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Ellen Pao was not driven off Reddit because of misogyny

EllenPaoResignation“Misogynist tantrum officially drives Ellen Pao from Reddit”. Officially? Really Gawker? Offcially? It’s the same stupid nonsense happening again as it did with Tauriq Moosa, the Polygon “journalist”. Tauriq Moosa made some incredibly stupid comments on Twitter, pretty much destroying his own credibility and media quickly spinned it into harassment narrative because he was not white. They instantly turned it into a racial thing even though people calling him out didn’t do it because of his skin color, instead it was because of his own incompetence, stupidity and ignorance. This is getting so far out of control I’m calling it the “Tauriq Moosa Syndrome”.

And Tauriq Moosa Syndrome is happening again… All the portrayals of Ellen Pao like this…


…had NOTHING to do with her ethnicity or gender. Calling her out for resignation had nothing to do with any of it. There is no racism and no misogyny here. People were using these to carry a rather strong message (hint: dictatorship, totalitarianism etc). The censorship, the ignorance of voices of those who work on Reddit, all the idiotic decisions that only punished users and people below her on Reddit. That’s what it was all about. It was not because of her race, it wasn’t because she’s a woman, it was entirely because she is clearly incompetent for the given job. And like in every normal job, when there is such massive dissatisfaction as here, people demand resignation of such people. It doesn’t matter if people in question are male, female, white, black, Asian or whatever. People demand their resignation because they are not fit for the given job. It’s as simple as that. Or have you all forgot about all the sacked “privileged” white men in the entire history of human existence when they fucked up and had to resign or were forcibly removed? Everyone so obsessed with races and genders these days you’re all missing the real message…

Stop being such racists sexist bigots and look at why people demand their resignation. Stop reading stupid media that only cares about clicks and not about the truth.

The sooner you become your own journalist who actually does proper research on given topic, the better.

The mousepad of oppression

Haha, the moment I’ve seen this Tweet I just had to include it in my This Tweet in Stupid series. It’s glorious 😀

Cliff Bleszinski, the founder of Epic Games, the studio that brought us legendary Unreal game series and the widely used and popular Unreal Engine game engine has posted this on his timeline…

TTIS_MousepadOppressionIt’s a mousepad with anime girl who has squishy wrist support in a shape of breasts. Being someone who was selling generic black mousepads with same gel wrist support I found it funny and entertaining how they used anime girl and her tits on the exact same product to make it more fun and interesting. Unfortunately, not everyone share the same sense of humor as we do…

The outrage

Here is a lady who apparently genuinely believes that such mousepad is causing an oppression of women in gaming industry.

TTIS_MousepadOppression3Because you know, women who work in gaming industry are such fragile special snowflakes that they get offended by a mousepad with a fictional anime character with squishy boobs. And she doesn’t just stop there…

TTIS_MousepadOppression4Sorry Elizabeth, but if you get offended by a mousepad, then I don’t think you’d be able to get into any kind of industry. I’m quite confident that you already have a gender studies degree which is probably less useful than toilet paper to get a real job and secondly, grow a fucking thicker skin. If mousepad offends you, then I don’t think you can actually leave your home, because something might offend you. Like birds chirping on a tree. I’m pretty sure that would trigger you and ruin your whole day.

Stop talking like you’re the voice of ALL women. It’s you and you alone who is offended by this. I know many women who love “whatever shooty bro bullshit nonsense” and you do NOT speak for them. They find this mousepad with boobs a quirky comedy item. Some even wanted to have it after this. And people like CliffyB using them does not offend them. At all. They would gladly work on a desk right next to him using such mousepad.

The mousepad with squishy dude

I was joking around how guys wouldn’t get offended if it was a dude on a mousepad and the gel wrist support would be his manly bulge. And I wouldn’t. I’m 120% positive that men would just laugh. Or would find it a bit gay and simply avoid it. And then some guy actually posted a mousepad version designed for girls. It has a dude on it and his booty is a gel wrist support…

TTIS_MousepadOppression2Not quite a penis shaped gel wrist support that I wanted as an example, but I think it’s close enough. Should I get offended by it? Most certainly not. Should I boycott and criticize a female game developer who might happen to use it? Nope. Because I’m not a weak-minded fragile special snowflake. Stuff like this doesn’t offend me. It has ZERO effect on me. Sure it’s a bit gay (but hey, I’m a cis white male shitlord), but it would still make a good laugh regardless.


