7-zip 15.12 released. This time for real.

I jumped the gun in the past for this program release. Twice in fact. Bloody stupid SourceForge not mentioning it’s not a final release. But oh well, have been using beta for ages and it worked great. Changes in version 15.12 are not drastic, but are well welcomed. After all, program is very minimalistic and I’m perfectly fine with it. Zero bloat, maximum performance.

It brings few interface changes ranging from cosmetic to prety big functionality changes, new graphics, better interface arrangement etc. It’s now also a lot easier to set default supported archives.

It also supports a lot of new formats, mostly containers like disk volumes and disc images, but also few actual new archive types like RAR5. Main compressor remains the LZMA2 which is still one of the best compressors in existence. It has almost the highest compression ratio despite receiving very little compression updates but was lately heavily invested in speed. Which makes it perfectly balanced compressor. It provides superb compression at actually usable speeds. Most others provide tiny bit better compression, but take like 300 times longer to compress same data. Not 7-zip!


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