Twitter is a funny creature

Twitter_Funny_CreatureSince I was constantly bombarded by hashtag this and hashtag that, I went and registered an account. After half an hour of battling for a username I could actually use and wasn’t absolutely ridiculous, I finally soared into the world of tweets.

Needles to say, the experience was somewhat confusing if not just straight weird. It’s really more like a modern version of IRC where everything gets tossed into a single channel. Imagine 5 million people on a single channel all talking one over another. That’s what Twitter is and I was following just a handful of people. Everyone bombarding everyone with strings and snippets of information, when you reply to someone, you hardly ever get a reply back, with message characters limit you can hardly type anything meaningful, video content is stuffed inside messages as a link, images are cropped in the main page display until you click them, constant replying to wrong people because I forgot to remove the @person tags from the reply etc, total absolute chaos.

While I do like the fact that Twitter doesn’t insist on gathering all the info about you like Facebook does and that it’s fairly anonymous system, I still just don’t get it. Either I’m too old, too stupid or simply too used to forums and blogs to be able to constantly create content within 144 characters limit. And spam it like mad to stay relevant.

I’ll keep the account, but I’m not sure I’ll be participating much on it. I’ll just stick with good old forums and this blog…


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