Nice Twitter user @The7thLevel supplied me with a mousepad that I wanted. It has male junk in front. Perfect. Now my balls and sausage can feel oppressed and offended so I can shill my Patreon (which I don’t have but it just sounds cool to say that 😀 ).

TTIS_MousepadOppression5This one with a dude is even more graphic than the one with a girl and boobs. Damn, stop staring at his junk… stop it… stoooooop!

Men made the world


Oh Joshy… Joshy… Joshy… I’ve posted an article few minutes ago and remembered you might have something “factual” for us. And you indeed didn’t fail to deliver.

So, it’s not factual and is even sexist you say? Lets jump to this lovely webpage over here that has the answers…

What is this?

MaleDominatedJobs_US_2011And this?


Or this?


Funny how real statistical data shows that men did in fact build this world. Literally. All the infrastructure, resources and construction jobs are absolutely dominated by male workforce. But damn this sexism, lets send more women into construction, roadways maintenance, mining, sewer maintenance, powerlines and powerplants maintenance, deep earth mining, oil rigs in the middle of oceans and all the other similar nasty back breaking jobs women so eagerly want to participate in, but never had the chance. Except they don’t. Even feminazis want nothing but nice, clean and fancy, air-conditioned office jobs, preferably as CEO’s, because fuck being a normal office clerk. Why is no one marching around demanding 50:50 quotas for all these civilization critical infrastructure jobs that also happen to be one of the nastiest and most difficult jobs on the planet? But no, these feminist fuckers want to take credit even for what men have worked and also died for thousands of years. Yeah, men build this world and they also died in large numbers in the process. And they still do… It’s luckily decreasing thanks to new technologies and more rigorous safety protocols. However, these are only death related statistics, imagine all the situations where men become disabled due to an injury. I have yet to see a woman with a missing finger(s), but I basically see men with crippled hands pretty much every day. And they are all with 99% certainty work related injuries…


I have no problem crediting women where credit is due and I’m well aware that society works the best when men and women work together, but men have in fact built this world, in a literal meaning of the phrase. So fucking what if men did in fact build this world!? No one is bitching when people say that women are the ones who give birth to our civilization, but god forbid saying that man built the world as we know it (infrastructure wise). It’s what that guy REVILIT also had in mind with that tweet. A LOT of men also raise their children and NO ONE is ever crediting them for it. It’s always mom this, mom that, taking care for children as a woman is hard work, blablabla. Why can’t you leave at least one thing alone and let it be credited to men, because they I don’t know, deserve it? You always have to “transform” it into your bullshit narrative about sexism and muhsoggyknee and how women are oppressed. Fuck you.

And then McIntosh even blocked the guy who perfectly politely disagreed with him. Yeah, you da man Josh. Ooooh-rah [manly roar]… What a douchebag.

Long study concludes, games do not cause sexism

Study title:
Sexist Games=Sexist Gamers? A Longitudinal Study on the Relationship Between Video Game Use and Sexist Attitudes.

Link to the abstract of this study:

Department of Psychology, University of Cologne , Cologne, Germany .

From the oversexualized characters in fighting games, such as Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden, to the overuse of the damsel in distress trope in popular titles, such as the Super Mario series, the under- and misrepresentation of females in video games has been well documented in several content analyses. Cultivation theory suggests that long-term exposure to media content can affect perceptions of social realities in a way that they become more similar to the representations in the media and, in turn, impact one’s beliefs and attitudes. Previous studies on video games and cultivation have often been cross-sectional or experimental, and the limited longitudinal work in this area has only considered time intervals of up to 1 month. Additionally, previous work in this area has focused on the effects of violent content and relied on self-selected or convenience samples composed mostly of adolescents or college students. Enlisting a 3 year longitudinal design, the present study assessed the relationship between video game use and sexist attitudes, using data from a representative sample of German players aged 14 and older (N=824). Controlling for age and education, it was found that sexist attitudes-measured with a brief scale assessing beliefs about gender roles in society-were not related to the amount of daily video game use or preference for specific genres for both female and male players. Implications for research on sexism in video games and cultivation effects of video games in general are discussed.

