Ms. Male Link


Oh my fucking god, you people are the most inconsistent bunch of whining motherfuckers I’ve seen in my whole fucking life.

They first demand women to be main protagonists, company pleases their sorry whining asses and introduces a female protagonist in the desired game. Seconds later, same fuckers are whining how the newly created character is just a “Ms. Male” character and not really a new female character.

Of course it’s a Ms. Male character you dumb retards, you demand a gender swap in an existing universe. Which means you’ll just get a female version of a male character every single freaking time. Fucking morons.

That’s why we are constantly bitching at feminists to create new unique universes with unique characters if they are so god damn smart at demanding shit. But they are without any kind of inspiration, imagination and ideas so they are incapable of making one. All they know is whine and force gender “reassignments” of existing characters which will always lead to Ms. Male trope bullshit. For fucks sake.

Also an interesting fact, I never owned a Nintendo console. PlayStation 2 yes, but nothing from Nintendo. Played Mario 64 using emulator on PC and Banjo Kazooie on N64 at friends place, but that was it. Long story short, I’ve always thought Link was in fact a girl. It was this petite figure with short hair that kinda looked feminine. And name “Link” doesn’t necessarily mean a male character. So, I really don’t get it why feminists are whining about it. But they always have to whine about something, right?

2 thoughts on “Ms. Male Link

  1. Link is also a rather sissified protagonist and completely unassertive as a male despite being surrounded by ladies who want to jump his bone. I’d only ever played the old-old zelda games, and saw the cartoon as a kid; now that I’m actually playing Ocarina of Time, I’m taken aback by what a lousy and uncompelling hero link is. So yeah, go ahead and make him a girl. By fundamentally changing our expectations of Link, we’d end up with a more likable character (sort of like how maybe Wesley from Star Trek might not have been quite as terrible if he’d been cast as a girl, since the part was original written for one).


    1. You do know that Link is not a character, but a blank slate so the player can project itself into the character, right?

      If you feel that Link is a sissy and uninteresting character, then I have some bad news for ya…


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