Bitdefender Free antivirus resurrected because of concerns over Kaspersky’s ties to Kremlin

You may have noticed Bitdefender discontinued Bitdefender Free with beginning of year 2022. However, things changed as war in Ukraine happened and more and more concerns rose over Kaspersky’s ties to Kremlin. A lot of people are ditching Kaspersky in fear or just out of protest. Bitdefender, a Romanian security company decided to bring back their popular free solution for everyone who want antivirus protection, but can’t pay for full program or simply don’t need the features paid versions offer, particularly for those who ditched Kaspersky. I don’t know if that was their official statement, but it was clearly a motive to fill in the gap.

I present you the all new Bitdefender Free antivirus…


At first I wasn’t interested if they just brought back the old one, because it had so many issues and bugs they never managed to fix, that I just wasn’t willing to even try it. But then someone posted a screenshot that got me interested. It’s a complete redesign and from the looks of it, this alone fixed a lot of issues that existed before after I actually tried it.

It can still be just install and forget just like the old free version, but now you have some more settings under control and also no issues that I used to have before. Still requires registration, which is a bit annoying, but oh well, it’s free and can be used on 3 systems by 1 user.

I don’t think using Kaspersky is an issue, particularly if you’re a regular user and not a company or organization. But still, if you have concerns and don’t want to use anything else, Bitdefender has always been good performer.


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