Bottom line?
While we don’t have access to full study (yet), the abstract of this peer reviewed study from a reputable German university clearly explains that games do not cause sexism regardless of genre of the games, gender of players or the play time amount.

Dear Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh and other pseudo science “games cause sexism and misogyny” bull manure scammers, this is what we’ve been saying the entire time. Stop spreading lies, because no matter how many studies they’ll make, the conclusion will always be the same. GAMES ARE NOT THE REASON FOR SEXISM.

Waiting in lines for toilets is sexist

I’m not even sure if feminists are serious or their entire lives are one big parody. Clearly, something with Leslie Nielsen springs to my mind when reading this load of nonsense…

Linky: http://time.com/3653871/womens-bathroom-lines-sexist-potty-parity/

It’s too long to quote in here, so click it over and entertain yourself. I’ll try to summarize it here though…

In an essence, men are yet again to be blamed for their share of every day sexism. Particularly for women who have to stand in lines to use a toilet. I was like, no way, I must be misreading this. Just to find out I wasn’t. They actually blame it on the men. Again. So, a museum has 6 toilets for men and 6 toilets for women. Architects usually do the symmetry magic, so chances are, that’s the case. You don’t mention how things stand, so I made these numbers up to portray the idiocy.

50 women were waiting in line for the lady toilet and the one for men was shockingly entirely empty (was it a dildo museum or something?). Now, how exactly is that anyone’s issue, especially men’s issue? No, the fact that women had to wait there in line was nothing short of sexist. Except, it just wasn’t.

I can’t grasp at how tough everyday life must be for feminists. It’s not just life filled with every day annoyances, no, their lives are not filled with obstacles either, judging by their constant whining and bitching, it must be a freaking battlefield for survival. And it’s not a battle against being disallowed to vote, disallowed to drive a car, disallowed to get a proper education, disallowed to leave a home without men’s permission, you know, those really serious violations of human rights that some women still don’t have in this time and age, no, the top modern western world women issues is freaking waiting in lines for a toilet and they are blaming it on us, sexist pigs, men. And I’ve just planted a palm of my hand through my forehead…

I know women tend to use toilet more often than men do, but for god sake, do we really have to install 6 toilets for men and 50 for women to satisfy these crazy feminists? Or is it that women somehow have this extrasensory bio proximity pee detection and when they sense another women who has to pee and in that moment, they also get the urge to pee as well? Can’t really find any other logical explanation for 50 women to clutter up together for a toilet at the exact same moment while being in a museum. Nightclub, maybe I’d understand it considering they are usually crowded and you probably drink a lot more than usual, but in a freaking museum? C’mon?!

I’m a man obviously, so I clearly don’t understand it, but would love to hear it from women, how these things work on their end. Because curiosity is just killing me right now… especially that extrasensory pee detection theory. Is it for real?

Sexual objectification of women

Yeah, one of those feminist things that just don’t make any sense to me…

Feminists are so terrified and offended of men “objectifying” women, for example how men objectify women on the street by thinking (doesn’t even have to be said aloud!): “Mhm, this girl has nice boobs.” This is absolutely unacceptable for them and they’d go on a crusade for it to stop entirely. And they are in fact doing just that…

Now, lets break things down a bit, starting with the word itself…


verb (used with object), objectified, objectifying.
to present as an object, especially of sight, touch, or other physical sense; make objective; externalize.

“Objectify” means to present something as an “object”.


anything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form.
a thing, person, or matter to which thought or action is directed:
an object of medical investigation.
a person or thing with reference to the impression made on the mind or the feeling or emotion elicited in an observer:
an object of curiosity and pity.

