Sexist games

I’ve written about it on few occasions, like the latest Separation of Fantasy from Reality, but it seems I’ll have to extend things a lot further…

So, here we are again, returning to that circle of hell… My main question here is, what’s wrong with people like Anita Sarkeesian, those die hard extremist feminists that apparently have nothing better to do in their boring miserable lives than attack anything that is supposedly attacking their gender (which is female in 102% of times apparently and no, it is not a typo). If you go and look at her Youtube propaganda you just want to facepalm yourself to a mooshy pile of flesh and blood after watching it. Why you may say?

Well, I was greeted by her video analysing female content in games. And that’s basically all she does. Finding games and picking out things that fuel her extremist agenda and she plainly disregards everything else.

She’s bitching about depiction of women in games as sexist on every corner. Like marketing behind game Hitman Blood Money where they say in text “Beautifully executed” and depicts a beautiful (but dead) woman on a photo. And then there are also men pictures, a dead guy holding a cello instrument and a text “Classically executed”. And she has a problem with this, because the women were in a sexual poses and men were like whatever. You can’t depict a semi fat bald guy with a cello as “Beautifully executed”. Don’t you fucking get the game of words behind the marketing idea or you have a stick too far up your ass to understand it? My first reaction to it was: “Aaaaa, I see what you did there”. I didn’t even see the poorly dressed woman as a sexual object. I just connected the both themes and the words they used. And I left it at that. Unlike Anita which just goes on and pulls more of wild sexist “facts” and “proofs” out of her rear.

hitman_bloodmoney_commercialsOr how she has a problem with women depicted in game Bioshock. You know, those nasty looking splicers that once used to be women? A game where a utopian city went to shits because people there went all crazy with genetics to all possible extremes. But she has a problem with female corpses being displayed sexually in certain part of the game world and not the fact that the entire in-game world is one fucked up mess created this way with very clear purpose. To portray that very utopian underwater city where all social, political and civil laws and rules went out the window.

Because when I look at female splicers or female splicer corpses, all I really feel is…

bioshock2…yeah I’d bang that. Or jerk to it. Fap, fap, fap. Fap. /SARCASM OFF Just because it was supposedly a woman depicted in a sexy way. w00t…

There were countless depictions of male and female corpses throughout this game with sole purpose of shocking the player. If she feels a female corpse having piece of a stick stuck in their mouth is sexist, I guess that male character having Little Sister’s injection stuck in their balls is perfectly normal and not sexist at all. Right Anita? Riiight?

bioshock2_maleOr how an exotic dancer was killed in Mafia 2…

mafia2_shootout4236Mafia game is sort of historical recreation of the certain existing era when things like this were happening. But no, she wants to sugar coat it, stick her head in the sand and pretend it didn’t happen, never was and never will. You can’t place a dude dancing there and him getting killed the same way, because it would go against historical stuff of era in which Mafia game is happening. It just wouldn’t make any fucking sense. But hey, she’s being too damn narrow minded to even remotely understand it.

She only seem to have problems with women being objectified as some sort of side elements in the games, but completely and entirely ignores the fact that male characters in games perform the exact same role so many times as well. But hey, we’ll just skip that shit, since it’s not helping my extremist views and propaganda, right? Right?

Why can’t people just leave bullshit politics and extremist views out of the games, movies and other crafts and arts? If game designer decides to make a story where a woman gets killed as a side character, then so be it. If it’s one of leading characters, so be it as well. If they decide to make her with gigantic boobs, then let them fucking do it. It’s an art and yes, games ARE modern art. And art doesn’t always have to be politically correct, realistic or make everyone feel good or happy. In fact, most of the art was brought to life because of controversies or opposing views. If we all of a sudden won’t be allowed to express anything anymore, we’ll be stuck in this retarded boring reality. Which goes against the purpose of art itself. And that’s what people like Anita are trying to achieve. She doesn’t care about the ridiculously masculine men being depicted in various games and movies. Hey, me as a skinny guy, I’m being offended that only such masculine mega dudes can be protagonists. Why can’t be a skinny pale looking shy guy? But I’m not going out there bitching about it, because I know and am fully aware that it’s a made up stuff, fantasy, imagination manifested by the game designers to display us some sort of story or a product in the ways they wanted it. It’s what it is. She doesn’t display the murder of a character Hawk in Soldier of Fortune either as a shocker moment. He wasn’t all that important to the game story all things considered, so he kinda falls in the same level as that exotic dancer in Mafia 2. Only difference is that he has a name and that dancer did not, because the story didn’t tell us that. But maybe her name was, I don’t know, Jennifer. Would it make a difference if developers included that piece of info? And lets don’t forget how crazy muscled up Hawk is. She doesn’t care about that either. Not at all…

