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Falsely accuse and expect no retaliation…


I don’t understand how these fucking retards just don’t get it. GamerGate happened as a revolt against corrupt journalists and their unethical behavior and these retards keep calling us “harassment campaign” and “persecution cult”. Of course they just expect us to be nicely quiet about it while they piss on us. Newsflash Cory Dickrow, if you falsely accuse someone of being this horrible god awful person and they know they aren’t, they’ll retaliate. They’ll defend their name. What you calla dogpile is what we call defending our name and mission. Because dumb motherfuckers like you are the reason why our voices aren’t being heard and why we haven’t achieved as much as we hoped for.

For fucks sake, it’s been more than a year and a half and we have achieved very little because of these fucktards calling us quote unquote “worse than ISIS”. Gee, and they even have the guts to wonder why we strike back (frankly, I just think they are so deeply retarded that they don’t even get it).

No other activist group I’ve ever heard has received such treatment as gamers demanding something as simple as fucking ethical games journalism. It’s not much to ask for, but apparently gaming world is so rotten to the very core that everyone is resisting so much. Everyone is pissing on GamerGate “activists” if we can call it this way, everyone is gamedropping (pissing on GamerGate revolters in entirely unrelated news) etc. Why? This is such a retarded clusterfuck of nonsense it makes my head spin.

Just piss of all of you with the harassment campaign bullshit because it makes no fucking sense. And if we are so horrible with driving women out of gaming, rape threats and all that shit thrown at us, how come not a single women has actually left anything or been raped in a year and a half time GamerGate exists? And we are somehow worse than ISIS. Sure mate. Just keep repeating this bullshit. You may distract outside observers for a moment, but in the long run, it’ll just make you look like a total dick. Dickrow… Who even is this asshole? :/

Why Anti’s still hate #GamerGate?!

I’m not really sure whether this should be a question or explanation, but I found a perfect analogy for it…

The Origin

I’ve joined GamerGate around late October, very early November when I finally managed to catch up with what the hell is really going on. Back in August I was like what the fuck are they talking about, but 2 months later, I got the message.

And from the start, GamerGate was being attacked for all the hatred of women, misogyny and all that bollocks. When I joined, basically all the nonsense surrounding Zoe Quinn has dropped off the radar and people were really focused at dealing with ethical issues and dealing with crazy SJW’s. And things haven’t really changed much since. And neither has the narrative that gamers and even more supporters of GamerGate are all misogynist cis white neckbeard shitlords who hate women and want to drive them all out of tech. SJW’s built this narrative and stuck with it till this very day.

Anti’s hate us for our “original crimes”, the ones potentially committed during very start of GamerGate. Even though 99% of us involved in GamerGate now have nothing to do with any harassment or hatred of women or whatever when GamerGate emerged back then.

Literally worse than Nazis!

Do we still hate all the Germans just because some of them were Nazis who started the World War II like 80 years ago? No. Of course we don’t. Current day Germany has nothing to do with what happened in the past. You can’t blame entire nation for what happened under their “name” in the past. Especially if they clearly oppose and condemn what happened in the past and strive to change things for the better now.

And it’s the same with GamerGate. Except we’re still hated for what happened in the beginning even though people I’ve known for months have nothing to do with systematic harassment or hatred of women. You can’t blame entire movement for something that happened in the beginning and has nothing to do with what movement (GamerGate) is doing now and has been doing for months actually.

Majority of gaming websites changed, updated or created ethics policies, some even closed the doors because they weren’t up to the task. We had SPJAirplay, Deepfreeze.it database is online, hell, even FTC (Federal Trade Commission) enforced certain ethics changes based on GamerGate demands and recommendations. We’ve donated thousands and thousands of dollars to various charities to help women enter the tech as well as help fight bullying and various other misc charities like helping disabled female gamer fund a stair lift.

And yet all you’ll see (a year later!) at the end of the day is how some SJW asshole is screaming muh soggy knee (misogyny XD ) and pointing finger at GamerGate.