If we look further, we as living organisms are still objects. We can be seen or touched and thus we are objects just like chairs, rocks, plants and animals. We aren’t anything special, at the core, we are still built from the same building blocks as every single object in the world. Molecules and even further down, atoms. So, no matter how you turn it, we are still just objects.

Why the hatred towards physical/sexual objectification?

When you don’t know ANYTHING about a person and you look at him or her, it will ALWAYS involve one form of objectification, because you don’t know anything about that person other than physical looks. If you are attracted by one or another physical attribute of that person, that is sexual objectification. Humans are doing it since the age of our beginning and we are still doing it this very moment. It’s a component of our sexual nature, how we begin the very first step in finding a partner. If one women attracts me with her amazing blue eyes, that is in fact still a sexual objectification. But feminists always present things with tits and ass to make it more dramatic and problematic, like that is the only thing that sexually attracts people. It might be the most common, but certainly not the only one.

Now, please tell me how many women would be offended if a man says: “You have amazing blue eyes” to a woman? It’s objectification, but I can’t possibly think of a single woman who would be offended by this. Except maybe feminists, because you just can’t ever understand and satisfy them.

In large majority of cases, looks are what brings people together, you really have to already be acquainted by another person in order to “judge” them through other means. For example, if you are already a schoolmate or a co-worker with someone and you find out that you really have a lot of things in common with them, you share similar humor, similar hobbies, you like similar things, you often think in a similar way as they do, these are other things that may attract us and aren’t of physical, but more of an emotional nature. You usually also have to be sexually attracted to that person in order to have a more intimate relationship. It’s not an absolute rule, but it usually is the case. Friends don’t necessarily have to be sexy and physically attract you, but someone you want to be more intimate with, usually does. So, physical is nearly always first and emotional nearly always comes second. Seems perfectly reasonable and logical to me.

Double standards…

What’s even more illogical is the typical double standard that is always thrown at men (you know, the stereotypical if a man sleeps with many women, he is a stud and if a woman does, she is a slut). When men objectify women, they are sexist pigs, but when women are doing it, it’s fine. Why? Why not just simply admit that both, men and women sexually objectify one another and that it’s something perfectly normal?

Accused of objectifying thoughts…

As you may have noticed at the beginning of this blog post, I’ve mentioned that objectification doesn’t have to be verbal in order to be offensive. No, no, no, feminists aren’t satisfied by only eliminating so-called “catcalling” (which is when you for example call a stranger on the street “Hello beautiful”), they want to erase objectification of women from our minds. Their idea is that I as a man am not allowed to even think: “Mhm, this girl has totally sexy tits”. No, by their logic, you are simply not allowed to do such a thing. What!? I mean are you all feminists absolutely mad or something? I understand that catcalling can be offensive to a degree, but I’m not suppose to be allowed to think for myself that some woman is sexy and that she attracts me on a physical level? Dafaq /screaming and raging in confusion/ !? What is this, a scene from Minority Report movie where people get arrested for having thoughts about something without actually committing the “crime”? Everyone should be allowed to have thoughts and ideas inside their own mind. It’s something that comes with free will and if you think you can demand anyone to stop doing it, you’re just being delusional. You are expecting (demanding, in feminists case) the impossible.

So, when we draw a line at the end of the day, you, me and everyone else will get objectified one way or another. And if you’re a person with healthy mind, you won’t mind it at all.

If anything pisses me off is this continuous bitching over things that are perfectly natural, are not offensive and are on the list of least important women’s problems. Feminists pretty much always make some ridiculous claim without any thinking and then stick their heads in the sand and scream lalalalalalalalalala when others try to argue their idiotic claims. Well, the above is my argument after watching loads of videos on this “problem” and after long hours of compiling my thoughts inside my mind and pouring them into this blog post.

If you think my post makes sense, please share it with others and make people more aware of this so-called “problem” and how it really isn’t a problem of any sort.

