Anti-fraud service Eye4Fraud hacked

Apparently this service got hacked per recent news. What’s the biggest irony is that they were suppose to keep customers safe from fraud and now, what I can only assume, their pure incompetence resulted in leak of over 16 million customer accounts information. This includes customer e-mails, physical addresses, phone numbers, partial credit card numbers and more.

More can be read here:

Adding extra insult to injury, users can’t do anything about it because they are some 3rd party no one asked to collect user data got all the user data and no one even knows what websites use this service behind the scenes. You may get a notification that your personal information was compromised in a security leak, but you pretty much can’t do anything about it because some unrelated 3rd party fucked up. Slow clap Eye4Fraud.  You may just as well go bankrupt at this point, given that you failed at very thing you exist for…

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