Fuck off with anti-piracy protection in games

Just installed Chronicles of Riddick Dark Athena on Steam after having it in my backlog for years. Finally decided to give it a go after completing Dishonored series and I liked the original Chronicles of Riddick, so what good way to continue stealthy action with this one. Even wanted to replay the original since they remastered it with newer Dark Athena’s engine.

Finally click the game to run it, and then this motherfucker comes up…


It’s a motherfucking Tages protection bullshit driver. Ok, what the fuck? Went to Steam to check what’s up if there are any comments on it or shit review bombs for this. Nope. The game isn’t even listed there anymore. Gee, thanks for releasing game with bullshit protection driver and then removing it from the game store without first fixing it first. Fuck you, fuck you all who do this shit. Now I’ll have to find motherfucking crack to pirate a game I own because I fucking bought it. Haven’t looked for a fucking crack for like 15 years and here we fucking are now in 2023. Where do I even look for fucking cracks these days…

This is the exact same bullshit I’ve been experiencing for years when WindowsXP was released. All the legit owned games that had SecuROM and SafeDisc protection baked into game discs simply refused to work because dumb protection driver couldn’t even work in Windows XP. This is some AAA grade assholery. This is why everyone hates this protection bullshit. Pirates get them cracked eventually one way or the other. All you do is fucking inconvenience and annoy users who actually fucking buy your motherfucking shit. Ugh. Fuck.

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