Web browsers are sexist

I’m not gonna go full attack rant on this one like feminists do it for every little shit out there, it’s just an interesting observation while I was writing responses on this topic in my browser and decided to go and test all the other major browsers as well…

When talking gender equality issues, words like “misogyny” and “misandry” often come up. “Misogyny” means hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women, where “misandry” means hatred of men (funny how definition is a lot shorter for men). Definitions taken from dictionary.com

Now, here is the interesting observation that web browsers or shall I say dictionaries in them are sexist. They acknowledge the word “misogyny”, but they don’t do the same for “misandry”. They underline it with red and offer you correction. I’m using US English dictionaries. Lets see what they’ll offer me as correction for my “misspelling”…

Firefox 34.0.5
Nice job Firefox, offering me what is essentially a female name as correction for a word that defines hatred of men. Bravo you sexist bastards. 😀

Chrome 39/Iron 39 and possibly every other Chrome based browser
Yup Chrome, you clearly did misaddress the spelling error…

Opera 12.17 (Presto engine)
Opera, in a Scandinavian tradition went brave. So many things to choose from. Too bad they are all incorrect…

Opera 26 (WebKit engine)
The latest Opera was a bit more conservative, omitting the “syndrome” option.

Yup, patriarchy is clearly working /sarcasm, if none of the browser dictionaries even acknowledges the word “misandry” as a correctly spelled word. And to take things further, not even WordPress dictionary acknowledges this word…

What a misery…


Feminism conspiracy I tell you that!

If you find it funny or interesting, please share it, Like it and subscribe to my flock.

25 Missing Benefits of Gaming While Male

Oh dear, yet another facepalm worthy video propaganda released by Anita Sarkeesian and her army of brainless male puppets. 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male is what she calls it. More appropriate would be 25 Missing Benefits of Gaming While Male. I’m male and I can’t seem to witness these so called “benefits”…

You can click numbers in front of my responses to quickly jump directly to specific points in video (new tab will open so don’t worry about this page)…

1. Oblivious to what? Being harassed? Being called a pussy? Being told to shut the fuck up? Guess what, I’m male and it all happened to me as well. Just like it probably happened to pretty much every single gamer ever being involved in an online multiplayer game at some point.

2. I’m looked upon as “childish” because I’m still playing games and I’m closing in to age of 30. It has nothing to do with being male or female. People have stupid stereotypes from decades ago when gaming was a domain of really nerdy people. And those stereotypes remained. Welcome to the late 80’s, early 90’s… It’s very late 2014 now and things have moved on since, you know…

3. Then don’t post your bloody contact or other personal information on the internet. Just like you don’t plaster your personal photo, home address and phone number all over the internet. If you want a certain degree of privacy, use nicknames, separate e-mails for unimportant services, hide personally identifiable information and set your profile settings to only display your more private info to approved friends only. Every single service has these features for obvious privacy reasons. Learn to frigging use them and stop bitching that this is somehow a male privilege. It’s a privilege of intelligent people, not male people. And you aren’t either of them apparently.

4. If you want to show how “l33t” you are and how much you “own” everyone, you have to prove that even if you’re a donkey. If you want anyone to take you seriously as a someone who is allowed to brag about your “ownage” capability, you’ll have to display a clear performance of that in a game. Usually, a very high kill to death ratio is a good way to prove that. Or a very high win to lose ratio. If you can’t display that in a game, you’ll be dissed even if you’re a male. Proven fact.

5. If I express deep interest into games I play, people usually look at me funny like I’m some sort of freak. Yeah, those stereotypes again that shouldn’t be happening to me because I’m male. And if someone is faking an interest, any gamer could easily see through them rather easily, once you’d get into conversation about specifics. Besides, aren’t we all faking interest our entire lives to get some sort of attention or not being douchebags for entirely ignoring everything we aren’t directly interested in? We often listen to things others say just because we are being polite. Gender has nothing to do with it what so ever.

