or I remember it wrong.

Bought the Master Chief Collection and decided to re-experience it fully with refreshed visuals. Maybe I’ll change my opinion…


Just to be greeted with this. I was in such disbelief what I’m seeing I actually asked on r/Halo if my game is glitching out. Turns out, this is in fact not a glitch, it’s a normal display of how game looks. For a game released in late 2019. I had to mark it with circles because I’m sure there would be people saying “hey dummy, there is nothing wrong with this image”. And while I was preparing it I realized it’s not just on player and NPC models. It’s the entire fucking scene. Look at all the beams. Fucking checkerboard pattern everywhere!

If you’re still confused what I’m whining about, it’s the shading and shadowing. These motherfuckers are literally using checkerboard dithered shading and shadowing of objects and scene. I faked shading in MS Paint using spray tool this way. 25 years ago. Holy fucking shit, I haven’t seen that in games from mid 90’s and they release a game in late 2019 with this. And not only this, it’s a fucking remaster. A REMASTER that has shadows and shading looking worse than original game from 19 years ago.

How can you be that frigging lazy or just plain incompetent? Slapping fucking alpha blending over this and it would make the god damn checkerboard disappear and everything look billion times better. And cost modern graphic card 0.0001% of GPU resources. God damn. It would be still incredibly low resolution for 2021, but I’d be able to digest it. This, I just couldn’t. Sorry, the checkerboard shadows are just so painful to look at I just couldn’t bring myself to play this lazy ass trash game that’s so fucking overhyped by fucking everyone. I don’t care how amazing it is when first game, Halo Combat Evolved was such disappointment I can’t bring myself to play any later Halo game. And with remaster, they fucked it up visually to a degree that I just can’t enjoy it in any way. I mean, I’ll be seeing this shit literally 100% of the time. Just no. Nope.

Disagree with me all you want, I don’t give a shit. Halo is overhyped, overrated, lazy ass garbage and I can’t grasp how people’s minds work to consider this game as “one of most iconic games of all times”. It’s just shit.

2 thoughts on “Halo is overhyped garbage

  1. Meanwhile, Elderscrolls in general have unfixed bugs even though they’re the best RPGs or maybe those are actually just not important for a good game. Sorry immersion is too important for you.


    1. I generally don’t care about graphics if the game is good. I mean, I still adore System Shock 2 graphics even today and believe it has aged amazingly for 20+ years old game, I love what kind of feel voxels gave to Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 that can’t be matched with any kind of super duper DX12 effects or ray tracing and I wouldn’t want to play MechWarrior 2 Pentium Edition in any fancy 3D accelerated mode with filtered texture surfaces. Played it in software mode and it gave it feel unlike any other with its gritty visuals. But when you re-release a game (Halo Master Chief Edition) and brag about “remastering” it visually and then give me such shit shading in Halo CE released in what was it, 2016?, that not even games from mid 90’s had, of course I’ll be furiously disappointed and angry they have the balls to fuck it up like this and not give two fucks about it. If they filtered those dithered shadows and they’d probably look billion times better. But nope, they just left them in there in all their pixelated glory making them look worse than original Halo CE. I’ve not seen anything like this in last 20 years in any remake of any game.


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