Please, remove your heads out of your own ass and realize that GamerGate has NOTHING to do with things that might have happened in the beginning regarding harassment and all that stuff.

We stopped blaming Germany for the Nazis, how about you stop blaming us for harassment already? Like seriously!?

This is how media is twisting reality and facts…

I’m really wondering how desperate you have to be to lie so blatantly about GamerGate? This is EXACTLY what GamerGate is against. Corrupt clickbait “journalists” with zero regard for ethics. And they say GamerGate is just a movement to drive women out of gaming and has nothing to do with ethics. Are you kidding me? So, here is the latest most obvious example of what people actually said and how media spun that to fuel their retarded fake narrative…

Media narrative…




Seeing such lame thing happen makes me wonder if these journos think their readers are retarded idiots? Apparently they think all of you are stupid if they try to feed people with such pathetic lies…

Look what we’ve uncovered…


Surprise, surprise, Jen Yamato is buddy with Devin “Sadam Husein” Faraci (the guy on the left). The angry neckbearded Anti-GamerGater… They are so hilariously predictable it’s not even funny anymore XD

Just keep on doing this and soon no one will want to employ you as a “journalist” except the hugbox clique… because GamerGate will uncover the truth and show it to the world.

#GamerGate SPJ Airplay – GamerGate on Ethics


So, as planned, SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Airplay happened on 15th August 2015 in Miami where GamerGate representatives talked about ethics in games journalism and mainstream media. And I think it was a huge success. Few things didn’t go as planned, but a lot did and we got the message out and showed all the unbelievers that GamerGate is in fact about ethics and not about harassment. We talked actual ethics with professionals like Ren LaForme and Lynn Welsh who live and breathe for ethical journalism.

I’ve waited for so long to post the info because we were waiting for the 3rd recording with good audio and it’s here and you can watch it now.

Abridged Cut of the live stream compiled and edited by @theLEOpirate

As expected, assholes posted a bomb threat. Actually, 10 of them. The first one came in directly to SPJ Airplay event and since security measures were done, it was dismissed as fake. The later ones were called in directly to the Miami police which force evacuated the event. But we are gamers, we don’t just give up and go home when someone threatens or challenges us. So gals and lads continued discussing ethics one block away from the Koubek building outside on insane Miami heat. Now that’s dedication!

3rd part recorded outside of Koubek Memorial Center after the bomb threat

Behind the scenes and afterparty documentary by Honey Badger Brigade

Uncut recording of SPJ Airplay live event:

SPJ Airplay Morning Panel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW2D-OPscw4
SPJ Airplay Afternoon Panel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nck57J7GcsI
Periscope live recording by Derek Smart after the bomb threat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLOLvokxE0U


Despite all the things and disagreements that happened with Michael Koretzky (the organizer and moderator of the first two SPJ Airplay panels) before the actual event, I’d like to thank him for bringing everyone together and making SPJ Airplay with GamerGate a reality. SPJ Airplay wouldn’t have happened without him and I thank him for all this. He was the first one to ignore all the bullshit harassment narrative and give GamerGate a chance to tell our side of the story and why GamerGate exists, because everyone else were shutting doors in our faces and censoring us. So thanks again Michael Koretzky!

I’d also like to thank morning panelists, Mark Ceb, Ashe Schow and Allum Bokhari, afternoon panelists Cathy Young, Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yannopolous as well as non-GamerGate side with Ren LaForme, Lynn Welsh and Derek Smart as well as everyone else present there but not named. Thank you all for taking your time to represent gamers and ethics and show the world what GamerGate is really about!

Update 2015-08-21
Added documentary video from Honey Badger Brigade

A GamerGate letter to University of Victoria

University of Victoria is hosting a “rather strange” subpage on their official webpage and I’ve decided to respond to them…

Click for larger image
Click for larger image

Thy are still hosting the webpage here:


And here is a screenshot in case they decide to make it “disappear”…


I have no idea if my letter will have any influence, but I just can’t sit here and do nothing while universities are brainwashing students like this and further libeling GamerGate consumer revolt as a “hate-group”.

