GamerGate conspiracy documentary

Description with sources


As a gamer I feel obliged to share this with as many people as possible, because this is reaching new insane levels of corruption and attempts to abuse and ruin the industry I and millions of others love so much. Certain key people like Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu etc earning massive amounts of money through releasing continuous streams of false informations and playing professional victims and connecting themselves to GamerGate through things that don’t have anything to do with GamerGate. It’s disgusting and insulting to the entire gaming industry and gaming community.

It’s a bit longer, but eye opening documentary made by Sargon of Akkad, uncovering many of the very questionable things around GamerGate. I personally don’t know all the in-depth info, but Sargon of Akkad does, because he’s been closely following the whole GamerGate thing since the beginning and he is very devoted to uncovering things that just don’t line up.

Only thing that seriously bugs me is why news and media just directly believe these professional victim actors and con artists and don’t really check any inconsistencies, twisted “facts” and things that are out of place. What’s up with that!? Is media all of a sudden not interested in uncovering all the dirty secrets behind GamerGate? If you want money from attention, what better way it is to uncover all the filth behind it? We don’t want to attack these people, we want facts to speak for themselves and show what these people really are and what they are doing.

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