Dead Island 2 is Epic Games exclusive. Fuck you Epic.

Just finished Dead Island 1 and after hearing sequel wasn’t made by Techland, I was a bit excited, because this would mean no typical Techland bullshit in the game. Until I got a slap in the face with electrified bat, realizing it’s Epic Games exclusive and you can only buy it on Epic Games store. HELL NO! Uh oh we care about gamers and competition and yadiyadiya says Epic on every fucking occasion! Fuck you Epic. You fuckers constantly bitch how competition is unfair and how you so deeply care about gamers and then you always do this FUUUUUCK YOU “U” turn with these bullshit exclusives. Now I’ll have to wait how many fucking months for this thing to come out on Steam or god forbid GOG? It’ll be so long I’ll forget about it just like I did about Metro Exodus, another dumbass Epic exclusive that I forgot about and never played it afterwards and probably never will because this exclusivity shit annoyed me so much. I just don’t want to buy or use shit Epic launcher. It’s shit like this why no one likes Epic Games and their stupid launcher and it’s why I call everything Tim Sweeney says a complete bullshit lie. I respect him for developing excellent Unreal Engine, but he’s an absolute and complete ass when it comes to business side of things.

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