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Killing Floor 2 Tweaker 2.3 released!


2.3 (2018-11-09)

  • Added “Protect Key Bindings” feature to prevent unwanted random Key Bindings resets (sets KFInput.ini as read-only). Please report if controls still reset even when protection is enabled (changing Enhanced Dosh Throwing resets the protection!).
  • Added “Long Distance Detailed Shadows” under Graphics Settings. Makes shadows far away more detailed without the higher performance hit of the “Ultra High Quality Shadows” mode.
  • Few text changes

Visit Killing Floor 2 Tweaker micro page for download:

Killing Floor 2 Tweaker


Gab is back online!

After getting kicked offline by Joyent because Gab happened to have that shooter asshole among its users (gee, why no one booted Twitter and Facebook for having same retard among their users as well?) is now back online. It still has some hiccups, but it’s working. Will probably take a bit for it to become fully operational.

All this dicking around and pissing on Gab is clearly politically motivated because they did nothing wrong and nothing different than how Twitter or Facebook operate. And yet Gab is getting fucked in the ass on all possible ends, but Twitter and Facebook, nothing at all. Facebook even ran fucking white supremacist ads in the meanwhile which means they actually took money from someone and ran with it and they are just “sorry” now. Fuck off.

I hope this desperate censoring of Gab bullshit will ends soon. And kudos to Andrew Torbo for not giving up.

Express yourself freely on, a true free speech social network

Why Gab?

Tired of being punished for every word you say because some dumb snowflake gets offended by it? Tired of being endlessly suspended because some fucker doesn’t understand the concept of irony or sarcasm? Tired of “people of color”, “muslims” and “women” being this protected class of whom none shall speak ill? You just want to express yourself without some asshole constantly barking at you for being “too left” or “too right” of politics or if you just plain don’t give a fuck about it?

Well, then you might want to join GAB.

Gab is a social network which has a similar feel to Twitter, but without any of the censoring bullshit and hard left authoritarian lunacies (and without right ones as well). No one there will coddle your feels. In fact no one gives a shit about your feels. They give you the tools to build up your echo chamber by muting words and users or block them entirely if you want, but no one will run network wide “algorithms” to shadowban or censor others on behalf of your sorry ass fragile existence. I don’t even understand why Twitter has such tools when everyone apparently expects them to censor shit automatically and globally. It always pissed me off. Stop wrapping me in cotton wool, hit me with unrefined opinions of others. I can handle them. Instead dumb Twitter kept warning me about fucking “sensitive” content and if I really want to see it despite having all that shit disabled in the settings.

Banned from all app stores for crimes of free speech

The crazy left is so terrified of this notion that no one is controlling the speech on a platform that they had to go and literally ban Gab from both, GooglePlay and Apple App Store with an excuse of “hate speech promotion”. It’s so obvious what they did even Ray Charles can see it. And he’s blind and dead…

Install Gab from their official webpage (only download from there)

Android 8.x should ask you to allow installation of APK from unknown source when you try opening it, add the app performing the install to the exclusion (usually the browser itself or the File Manager of some sort) and install the Gab. No version available yet for Apple devices at this moment.

Spreading FUD about Gab to scare people from using it…

There will also be people who will try to convince you that Gab is a home of white nationalists and literal nazis. Well, that’s “fake news” as people like to put it these days. Yeah, at the moment, there are a lot of conservatives and people with right sided politics on Gab, because they’ve been suspended, banned and kicked from pretty much all major social platforms which are all owned and controlled by crazy hardcore leftists who are slowly but efficiently starting to eat each other already. But that doesn’t mean people with different opinions and politics aren’t welcome on Gab. Everyone’s welcome on Gab.

I’m not what you think I am for promoting Gab…

Reading this post you might think, damn, this Trump loving white dude must be a right winger for sure. And you’d be wrong. I’m slightly left leaning libertarian. Just few taps away from center. The dirty centrist basically. When you’re pissing everyone off, you’re doing it just right. Remember that.

I’ve dumped Twitter after getting suspended twice for stupid bullshit (of which some you could read here on my blog as well) and I was so fed up and pissed, I just deleted it all. And now I’m exclusively on Gab. I regret nothing, even though it’s still a bit quiet for now.

So, come on over to Gab and express yourself freely without having to worry some overlord on top will get butthurt and punish you over your opinions or words. It just feels so liberating in this crazy world obsessed with political correctness and censorship… |

pCloud, a reliable backup storage

After reading weird stories about MEGA, I’ve decided to look for alternatives to store my backup data. And after digging through piles of services that had crappy space, crappy limitations or ridiculous prices, like Degoo, tons of space, but only 75 day inactivity limit, which means it’s not reliable for trusty backup. Until I found pCloud.