6. Well doh, of course gaming industry is widely represented by male gender on all sides. Large majority of gamers are males, because boys are simply more interested in games. And girls are more interested into other things. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t female gamers, female game reporters, female game developer representatives, female developers etc. out there. They just can’t be in majority if male gender dominates this industry. That’s like bitching why women are so widely represented in cosmetics industry and men aren’t. It’s how it is and you can’t do a bloody thing about it.

7. I haven’t been on any gaming convention, so I can’t really comment on this one. But I’ve been to few LAN party events and while girls were there (and they were cute), no one was doing anything inappropriate to them. I’ve seen far more inappropriate things happening to girls outside gaming circles to be honest…

8. Neither are women. Why should they speak for their entire gender? It would be just silly to expect anything like that from anyone. Gender doesn’t even play any role here. No one is an official representative and spokesman/spokeswoman for one particular entire gender. But anyone can make their own personal opinion or a view on something that seems like a general pattern for one gender. It’s called an observation, which, unless scientifically proven is still just an opinion anyone can make.

9. Why these idiots make everything make seem like gender has anything to do with it? Why they think gamers are always gender represented in games? I’m playing multiplayer games a lot and unless you’re using a microphone, no one can really know what gender you are. Avatars and nicknames can be faked by anyone, you can even fake voice using real-time voice modulation found on certain gaming soundcards. So, how exactly is this an issue then? If you’re so afraid of being judged just because of your gender, then stick with the text based chat and don’t use microphone and no one will be able to tell what gender you really are, making you equal to the rest, be it male or female.

10. What natural unrelated biological functions? If a female gamer can hold a mouse, press keys on a keyboard, be able to listen to fancy noises speakers make and be able to look at the screen with pretty pictures, that’s all I’m expecting from any gamer. I don’t care if you’re missing a leg, you’re having PMS or you’re masturbating while playing CounterStrike. We don’t care about any of that. That’s the beauty of games, we are all placed on an equal level regardless of our real world biological shortcomings or disabilities (unless they seriously interfere with game/computer/console interaction). And you want to fucking ruin that with your feminist whining bullshit.

11. If any female gamer shows a great ability or knowledge about a specific game, no one will dismiss them or their opinion just because they are female. There are plenty of female gamers all over the internet and if they have something funny, creative, constructive or interesting to say about games, most men will listen to them just the same as they’d listen a male gamer doing exact same things. Unless if they are talking absolute rubbish like you are just now… in which case, no one will be interested in listening your bullshit, let alone agreeing with it.

12. Btw, that’s some cracking mustache you have there /SARCASM OFF. See, I’m making fun of you and it’s not even gaming or gender related. I love to play Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled, The Sims, Peggle and Worms. Does that make me any less of a man? Even if it does in the eyes of someone else, why the hell should I care? I play these games because I personally enjoy them and not because others expect me to or not to play them. I mean, are you gaming for your own pleasure or because others are playing a specific game and you just want to fit in? Stop trying to fit in and play whatever you like and enjoy.

13. Guess what, store clerks/shop assistants don’t really care for who you buy the games for as long as you buy them and you return for more. You take the goods and they get the money. That’s all they care. I work in retail and you learn to read when people know exactly what they want and when they walk in the dark, trying to buy something for someone else. And when people are wandering in the dark, not knowing what to buy, you start asking them things so you get info on what their interests are. So you can assist them in buying the right thing which basically returns us back to the beginning of this paragraph. We want to sell you goods and if we make you feel happy with the purchase and our help was satisfying, chances are, you’ll return next time for another game. Shop assistants don’t ask you to make fun of you, they ask you things so they can sell you things easier. It can be for games, flowers, kitchen accessories or a car color selection for your wife. You really do manage to see a misogynistic conspiracy in every single thing, jesus…

14. If men are predominantly more interested in games development, that doesn’t mean gaming studios are sexist establishments. And since same applies to target audience, which are again predominantly male gamers, of course games are being targeted at them. You make a product that satisfies needs of the consumers. Unless if you want your company to go bankrupt very soon after establishment, in which case you do the exact opposite of that. That’s why NO one does that. Why do you think there aren’t any Barbie dolls with heavy armor, swords, rifles, jackhammer drills and bulldozers as an accessory? Because boys aren’t target consumers of Barbie toys. Same applies to games. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t gaming studios with female developers and gaming studios who target female gamers specifically with cute games for women? Just look at EA and their The Sims franchise. It’s heavily female focused and predominantly played by women. Because EA wanted to fill in the female customers gap. And they succeeded with excellence, since The Sims and trillion tons of accessory add-ons are still selling like freshly baked muffins.