And yes, at the end of the letter I did mention “USA” even though University of Victoria is from Canada. The clusterfuck of this misinformation comes from North America and Canada is there as well.

GamerGate harassment narrative nonsense


You’ve probably already heard about the GamerGate “hate mob” and a “harassment” campaign to drive women out of gaming. It’s copy & pasted all over the media, by the same media who is accused of being corrupt to the core. And people outside of it seem to just blindly believe it, otherwise this nonsense narrative about harassment of women would end 1 month after it started. But no, here we are almost a year later and the exact same bullshit is still going on like a broken record skipping at the exact same part, repeating it over and over again…

But, I’m wondering about few things that just don’t compute for me, but somehow do for everyone else who aren’t GamerGate “members”…

You are bunch of misogynists…

If we (GamerGate) are here to attack, harass and drive women out of the gaming, what the hell are we benefiting from it? What’s the benefit of being dedicated to harassment of women for 10+ months? The whole idea of this narrative is so stupid only a retarded amoeba could believe it…

So, lets assume we are really about harassment of women in gaming and we finally drive every single woman out of gaming. And then what? What the hell would you achieve by doing that!? How would that improve our lives or hobby? How does turning a fun, interesting and diverse hobby into a cis white male sausage fest “improves” things, somehow?

If we are only cis white men as portrayed by the corrupt media, then naturally we’d want women around, right? After all we are straight, right? No one wants a fucking sausage fest. Whoever thought of idea that gaming would be perfect if all you have around are dudes, then you’re either gay (nothing wrong with that, just saying) or you have absolutely no idea how straight male brains works. There might be moments in gaming when dudes just want to be left alone and be allowed to run around with erect dicks while ejaculating toxic masculinity, but for the overwhelming majority, guys want to hang with girls, have fun with them, enjoy their company. And guess what, that also includes games. Shocking, right? I mean, girls also want “girls only nights” here and there with no dicks flailing around where they can just do whatever girls do when guys aren’t around. But that’s certainly not how overwhelming majority of gamers want their gaming experience. Actually believing it is this way is just out of this world silly assertion…

You are bunch of homophobic racist bigots…

They have also thrown in that “GamerGaters” are homophobic racist bigots, because you know, calling us misogynists just wasn’t enough. Can someone at this point explain to me how exactly does a gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual person of any skin color affect me as a gamer when I’m playing, I don’t know, Counter Strike: Global Offensive online? Why would I care if an in-game teammate or enemy is a black transgender lesbian? If he/she/it/otherkin can play the game, I will not be able to tell the difference between them and a straight white guy. I’ve probably played games online with all these people without even knowing. I don’t ask people these questions, because frankly I don’t care just like no one cares who I am. We just play games and that’s it. Sure there are assholes, but then again, assholes are everywhere, not just in gaming. How is this narrative still standing, I have no fucking clue. I guess if you repeat a lie for long enough it becomes the truth…

You are bunch of trolls…

So, if we aren’t misogynists and racist bigots, we must be trolls right? Except, no… I’ve seen bunch of trolls in my life and there is NO troll in existence of this world that would be so persistent in harassment of people just for the sake of trolling them to be going on about the same exact thing for almost a year. Trolls can be persistent and annoying, but sooner or later even they get bored. Trust me, they do. Trolls need a moment of satisfaction from someone else’s misery and then they fuck off their own way. Asserting GamerGate somehow breaks the unwritten rules of trolling, you’re mistaken and you know it, if you’ve ever met a troll online. It’s just not in their MO.


And lets don’t forget mentioning all the people of different ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations gathered under NotYourShield hashtag who went so far to violate their own privacy in order to prove a point by presenting their own photo with a hand written message or a video recording, defending GamerGate and the fact that they are real people who aren’t cis white neckbeards. What kind of troll or harasser would go and expose his identity to the world like that? That goes against any logic. And if they say they are part of GamerGate, who the hell are you to say they aren’t and even have the balls to say they aren’t real with a straight face? Call them sock puppets even (yes, you Tim Schafer)!

