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Modern feminism makes no sense at all


This little gem here are feminists protesting the ban of “burkini” crap, I assume in Europe since I know France has already passed a law that bans it. You know, that oppressive piece of garment enforced by islamists as “choice” for muslim women? Yeah, that one…

Love the hypocrisy of galactic proportions and lack of any kind of logic by feminists here. For two reasons…

1. Try being dressed (or shall I say undressed) like this, protesting anything in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria or Saudi Arabia. I can only say: “Good luck with that.” But muh oppressive patriarchy in the west…

2. Love that “Fuck patriarchy!” sign. What’s most ironic about it is, they are saying that, while in the same fucking moment DEFENDING patriarchy by demanding burkin to be unbanned. Islam is a definition of patriarchy and these retards are defending it while holding a “Fuck patriarchy!” sign. How fucking monumentally dumb you have to be to do such a thing? Then again, we are talking about feminists, so literally anything is possible.

Ms. Male Link


Oh my fucking god, you people are the most inconsistent bunch of whining motherfuckers I’ve seen in my whole fucking life.

They first demand women to be main protagonists, company pleases their sorry whining asses and introduces a female protagonist in the desired game. Seconds later, same fuckers are whining how the newly created character is just a “Ms. Male” character and not really a new female character.

Of course it’s a Ms. Male character you dumb retards, you demand a gender swap in an existing universe. Which means you’ll just get a female version of a male character every single freaking time. Fucking morons.

That’s why we are constantly bitching at feminists to create new unique universes with unique characters if they are so god damn smart at demanding shit. But they are without any kind of inspiration, imagination and ideas so they are incapable of making one. All they know is whine and force gender “reassignments” of existing characters which will always lead to Ms. Male trope bullshit. For fucks sake.

Also an interesting fact, I never owned a Nintendo console. PlayStation 2 yes, but nothing from Nintendo. Played Mario 64 using emulator on PC and Banjo Kazooie on N64 at friends place, but that was it. Long story short, I’ve always thought Link was in fact a girl. It was this petite figure with short hair that kinda looked feminine. And name “Link” doesn’t necessarily mean a male character. So, I really don’t get it why feminists are whining about it. But they always have to whine about something, right?

1st World Equality Problems on Facebook


Oh my god, I think humanity is reaching new heights of stupidity. Correction, feminism or even more correctly the nazi regiment of feminism is so concerned over everyone’s equality these days they are now concerned over… wait for it… wait for it… wait… Facebook icons.

No, I’m not even fucking kidding. The feminazi armada forced Facebook into changing friendship or whatever icons (I hardly use Facebook so don’t blame me). These fucking narrow-minded assholes got offended and butt hurt over the fact that a woman is standing BEHIND the man and is also slightly smaller. Because you know, fuck the distance/perspective relationship…

And check this which I just noticed while typing this, they placed woman to the FRONT now. It wasn’t enough to just make female icon same size, no. That’s never enough for the feminazi dictator fucks. The woman has to be in the front. Because feminism is always concerned about equality you know… Except when women have more of this “equality”, at which point it doesn’t bother them the slightest… But god forbid a man being in the forefront or having slightly larger icon. Because you know, we can’t let no patriarchy be portrayed anywhere. Coz muhsoggyknee and oppurrressioh…

At this point I should go mad like feminists do all the fucking time and demand that none of the icons cover each other, portraying perspective where one would always be behind another and instead demand that they are placed side by side in absolute perspective symmetry. But no, I won’t, because I don’t fucking care. I’m not a mentally challenged fuckwit who is so psychotically obsessed over everything gender related to demand something this pathetically trivial from anyone. But I’ll just tell you this people, the feminazis will not just stop at this. They never do. You’ve seen what they did with “manspreading” nonsense. It went so far metro authorities actually posted those signs on metro stations and in metro carts. Feminazis are turning human race into degenerates. They are projecting their retardation upon this world and if people don’t slap them in the face soon (and hard), everything will go to shit.