15. Yeah, games really don’t have any powerful and memorable female characters, except maybe… Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Faith Connor (Mirror’s Edge), Alice (American McGee’s Alice), Amanda Ripley (Alien:Isolation), Anna Navarre (Deus Ex), Yelena Fedorova, Faridah Malik & Megan Reed (Deus Ex:Human Revolution), super deadly agile female Black Ops (Half-Life), Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2), Nilin (Remember Me), Kate Wilson (Hydrophobia), Mona Sax (Max Payne), Rayne (BloodRayne), Anna DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite), Julie (FAKK2), SHODAN and Janice Polito (System Shock 2), Jade (Beyond Good and Evil)… And all these are after just quickly scrolling through my games list. Very memorable or strong female NPC characters or female protagonists/heroines. And I’ve enjoyed playing or experiencing every single one of them. And for the most part, not because they had nice boobies, but because of their attitude, their actions, their charisma or simply because I enjoyed playing as a character that isn’t the same gender as I am. It’s called variety of gaming experience… You’ll of course bring up trillions of sexist examples for these characters that only feminist can see anyway.

16. Read my comment under point 15. Should I protest because I was unable to play as a male character in Mirror’s Edge? No. Should I protest because I can’t play as male version of Lara Croft? No. Characters are what they are because they fit into a particular story with a specific reason. It’s developers decision and if you don’t like it, then don’t play that game. It’s as simple as that. I’ve never ever seen anyone complain over a gender of playable character. Only feminist manage to do that, where normal gamers simply don’t care and accept it as integral part of every game.

17. No one harasses anyone because of gender alone. You have to provoke the existing player base in some way for them to retaliate. And that can happen to male gamers just as well. When I’m being bitchy in games, people tend to return things with the same attitude. Don’t be bitchy and you’ll be just fine.

18. Read my comment on point 9. It’s exactly the same thing again.

19. Same as point 9 and 18. Would you people stop rehashing same thing in a different way just to fill in the total quota of 25 “benefits”?

20. No, you’ll be called a “noob”. Which is a non gender specific term for being clueless player that’s not contributing to the team the way you/he/she should. Stop making things that aren’t gender relevant seem like they are.

21. Ummmmm, ever heard of simply ignoring idiots who ask you things like this? No one can force you to tell them anything. And no one forces you to tell real information either. You can simply lie that you have gigantic boobs or a 2m long dick. Like anyone cares for real… Most games also provide “mute” function or you can simply request a ban from server. You’d be surprised how often people kick or ban harassers…

22. Oh lord, yet again, NO ONE can force you to show anyone your naked pictures. Or you can, yet again, take a random photo from the internet and post it like it’s yours and simply mock them back and have some fun. And what kind of games you people play where you can send unsolicited pictures of genitalia to anyone?! Are you playing with Skype again?

23. There, you said it yourself. Speculations. I can speculate that you’re a moron, but that’s just my speculation. Why the hell would you/do you care?

24. Sexism in games is only being pointed out by whining feminists who use male puppets like you in a hope for people to take this video more seriously just because men are saying these things. Which makes you have the same zero credibility, despite being male. If you talk nonsense, no one will take you seriously regardless of what is or isn’t hanging between your legs.

25. I’m taking this video as seriously as a poop on my lawn produced by my westie few hours ago and I’m just too lazy to pick it up. You being a white male doesn’t automatically make anyone take your words more seriously, if words that are coming from your mouth are absolute nonsense. Bunch of idiotic stereotypes, isolated cases and things that simply don’t happen. Or they happen, to male gamers as well. On regular basis. Which makes this video entirely redundant.