hawk_deathShe doesn’t display or comment the cringing of the male victims when you shoot them in the balls in the very same game (Soldier of Fortune). Hey, only ladies get hurt in games. Mhm. I’ve played Soldier of Fortune a lot and I don’t recall any special animation for female characters when being shot in the crotch/nether region (and yes, there were female characters), unlike there was for male characters (despite assuming women would react the same way if injured in the private parts). This game is so sexist, I assume with absolute accuracy that the entire team consisted of female developers. Hm. That’s the kind of conclusions Anita is constantly and repeatedly pulling out of her bottom.

I’ll have to repeat myself over and over again like a broken record for certain things. Games DO NOT reflect our actual lives. If you look negatively at them for every single fucking thing, of course you’ll get butt hurt by every god damn thing in them. Just like religious fanatics can find an answer for God in every bloody thing they look at. And I hate those kinds of people. They are so stuck in their own mentality point of view, they can’t see past their own ass.

In games, one time a woman dies, another time a man dies, next time there is this badass black dude and the other time it’s a perfectly sculpted shirtless white guy jumping on the screen and then I can see some tities (yay, tities!). Half an hour later I’m driving a 1 million € Bugatti Veyron and bashing cops off the road and in the next moment I’m a guinea pig (G-Force game, loved that game). Did I mention I was also operating a 80 ton mech as well and performing operations in WW2 and Vietnam war? Men playing as female protagonst. Are you maaaad? These are all games, products of someone’s imagination. Sometimes they hold on to certain historical details, but for the most part, they are 99% fiction. I love to experience all this diverse worlds, be it realistic or absolutely twisted and inhumanly creepy or crazy. And you want to take this away from me. Why? What have I done to you? What has anyone done to you for you to be such a Nazi telling us what we should or shouldn’t play?

I never had any problems of any kind of depiction of women in games. In fact I never really looked at it as a problem until people like Anita started pointing them out in their stupid attempts to raise some sort of awareness. Awareness of what? That all women are goddess and all men are trash? I’m a very open person and I can change my views if someone presents me valid arguments. I’ve changed my views on gay people, I’ve changed my views on religions and I’ve changed my views on certain aspects regarding women in our society as well as so many other things. Valid and reasonable arguments can be very powerful tools to affect intelligent people. But those people made valid points and when I started thinking about those issues, they made sense. But Anita’s kind of feminists are not providing ANY of the evidences to change my view. In fact they look utterly retarded from my perspective. I respect women, sometimes too much for my own good for which I won’t go into details, but what she is saying about depiction of women in games is absolute nonsense and rubbish, which was also provided in some examples above that contradict her claims within the very same games.

If one is a total douchebag to women, it’s not because he is playing what she calls “sexist” games, but because he simply is a douchebag. There is no other way of saying it for men who treat women like shit. But she throws all of us men into the same bin, like we are all the same fucking bastards. Should I generalize that all women are stuck up bitches like Anita? No, because I know 99,999999% of women are amazing human beings. And same can be said for the exact same percentage of men. But there is always that 0,000001%…

If I can daydream and imagine any kind of things in my mind, why shouldn’t I be allowed to do similar things in games if they are being provided to me? Who the fuck are you to dictate what are we allowed to play in games? Women also play games that she hates so much and they don’t give a flying fart about the topics Anita is complaining about. It’s just a game to them. Because unlike Anita, those women are smart, intelligent persons and not mindless brainless retarded zombies nitpicking shit for their, what it seems like a failed attempt at feminist world domination campaign. Those smart, intelligent women understand the games are just that, entertainment, fantasy, manifested imagination of someone who may just as well be a female game designer (Anita will of course pretend there aren’t any, because all game studios are sexist establishments).

So, why don’t you just leave us gamers, developers and games alone? If I dislike something, I don’t play that shit. I don’t go into wars against turn based games, because I dislike them and demand that only real-time games should exist. That’s what you’re trying to do Anita. So, just stop it will ya?

Seriously, Anita Sarkeesian, can I donate you a reality check? Because you are clearly unable to separate fiction from reality. There is one reality where we are in and there is your fictional “reality” where women are so horrendously oppressed in every single part of our society, industry, arts, games, business, everywhere. I mean, your reality must be fictional, because we aren’t seeing what you are seeing. And what is hanging between my legs has nothing to do with the viewing perspective on this matter.

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