This isn’t about equality anymore, this is exceeding all healthy levels of being concerned over equality of women (or anyone for that matter). It’s just fucking unhealthy. Fight for real equality issues, I’ll gladly cheer for that, but wasting everyone’s time on such petty idiocy as tiny graphics on some webpage? Really 3rd wave feminists? You’re wasting time and resources on this kind of shit!? :slowclap: No wonder everyone is taking you as lunatics, because you are. But the lunatics are still running the show. Why, I don’t know…

TRIGGER WARNING: Strong language and concentrated misogyny. Fuck you feminazis, that’s why I’ve placed it at the end.

Saving Private Badger

This will be a collection of evidence regarding unjustful ban of the Honey Badger Brigade from the Calgary Expo. If you have archived links, images, recordings, anything useful, please provide them either here or through my Twitter.

First news about the incident:

Response from founder of Honey Badger Radio, Alison Tieman:

Full recording of panel at which Honey Badger Brigade supposedly caused the horrible interruption (from 18:30 onwards):

CalgaryExpo claims Honey Badger Brigade didn’t register as Honey Badger Brigade even though CalgaryExpo still lists them under this very name!


“Infiltration” promo message from Honey Badger Brigade heavily misunderstood:
What this message says is that they ARE those nerds already and that they are planning to “infiltrate” the Expo through years and years of training as these nerdy games, movies and comics lovers. CalgaryExpo representatives apparently have a broken sarcasm detector, because they took it as a real hostile infiltration of someone who is pretending to be all that just to get in. Somehow…

Photo of the “offensive” Honey Badger Brigade booth:

How is standing against censorship and having “ethics” written on a banner offensive? How is GamerGate logo offensive? Since when has standing up for ethics an offensive thing?

Some idiot (it turns out it was Calgary Security staff) called police on them after they were already kicked out of the Expo while they were chilling in a nearby park (raw footage):


Men’s Rights Activism isn’t a supremacy evil cult

There is this negative association with MRA or Men’s Rights Activists floating around. When we talk about feminism (before the 3rd wave nonsense era at least), it is always taken as something good, a movement to resolve injustices towards women. Everyone cheers and applauds (with jazz hands) when we talk about feminism. And I agree. If there are issues, they need resolving. I respect that.

But things change dramatically when we switch the sides and introduce men’s rights movements into the conversations. And I didn’t really pay much attention to MRA’s messages (and I’m a man!) until feminists started throwing shit at them for merely existing and that’s when I really noticed them and seen that MRA messages and raising of awareness regarding issues that men face in real life go far beyond manspreading, mansplaining, man taking a piss standing up and other feminist bullshit they come up with lately. You know, all those really dumb petty issues for which you facepalm every time you hear them coming from feminist mouths…

Apparently there is this belief that MRA’s are these male supremacist shitlords who want even more privilege on top of all the privilege they already have (you know, the patriarchy). The reality is, there are in fact issues, serious issues men face and no one seems to give a flying fart about it because it’s “just” men. That’s rather sexist, discriminatory and simply filled with bigotry…

MRA try to raise awareness regarding problems like child custody bias in favor of women, forced child support even if the child is not even a genetic offspring of that man, male genital mutilation (circumcision) which is still not illegal unlike female genital mutilation, prison sentences that are drastically higher for men for the same crimes, rape laws where men can’t even be raped by a legal definition (to my surprise USA has changed that in 2012 I believe, but other countries still haven’t done that), very high suicide rates among men compared to women, work related deaths, high rates of homelessness among men and so on. Here are just few examples to get a taste of it, you can read more of them here:

Men’s Rights Movement Wiki

Now, if you look at the list, these aren’t some childish moronic issues like manspreading. They also aren’t about male supremacy, they not even level them with women in many cases, they just present them as stand alone issues that need resolving because they are affecting men exclusively or predominantly in a negative way. These are real struggles and issues men face and while I might not yet been affected by some of them or may never be affected by them in my life time, I’ve seen them happening around me, especially those around child custody among few others and that by itself is the reason why everyone should be open-minded when it comes to messages spoken by the MRA’s..

Don’t be one of those bigots and haters who attack MRA’s just because they are MRA’s. If you’re a feminist preaching about equality and then you decide and go and protest in front of one of the only two MRA centers in the USA (I think this is the right number), please stop and rethink your life values. Because you’ve fucked them up entirely. If you expect equality feminists demand, be a decent human being and allow MRA’s to present their observations, findings and other things related to male gender.