Listen and believe

Ok, so we aren’t misogynists, we aren’t racist bigots and we aren’t trolls, we aren’t sock puppets, but we are diverse and we want ethical gaming journalism. Then what the hell are we?

Now listen and believe when I say it. We don’t care how it all started, what was the exact catalyst that ignited the chain of events that led into existence of GamerGate. That’s their thing to resolve. We are here for the aftermath, we are here because of all the things that were uncovered after that. We just want corrupt gaming journalists to be driven out of this industry. Either the easy way, by I don’t know, gaming journalists starting to behaving by the ethics code or the hard way, by shutting down their rotten outlets. It’s really that simple. And if you continue to accuse us of anything else, then you are part of the very same problem we are fighting against.

Stop being such a numb drone and start thinking with your own head. Because when you do, you’ll realize that all the accusations being thrown at GamerGate people make no fucking sense. At all.

Weaponizing charity


Congratulations, you have earned a spotlight on the This Tweet in Stupid.

Here, we have a guy who bases ENTIRE accusation of ENTIRE GamerGate’s guilt of harassment on WAM statistical research on Twitter harassment (pay attention, the research is not done specifically for GamerGate, however it specifically mentions it in some parts of the research paper).

It’s also laughable how he outright accuses all of us of being a harassment campaign and nothing else (like we aren’t already used to such slurs) through a research paper that he clearly doesn’t know to interpret and which also uses a lot of words like “alleged” and “could be”…


12% out of 512 alleged harassing accounts could be linked to GamerGate “controversy” (There is also explanation of these statistics done by a data analyst Chris von Csefalvay floating on Twitter). Excuse my ignorance but since when do courts convict or accuse ANYONE with “alleged” and “could be”? Oh, right, they don’t. So, just fucking stop it.

My response above linked this image to him, because he clearly doesn’t understand how hashtags on Twitter work…

GamerGateFAQI made this infographic few months ago. It explains what is a (GamerGate) hashtag and how it is absolutely impossible to moderate, control or police it. Anyone can Tweet “Die you ugly cunt” to someone and append #GamerGate hashtag to such message and people/WAM will count that as harassment done by GamerGate. And GamerGate as a consumer revolt movement takes the blame. For what? Because some asshole had too much time on his hands and he had to throw nasty words at someone and use our hashtag in the process? I’m on Twitter since only 2014 when I joined GamerGate and it’s crystal clear to me how all this works. And this guy is on Twitter since 2010 and supposedly worked for Palm and Apple. What exactly he worked on there, I don’t know. Probably bringing coffee to the technicians or something, because he has absolutely no clue how Twitter and hashtags work.

Weaponizing charity

And if you look in the third tweet above, his response to my infographic, he is yet again one of those derps who accuse GamerGate of weaponizing charity. GamerGate as a movement made several charities to help women in gaming industry (TFYC – The Fine Young Capitalists, they are also partially a reason why GamerGate started), helped rape victim Cytherea, we helped a disabled GamerGate member Shanon to buy a new stairlift, we helped other fellow GamerGaters when they encountered unexpected difficulties in their lives during GamerGate revolt and we also helped bunch of pretty much random charities just because we could. It was a way to laugh at Anti-GamerGaters while helping someone in the process. How the fuck is that a bad thing!? But nope, you’ll always find some asshole who will blame us for doing charities. At the end of the day, we helped animals (yeah we also donated for saving otters which are now an internal mascot of the GamerGate along with Vivian James) and fellow human beings of this planet through weaponizing charities and the assholes who opposed us basically just bitched on Twitter the entire time and they helped exactly NO ONE in the process. Fuck it. Yes, we weaponized charities and we are proud of doing it. We rallied thousands of people into donating for a good cause. So yeah, we fucking weaponized it. Deal with it.

