Legacy WinAmp resurrected from the dead with latest version 5.9 !

It has been years since Winamp was a thing, but it seems it’s slowly coming back. No, it’s not the all new redesigned Winamp, but hey “just” (it actually happened in July 2022 but I somehow missed it) released latest version 5.9 that is still good old WinAmp, but with fixes and improvements for modern operating systems like Windows 11.

One of biggest pros of WinAmp was just absolutely wild library of skins and plugins of all sorts. From crazy high quality input plugins like Shibatch’s mpg123 to DSP processors and all sorts of wild output plugins that supported features no other player could. Like for example ASIO output, OpenAL output, WASAPI output way before it was a thing elsewhere and to insane audio enhancing plugins like QO Lab’s AudioBurst FX. Outputting audio to my Sound Blaster AE-9 with all the goodies at 32bit 96kHz makes music sound sooooooo sweet again even though input is same old MP3 format. Very nice.

WinAmp official download:


You can find a lot of old skins and plugins here:


I’ve also been providing a full mirror of the latest official WinAmp plugins and skins here:

My mirror of latest plugins and skins

QO Lab’s excellent upsampling audio enhancing plugin:

QO Labs AudioBurst Studio Sound FX

Updated ASIO Output plugin:


Updated WASAPI Output plugin:


Been using it for few hours and it’s actually still a very good player. Mostly because of plugins that are still being developed by many people.

Enjoy the nostalgia! 🙂

1 thought on “Legacy WinAmp resurrected from the dead with latest version 5.9 !

  1. Legacy Winamp was already resurrected and improved by the WACUP project.
    Wacup already has far more to offer in the way of fixes, updates and enhancements, such that it is doubtful the official version will ever catch up.
    Winamp is not going to add support for competing streaming services, while Wacup already supports youtube, bandcamp, soundcloud and others.


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