Why is there always this need for hostility towards MRA’s and the need to treat anyone who even slightly agrees with MRA’s like shit? Sure there are lunatics on both sides of the spectrum, but why don’t women present their issues and men present their issues and then we try to resolve them in relation to each other in a respectable way? I mean, isn’t that how you achieve closest equivalent to what equality should be?

Long study concludes, games do not cause sexism

Study title:
Sexist Games=Sexist Gamers? A Longitudinal Study on the Relationship Between Video Game Use and Sexist Attitudes.

Link to the abstract of this study:

Department of Psychology, University of Cologne , Cologne, Germany .

From the oversexualized characters in fighting games, such as Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden, to the overuse of the damsel in distress trope in popular titles, such as the Super Mario series, the under- and misrepresentation of females in video games has been well documented in several content analyses. Cultivation theory suggests that long-term exposure to media content can affect perceptions of social realities in a way that they become more similar to the representations in the media and, in turn, impact one’s beliefs and attitudes. Previous studies on video games and cultivation have often been cross-sectional or experimental, and the limited longitudinal work in this area has only considered time intervals of up to 1 month. Additionally, previous work in this area has focused on the effects of violent content and relied on self-selected or convenience samples composed mostly of adolescents or college students. Enlisting a 3 year longitudinal design, the present study assessed the relationship between video game use and sexist attitudes, using data from a representative sample of German players aged 14 and older (N=824). Controlling for age and education, it was found that sexist attitudes-measured with a brief scale assessing beliefs about gender roles in society-were not related to the amount of daily video game use or preference for specific genres for both female and male players. Implications for research on sexism in video games and cultivation effects of video games in general are discussed.

Bottom line?
While we don’t have access to full study (yet), the abstract of this peer reviewed study from a reputable German university clearly explains that games do not cause sexism regardless of genre of the games, gender of players or the play time amount.

Dear Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh and other pseudo science “games cause sexism and misogyny” bull manure scammers, this is what we’ve been saying the entire time. Stop spreading lies, because no matter how many studies they’ll make, the conclusion will always be the same. GAMES ARE NOT THE REASON FOR SEXISM.

Cheating is NOT rape!

I’ve had an interesting chat on Twitter with a person who clearly thinks cheating your girlfriend is rape for that other girl.

The notion of this claim was that if someone already has girlfriend and has sex with another girl while claiming to this other girl that he is single, this in her eyes equals to rape. She called this “rape by deception“. You may want to read cases on that link and see how they are different from this one…

Now, of course I questioned her on what level does this qualify as rape and unfortunately she failed to deliver any real logical answers. She just made some more wild claims that making this other girl pregnant is also rape. LOL 😀 If you conceal an existing relationship, how exactly does this change anything for your current cheating sexual intercourse? It doesn’t if it was consensual. Also, where would it fit if you’d tell that other girl that you are in a relationship and she’d just say: “I don’t care” and still have sex with you? What would that be then?

Is it immoral/unethical to cheat on someone? Of course. Would I do that? No, because I think cheating on someone is a really crappy thing to do. But is it rape? No. If the sex with that other girl outside of the existing relationship was consensual, the fact that you already have a girlfriend (and that you’ve concealed that fact from her), doesn’t equal to rape on any level. If this other girl gets pregnant, again, if the sex was consensual, that’s your own problem to deal with, because it sure will complicate things, but still ISN’T rape.

Jesus, 3rd wave feminists, stop teaching young women this nonsense. Teach them what rape or any other real sexual assault really is and how to prevent or deal with it so that real offenders get locked up for long time. Also please teach them what “rape by deception” really is, because some apparently don’t understand it at all. Having a consensual sex while cheating on someone is NOT rape.