Taking the blame

I also love it how this guy blames us for taking credit for doing charities (which is what Anti’s call weaponized charity) and also blames us for not also taking credit for harassment (allegedly) done by GamerGate. All I can say is hold your horses right here you imbecile. Charities were in fact initiated by US and we KNOW for absolute fact that we made them and successfully funded them in majority of cases. But you want us to take credit (blame) for harassment of some random assholes calling someone else a cunt and appending GamerGate hastag to a tweet? How motherfucking daft are you!? I condemn such behavior and I’ve never done it. Majority of people who I hang with in the name of GamerGate also follow the same principles. But fuck no, I will NOT take the blame for some retard with too much time who is trolling random people online. No. Just fucking no. Read the fucking infographic again. Fucking hell…

Actually it is about ethics in games journalism…


My mind was literally (yeah, I used that word) blown this morning after I’ve read this tweet. There are people who with a straight face believe #GamerGate is worse than ISIS and openly say that online. A fucking consumer revolt on the internet, WORSE than ISIS. And he congratulates ISIS for being honest at what they do. Enslaving women, beheading people, throwing gays of buildings and bombing civilian targets is totally praise worthy. *mind blown*

The reason why GamerGate is still portrayed so negative is constant and endless slandering of us in the press. Even the mainstream media portrays us in the same way gaming journalism did with “Gamers are dead, gamers are over” hit pieces. They just throw in word “GamerGate” because it generates clicks even though they are doing huge damage to us with such retarded moronic behavior. All of this could have been over back in October 2014 if we weren’t so negatively portrayed and everyone just fixed the fucking ethics policies and started to behave as stated in them.

If we aren’t for ethics, then what are we here for? Don’t tell me it’s “misogyny” and how we are after women and trans people in gaming industry. If you honestly believe that, you’re a mindless drone with zero autonomy. There are plenty of women in #GamerGate revolt and you fuckwits are the ones who erased them and dehumanized them down to sock puppets. How nice of you…

I’m just wondering why have pretty much all gaming websites updated their ethics policies? How did that happened in such a short period of time? By a fucking chance? Yeah right… It’s GamerGate that did that. We did that! And the reason why #GamerGate is still going is because websites that have updated (even partially) their ethics policies are still not following them as they should. And we will remain here until they do. Even if it takes several years. We are gamers, you don’t fuck around with our stamina and endurance.

And because #GamerGate, even though primarily consumer revolt for ethics, it also includes fight for freedom of expression and is against censorship. Guess why that is… Maybe because we are getting censored on all ends and portrayed in a negative way by the same god damn press that we called out on the ethics issues. And because then the mainstream media just copy & pasted their articles all over the fucking internet and then you mindless fuckers like this idiot reblogged and retweeted that even further. That’s unethical slandering and libeling. And because we will not tolerate censorship and fear-mongering of game developers and all the feminist bullshit being forced into games. We don’t want identity politics bullshit being forced into games.

That’s all that #GamerGate is about and always will be. And you comparing us to ISIS just makes you look like a total ass.

My view on the #GamerGate, a post on SPJ AirPlay 2015-05-13

I’ve posted this on Michael Koretzky blog and I think it’s worth reposting it on my own blog to give people a feel on some basics surrounding GamerGate…

My message below…

After ~6 months that I’ve been in #GamerGate (yeah, late joiner), I still don’t understand how people are so narrow-minded that they don’t understand few very basic and easy to understand things:

a) #GamerGate is a hashtag. A group of people identified under a hashtag that has no control, no moderation, no council, no tribunal, no restrictions, no logins, no identifications. Anyone can use it, anyone can abuse it.

b) No one is denying that there were bad things done on both sides, because of the a)

c) Because of a), we also cannot and will not take responsibility for all the trolls, doxers, serious harassers and so forth. We have and will continue to condemn anyone doing that, but to be honest, there are things that are beyond our control because of a). Block the trolls and call the police for the rest of cases.

