Firefox 42 is coming, this time also in 64bit!

Along with many privacy and performance improvements, there is for the first time also a 64bit binary for the Windows systems. It’s still not 100% sure whether it’ll be widely offered on Mozilla webpage or just for those who specifically pick a 64bit version as an alternate option, but either way, I won’t have to wait for days and weeks for Waterfox to release a 64bit version of a 32bit browser anymore. It’ll be 64bit from version 42 on officially. I’ve been using 64bit version for the entire beta cycle and it has performed amazingly well. Twitter for example, it started stalling on high end system even after few scrolls down the page. With 64bit version, it takes quite a lot longer for this to happen. So, certainly very noticeable benefits.

It should be available on Mozilla webpage tomorrow, but if you can’t wait, here are the direct links for Firefox 42, 32bit and 64bit…


Firefox 42 (32bit, English)
Firefox 42 (64bit, English)

Firefox 42 (32bit, All languages)
Firefox 42 (64bit, All languages)

2 thoughts on “Firefox 42 is coming, this time also in 64bit!

    1. Well, the theory goes that it can use more RAM now, beyond 4GB, but clearly, seeing th massive ddifference how Twitter behaves on my high end system, it’s clearly a lot more than just that. Especially since it’s not using more than 4GB RAM while it is performing better than a 32bit version. What exactly is different, I don’t know since I’m not a programmer and while I do know some of the Firefox internals, I don’t know it deeply enough to know why 64bit version performs so much better.


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