Why We Must Take Action – Rant on Modern Feminism by Mercedes Carrera

There is not a single point I disagree on with her. That’s how things stand in the modern feminism era, this very moment we are living in. Some fictional threats made on stupid social networks by bored kids are of higher priority than actual rape victims. Feminists will support you, but only if you’re the right kind of woman. Well that’s really nice of you… If you aren’t the right kind of woman, you get ignored and dismissed as nobody important, And I have a great suspicion it’s this way because of Cytherea’s career as a porn actress. She’s a woman and a human being for Christ sake, she deserves to be treated like one regardless of her work. Cytherea’s assault wasn’t even covered by any general media outlet. Just Google it. Like it didn’t even happen. And on the other side, you have all these professional victims claiming how terrified they are over some fucking tweets and unverifiable rapes that most likely never really happened, with tons of media coverage on TV, internet, newspapers etc. Like Mercedes said, wake the fuck up!

And while it’s horrible to get raped randomly somewhere outside of your house, imagine how horrible it must be, if it happens in your very own home. When even your own place which you think is a safe haven, gets violated. And not just that, there were kids and husband who could just helplessly observe the whole thing. Imagine how traumatizing that has to be for the entire family. There just aren’t words that can properly describe these despicable acts and the trauma they had to go through.

While Mercedes’s main focus was on feminism and Cytherea in the above video, it also brings in the GamerGate to some extent as she went to rant about it, because the very same general media that refused to cover Cytherea’s assault has derailed the entire GamerGate movement into the whole “gamers are sexist, misogynistic rapists” nonsense, glorifying these “social network victims” and ignoring actual real victims. Sure I don’t support harassment over the internet, but for fucks sake, stop blowing it out of proportions. If you can just block that annoying person, how is that a horrible traumatic event? Cytherea had no BLOCK button when those psychopaths attacked her in her own home. A very different cases aren’t they?

And what was the most heart touching (along with Mercedes’s speech) was the way how GamerGate community responded.There was an already ongoing fundraiser made by Joclyn Stone (you can still donate till end of March 2015) for Cytherea, so not a GamerGate initiated fundraiser. Mercedes Carrera (as a GamerGater) raised a voice within GamerGate community saying: “Hey guys, here is my comrade worker from the porn industry who got sexually assaulted in her home, would you guys help me get her back on her feet?”

The response from GamerGate community was incredible. I think it was under 24 hours, when the fundraiser was successfully funded and is still going strong. And the most vocal anti-GamerGate, pro-women feminist opposition that supposedly helps women just went to full radio silence and did NOTHING. I know this will sound like we are trying to take advantage of Cytherea’s horrible event to boost GamerGate voice, but the general media only prefers to make sensational news on negative accusations being thrown at GamerGate and gamers, but they conveniently forget to mention that this very same group of “misogynists” helped a real rape victim. FOR REAL. Among tons of other amazing fundraisers to help women and people in need.

We aren’t the bad guys, we are just gamers and a bunch of people who on contrary to general belief actually care about women and fellow human beings WAY more than media wants you to believe. GamerGate is still primarily a movement for ethics in gaming journalism, but since general media has mixed feminism and all the other nonsense into it, it is what it is now. I just have a strong feeling GamerGate will have to extend into ethics within general media journalism as well, because just like gaming journalism, it too seriously lacks ethics and moral values…

I know I just duplicated quite some points that were already made by Mercedes, but I just felt like I had to pour my thoughts onto “paper” using my own words. I also wish Cytherea and her family all the best and I hope she’ll get well after this horrible experience.

A woman to admire and look up to

As a part of GamerGate community, I’ve just learned an amazing piece of information that I’d otherwise miss. It’s about an amazing woman who is actually called that way. Amazing Grace or Grace M. Hopper. She was an US Navy Rear admiral and one of the most prominent women in the computer tech field. Just looking at the list of her achievements, awards and other accolades gives me the chills. She was bloody amazing indeed! They even named a navy vessel and a super computer after her! The list simply makes me speechless.

Only shameful thing is that not enough people know about her and women like her in general. Mainstream media should stop paying attention to attention whores on the internet and educate people more about women who actually achieved more than some of us men will (n)ever achieve in our entire lifetime. And the fact that I had to learn about lady Grace through the “hate mob” of the GamerGate instead of mainstream media is an indication of how messed up things really are in the media…

On the left is an example of a role model everyone should look up to and on the right, is someone who should be ignored unless they change their (over)privileged attitude… Celebrate successful women and don’t fear-monger young women with idiotic ideas that they can’t achieve anything just because they are women.