d) No matter how it all started, at this moment, we are concerned over the outcome of it and that is, ethics in gaming journalism and that is what #GamerGate is currently and very seriously addressing with constant condemning of unethical journalists, deepfreeze.it website (which is still evolving) and now talks with the SPJ. If that is not a good enough proof that we are in fact about ethics, then I don’t know what is.

e) Questions regarding alleged lack of diversity in gaming and “gamers are all misogynists” is still on a table and as a gamer I will fight that (because it’s NOTHING like what I’m experiencing in 20+ years gaming history), but not on the SPJ AirPlay or in any other way related to SPJ, because this is not a concern for SPJ. Unless journalists are the ones who are calling half of their reader base misogynists without a single trace of evidence. In which case, it does become an ethical issue and does become a concern for SPJ. Which further proves #GamerGate has been and still is about ethics. You know, gamers are dead and all that…

DenverComicCon will kick out visitors with GamerGate T-Shirts

Ok, the shirtstorm, sorry, shitstorm is happening again. After fiasco at Calgary Expo and peaceful (but with the wrong opinions) Honey Badger Brigade was unjustly kicked out, here comes Denver ComiCon which will kick out or demand people to change their T-shirt if they’ll be wearing a GamerGate logo/insignia/slogans. You don’t believe it? Here is a Twitter screencap of user who asked official ComiCon Twitter account…


So, all these cons and expos are now banning and kicking out ANYTHING GamerGate related, because they’ve been reading Wikipedia too much on the GamerGate matters (hint, Wikipedia’s article on GamerGate is absolutely drowning in lies and false information)? Apparently. Because for fucks sake, GamerGate is about ethics in gaming journalism. And if you’re so fucking ignorant that after 8 months and several major victories and changes regarding disclosures, they are still going the “GamerGate is a hate group” bullshit. Really? Really Denver ComiCon?

And check this out. GamerGate logos and slogans are not allowed, but you can freely cosplay a Nazi soldier with swastikas and everything for extra authenticity. Because hey, Nazis were totally nice chaps right? Jews and 3/4 of the Europe might disagree but hey, who cares right, it’s the spirit of the ComiCon that counts…


Anyone feeling the hypocrisy already? It’s also so god damn ironic that all these conventions are banning everything related to GamerGate which is for ethics and against censorship and conventions violate/breach exactly that by kicking them out. Kicking out a peaceful visitor because his beliefs don’t align with someone else is hate and discrimination and they are positioning “double G gamepad” above Nazi Swastika on the hate scale. Are they mad on meth? Also sole act of kicking someone out because of that is censorship. Dear Denver ComiCon, you’re violating your very OWN policy.

Lets make a quick reminder what GamerGate has achieved so far…

GamerGate forced hostile and bigoted writers to quit big gaming journalism establishments, GamerGate enforced relationships and connections disclosures between journalists and developers, GamerGate has raised 6 digit in fund-raisers for various charities including feminist group that encourages and supports women to join game development (TFYC), we openly support minorities in gaming and game development with the help of a sister hashtag #NotYourShield, we openly support and defend game developers so they can freely and without restrictions create whatever content they desire and yet we, the GamerGate supporters are hateful people? C’mon, get your heads out of your own asses and open your eyes and stop listening to the general media who is smearing our reputation with lies and false information for 8 months and still counting. GamerGate is a group of people who has done so much good and yet everyone is portraying us as monsters and bigots and not a single person seems to question SJW (Social Justice Warriors) agenda when they stick their smelly noses into every single freaking thing in this world and want to ban it and censor it on every step. And these bigoted SJW’s are doing just that by infecting and infesting conventions with their narrow minded authoritarian minds, banning everyone and everything they even remotely dislike.

Organizers of the conventions, please stop listening to these SJW assholes and just allow people to wear GamerGate logos. I mean, we are the ones who support exactly what these conventions do and yet WE are the ones getting kicked out and banned. Sorry, I just don’t get your logic…