Free plan with pCloud gives you 10GB of space, you can get extra 4GB by completing few tasks in your account and collecting the reward. And you can expand it further by inviting others. To make things more interesting, they offer 500GB encrypted storage for 4€ a month or 8€ a month for 2TB which sounds quite reasonable. I still miss a 1€ a month plan with 100GB or something along those lines. They also provide lifetime plans though it should be up to you to decide if they are worthwhile.

They also have Android app that surprisingly works well compared to others which are basically all wonky and won’t sync photos and keep on bitching about WiFi connection or just won’t sync unless you open the app which is stupid. MEGA had that idiotic habit… And it’s smart to sync photos somewhere if you have a phone without microSD, if it dies, you’ll lose all photos. With syncing, they are kept safe regardless.

And lastly, the provider is located in Switzerland which has very strict rules for privacy, I ain’t trusting Google Drive coz they like to stick their fingers in everything.

Get 10GB pCloud free by clicking the link below. Using referrer link gives you extra 1GB and I also get 1GB. A win-win for both:

pCloud link with referrer

Link without referrer:

pCloud without referrer

Give it a try. Free plan is quite generous, you don’t have anything to lose. If you have any better offer or provider, let me know down in the comments, but I couldn’t find any that comes close to pCloud.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Mega Pack (MVCRP) released!

I have released a Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Mega Pack (MVCRP) for the convenience of quickly installing all the Visual C++ Redistributable Runtime libraries in one go without silly downloading of each package and then installing one by one. MVCRP delivers ALL current Visual C++ Runtime libraries in a single package that gets installed in a sequence one by one. I’ve decided to still let users click things in them opposed to running them in Silent mode, but it’s still WAY faster than doing everything manually.

Original post with all the extra info and downloads:

Kaspersky Antivirus Free 2019 released!

Kaspersky Lab has just released their latest and greatest FREE version of their flagship product, Kaspersky Antivirus. And while half of the world is still panicking about Russian conspiracy bullshit, this one is a golden nugget. A really big one.

As you can see, it hasn’t changed much on the outside compared to version 2018. It’s still a very pleasant interface design.


What’s really new and exciting is what’s underneath the interface and you can see this in settings…


Granted, they have locked down the settings, but as an expert user, I believe their out of the box setup is great and doesn’t really need any fiddling with settings. Sure, I liked file heuristics at High sensitivity, but we gained System Watcher.

If you don’t know what System Watcher is, it’s an incredibly sophisticated behavior blocker capable of detecting malware based on behavior and not signatures. I’ve tested it several months ago and it was spectacular. Paired with Kaspersky’s KSN cloud, really good file heuristics and excellent signatures and we have a product that will seriously challenge pretty much all existing free antiviruses like avast!, AVIRA, AVG, Panda Free and Bitdefender Free. It’s REALLY good and while I’m an avast! aficionado, but I really like this new Kaspersky Antivirus Free 2019. It just works out of the box.

Give it a try, you might be surprised how nice it is.


General Download (Select “The European Union” because others still serve 2018 version).

Direct Kaspesky FTP download

John “TotalBiscuit” Bain has passed away after long battle with cancer

I’m a bit lazy recently with the posts, but I think it’s worth posting this as gaming industry and gaming community has lost a great man. John Bain, also known as “TotalBiscuit” online and among gamers has passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer.

John Bain (TotalBiscuit)

I’m not going to pretend I was his biggest fan, especially after his rather crazy outbursts about politics from not that long ago, but if you’re a normal person, it’s something you forgive, we all have some nonsense we agree with that others disagree, but I have to give him mad respect for his rigorous standards when it comes to game quality and integrity. He’s also the one who started the movement to rate games on basic quality metrics like framerate lock, FOV (field of view) locks or lack of controls, limited resolutions and other technicalities that make game experience a chore instead of enjoyment and which are often not met by game developers. He was really vocal about this stuff and I respect that a lot since all this stuff drives me crazy on regular basis in games.

I kinda loved watching his reviews where he ranted about all the wrongs and goods about specific games and he was the only other reviewer next to AngryJoe that I always took very seriously when it came to games. We kinda had the same quality metrics so if he said the game is done well, I could be assured I’ll have a great experience. Last biggest such game was Killing Floor 2 when it just launched into Early Access on Steam. He played it as the first reviewer in the world and his commentary gave me an insight if it’s worth getting or not. I was already a fan of Killing Floor 1 at that time, but I needed a confirmation from him whether I should jump into KF2’s Early Access or wait for final release. And the game was amazing experience from day 1 of public release, just as his experience was during the demo with KF2’s developers. I guess I’ll kinda remember him every time I’ll play Killing Floor 2 again now.

TotalBiscuit, may your final resting place render at 8K, at unrestricted framerate and with FOV as wide as you desire it. You were a fighter to the very last day, like a proper gamer who never gives up. I’m gonna miss his silly Britishness a bit. Rest in peace man.