What is #GamerGate really about

If you’re a late joiner to the whole GamerGate fiasco, it’s best to simply watch this video from DJ Keemstar in order to easily understand it…

I don’t know why it took so long for someone to make a clear video trying to separate GamerGate issues from feminism issues. Because these two are absolutely incompatible in this very case. GamerGate was never about hatred of women or any sorts of gender issues. It was a call for ethical journalism in gaming industry. Example? Ever seen a stellar review of a game made by a popular gaming magazine or webpage even though the actual game was total crap? That’s what GamerGate is all about. A demand for gaming journalists to stop taking bribes and doing favors to game developers and publishers by producing biased reviews that skew the reality and portray games looking better than they actually are. That’s GamerGate. Nothing else.

The main problem is Anita Sarkeesian who dropped by and turned GamerGate into a feminism issue in an attempt to yet again play a professional victim and take profit from it. She played it once and managed to pretty much steal almost $160.000 and failed to deliver any content she promised for it. That’s all she knows to do and frankly, I’m not surprised if certain individuals do send her death threats after she got involved into the GamerGate. And I can feel their (gamers) desperation and lack of having any kind of voice to disagree with her and to show their disagreement to the world. So they resolve to using death and rape threats. I’m not saying it’s the right way to protest, but people use radical approaches when they are desperate. I frankly also don’t want her nonsense to shape and change gaming industry into abomination she wants. But I prefer to take different approach. By telling the truth. And the above video is also doing just that. So make sure you share it. Share it with everyone. The more we do it, the more people will realize what a scammer Anita Sarkeesian really is and what GamerGate is really about.

You may also want to share this video along the above one. It’s also important insight on what Anita is doing and how that is affecting GamerGate and gaming industry as a whole.


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