Doom Eternal is a complete disaster

I never thought I’ll witness this day, but thanks to Bethesda, I have… They managed to cock up Doom.

Remember how Doom used to be a synonym for going guns blazing, holding fire button down without taking a break until trails of dead demons were piled behind you? It’s a game franchise that inspired entire genre around it with games like Serious Sam, Bulletstorm and many others. Well, lets just say none of that is in Doom Eternal. Some jackass thought it would be a good idea to give you ridiculously tiny ammo carrying capacity (you can carry total 16 rounds for a shotgun and 40 for machinegun!) so they could shoehorn stupid chainsaw mechanic into the game. So you end up in this stupid perpetual cycle of shooting few rounds, then you’re forced to use moronic chainsaw mechanic close up to replenish the ammo so you can shoot those few rounds again. And while you’re chasing demons to chainsaw them down, you’re getting hurt hard because you need to be in their faces all the time and you can’t even keep them at distance which was the whole point of this genre. Hordes that you keep away with the power of lead, explosives and hot plasma.

Then you realize even the lowest tier demons hurt you like hell, but when you melee bash them, it feels like a gentle nudge. I don’t get it, I apparently have a retractable blade on my left arm, but it’s never used unless it’s a specific glory kill. Constantly being without ammo, with no unlimited ammo basic pistol like in Doom 2016 and with entirely useless melee attack, this game is such an incredible chore to play because you’re constantly forced to use this annoying dumb chainsaw mechanic and I only played it for 1 hour before refunding this hot garbage. Couldn’t risk giving it a “chance” and losing ability to refund this crap. Like, my god Bethesda, how did you manage to fuck it up so badly with a single gameplay mechanic. HOW?!

And to make matters double worse, I said, while I’m waiting for a refund, I’m gonna try Doom 64 that I got as a pre-order “gift”. Fire up Doom 64 and for fucks sake, what absolute jackass designed keybinding menu? I literally couldn’t bind basic move forward/backward and strafe left/right to arrow keys which I always use to play games. It kept insisting to have turn left/right and strafe left/right on same keys. So in game I ended up always turn strafing to one or the other side in a really bizarre way. How does one fuck up key binding so badly for fucks sake. And the more I wanted to change the keys, the more keys just kept stacking up under one action instead of clearing existing one like in every other game.

This has to be the worst release of this year easily and possibly even this whole decade. Do NOT buy this game. It’s nothing like fantastic Doom from 2016. It’s not even anything like Doom… I might give it another chance and force my way through stupid chainsaw ammo replenishing mechanic when it’s in a bargain bin for 5€. Shouldn’t take long to lose its value given how they cocked it up…

11 thoughts on “Doom Eternal is a complete disaster

  1. I am not surprised given Bethesda’s increasingly worse decline.

    My brother GC and I tried to watch DashieGames (not the best gamer I know) play this the other day and it was so boring and repetitive that we started talking while not paying attention to it and we gave up on watching the gameplay:

    -John Jr


    1. I don’t want to shit talk about the guy, but Bethesda clearly gave him a free copy of Doom Eternal because he apparently never played Doom 2016 and can’t even be critical to it (or he’s acting like he doesn’t know anything). Only someone never playing Doom other than Eternal could actually enjoy this thing. I mean, literally 90% of the time he had LOW AMMO warning on the screen. How can this possibly be fun. And he was playing Hurt Me Plenty difficulty. Imagine what a horrible experience it is on Nightmare then where everyone is this massive bullet sponges… Doom is not suppose to be a survival horror game where you’re constantly deprived of ammo and you need to be careful with every damn bullet. It was never the point of Doom and never should be.

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      1. Hello RejZoR,

        You are probably correct about that; and it seems as though Dashie forgot that he actually did play Doom 2016 twice before (one campaign gameplay and one multiplayer gameplay).

        He plays so many games, he usually does not finish them (one or two gameplays), and he plays them like an airhead so I am not surprised that he did not remember. 😀

        Yeah, I can only imagine how much worse it would have been on the higher difficulties.

        Maybe they could have a separate mode for those who want the survival horror game experience, but keep the usual mode as the default; or just keep things the way that they are supposed to be like you said.

        -John Jr


    2. I really tried to like this game. I thought there was something I was missing that others were seeing. I even went out of my way to beat it on Ultra Nightmare. By the way, the golden skin looks like he’s wearing an Oscar award. It’s ugly as hell. But the more I played it, the more I came to the conclusion this was designed as a melee focused multiplayer arena shooter. Not a doom game. Just look at the facts.

      Assloads of arena area’s that lock off as soon as enemies start spawning.
      Super crippled ammo counts
      Hyper focus put on special kill commands
      Extreme focus on micromanaging mechanics for health/ammo/armor
      A bullshit sword that’s useless
      A bullshit punch that’s useless unless you’ve stored up a Blood Punch
      The Marauder
      Enemies with weakpoints, which realistically are their only vulnerable points
      Platforming: Fuckin Doom Guy got possessed by Mario’s hat. There’s even the fireball traps from Mario spinning around.
      WAY too much fuckin story. WAY TOO MUCH FUCKING STORY. And most of it is unskippable.

      Bethesda has been pumping it’s farts into the Doom Dev teams room. It’s the only answer. Thank god Microsoft bought them. But now we’re going to see a shitstorm like Doom Halo. Some cross over shit.


  2. Yeah, that also bothers me. I was really excited about Eternal, because Doom 2016 was amazing and ton of fun. For Eternal, it just felt wrong.. like I wanted to like it, but something was off. And this is exactly it. Maybe I am not as upset about it, but it definitely feels more like spin-off than Doom.

    But then again, thinking about it, that is Bethesda for you. I mean even with their main franchises, TES and Fallout, they were moving away from what they were one step with every release. Taking RP out of that G. And while Doom is developed by id, they are under same umbrella as Bethesda. So it makes one wonder how much outside influence there was… Still, I don’t hate the game, same as I didn’t Doom 3, but I just can’t say I have as much fun as with Doom 2016.

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    1. I’m upset about it because for year 2020 I only had two games I was excited about. Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077. So, you can imagine why I’m so angry and salty about it.

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  3. I agree, did not like the game at all. Doom 64 is awesome though, hope you can get the controls sorted out coz its a brilliant game.


  4. Doom Eternal is a chaotic fuck fest of never win! That is my best way to put it. If you can make it far into the game then you might want to get off your mom’s couch and get a job! This game is a full time job and a shitty one at that! Bethesda, you burnt the Doom legacy to the ground!


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