Gigabyte G27Q custom crosshairs pack

Some time ago I’ve bought myself Gigabyte G27Q monitor and it has a neat feature to create custom virtual crosshairs that act like an overlay. Main benefit is that you don’t need to create a rendered overlay or inject anything into games, making it friendly for online games as it’s entirely undetectable to anticheat systems. And can also be useful for single player games because it’s just so simple to enable and will work with any game. Sometimes games just have rubbish in-game crosshairs or you like to complement existing ones with custom one. Usually Diagonal one works well since it can fill the gaps of built-in crosshairs and can function as a guideline for example when character in game is sprinting and games usually disable crosshair. This way you always know exactly where you’ll be aiming when you stop sprinting for example. Call it cheating if you want, but it’s useful. We used to paint dots on monitors back in the day when none of this was available so why the heck not 😛

Since Gigabyte OSD Sidekick allows exporting of crosshairs, I thought, why not release them if anyone else wants them. So, here it is 🙂


You need to connect your Gigabyte G27Q monitor with USB cable and install Gigabyte OSD Sidekick. Then you can easily import these through OSD Sisdekick app. Or even create your own. Might even work with other Gigabyte monitors that have custom crosshairs support, but that is untested. If it doesn’t work, you can use the screenshots of crosshairs above to recreate them yourself and modify them to your liking.

5 thoughts on “Gigabyte G27Q custom crosshairs pack

  1. Thanks man, no one else has any. I know this isn’t a lot of them but it’s cool you uploaded them.


    1. You can technically offset it by drawing it to certain offset in the crosshair designing tool. However, that will then be applied to all games the same. I’d suggest just using ReShade and using “Layers” shader. You can draw anything you want and it’ll be permanently displayed over your game. Including entirely offset crosshairs or pretty much whatever you want that you don’t have to then bake into the monitor.


      1. The OSD sidekick allows having the crosshairs overlay on console (PS5 or Xbox) which is what I need. ReShade only works over PC games.

        MSI has a similar system but theirs can be moved freely. It’s kinda frustrating that something seemingly simple and obvious is not available.

        Still looking for options tho… Thanks for replying.


    2. Dude, I have the same
      Problem on Xbox. There is now way to move the crosshairs which is dumb. You can make a custom one all the way down on the template but that’s as far as you get.


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