Thx for the fuckup Microsoft

IMG_20141125_002510Gee, thx for this Microsoft, one of your latest updates is apparently fucking up my Windows 8.1 tablet (full fledged one, not the RT crap) and I can’t fucking figure out which one it is. I’ve even gone factory restoring the tablet and guess what, this fuckin’ shit still keeps on coming up. Not on my laptop that’s also running Windows 8.1 and not on PC that is running the same OS, but on god damn tablet where I can’t use Safe-Mode because the touch screen doesn’t work, where I have no direct access to the data drive, fuckin’ nothing. And most annoying thing is that it takes so frigging long for it to restore itself and rollback the update I’m starting to lose my patience. There is now only update from 2014/11/03 left on the list which I’ve unticked. Lets see what happens when I’ll try to install it later…


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