Stop making it look like male gamers are some sort of privileged race of people. Online, no one really cares what you are in real life. If you play well, you’ll fit in regardless of the gender. No one will mock you and if anyone by some bizarre coincidence does ask you about the size of your boobs or penis, simply ignore them. They can’t force you to do anything. The magic of internet. Just look how Anita Sarkeesian has comments blocked on every single video. If you know how to do that on Youtube, surely you could learn to do the same in games… Top tip right there!

Games are wonderful place where disabilities, gender or other biological specifics don’t matter, because everyone are subject to the exact same rules, same capabilities and same features. And feminists want to take this away in a name of equality. What the hell? Games bring equality into existence because of what they are and you want to destroy that. That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Instead of encouraging more women to step into the gaming world and represent their gender, you scare them off with loads of bull manure and then you even have the balls to wonder why gaming industry is dominated by male gender. No shit Sherlock. You’re doing it yourself! You’re the one doing injustice to your own gender. Feminists, are you all really that dumb? It seems so…

Sexist games

I’ve written about it on few occasions, like the latest Separation of Fantasy from Reality, but it seems I’ll have to extend things a lot further…

So, here we are again, returning to that circle of hell… My main question here is, what’s wrong with people like Anita Sarkeesian, those die hard extremist feminists that apparently have nothing better to do in their boring miserable lives than attack anything that is supposedly attacking their gender (which is female in 102% of times apparently and no, it is not a typo). If you go and look at her Youtube propaganda you just want to facepalm yourself to a mooshy pile of flesh and blood after watching it. Why you may say?

Well, I was greeted by her video analysing female content in games. And that’s basically all she does. Finding games and picking out things that fuel her extremist agenda and she plainly disregards everything else.

She’s bitching about depiction of women in games as sexist on every corner. Like marketing behind game Hitman Blood Money where they say in text “Beautifully executed” and depicts a beautiful (but dead) woman on a photo. And then there are also men pictures, a dead guy holding a cello instrument and a text “Classically executed”. And she has a problem with this, because the women were in a sexual poses and men were like whatever. You can’t depict a semi fat bald guy with a cello as “Beautifully executed”. Don’t you fucking get the game of words behind the marketing idea or you have a stick too far up your ass to understand it? My first reaction to it was: “Aaaaa, I see what you did there”. I didn’t even see the poorly dressed woman as a sexual object. I just connected the both themes and the words they used. And I left it at that. Unlike Anita which just goes on and pulls more of wild sexist “facts” and “proofs” out of her rear.

hitman_bloodmoney_commercialsOr how she has a problem with women depicted in game Bioshock. You know, those nasty looking splicers that once used to be women? A game where a utopian city went to shits because people there went all crazy with genetics to all possible extremes. But she has a problem with female corpses being displayed sexually in certain part of the game world and not the fact that the entire in-game world is one fucked up mess created this way with very clear purpose. To portray that very utopian underwater city where all social, political and civil laws and rules went out the window.

Because when I look at female splicers or female splicer corpses, all I really feel is…

bioshock2…yeah I’d bang that. Or jerk to it. Fap, fap, fap. Fap. /SARCASM OFF Just because it was supposedly a woman depicted in a sexy way. w00t…

There were countless depictions of male and female corpses throughout this game with sole purpose of shocking the player. If she feels a female corpse having piece of a stick stuck in their mouth is sexist, I guess that male character having Little Sister’s injection stuck in their balls is perfectly normal and not sexist at all. Right Anita? Riiight?

bioshock2_maleOr how an exotic dancer was killed in Mafia 2…

mafia2_shootout4236Mafia game is sort of historical recreation of the certain existing era when things like this were happening. But no, she wants to sugar coat it, stick her head in the sand and pretend it didn’t happen, never was and never will. You can’t place a dude dancing there and him getting killed the same way, because it would go against historical stuff of era in which Mafia game is happening. It just wouldn’t make any fucking sense. But hey, she’s being too damn narrow minded to even remotely understand it.

She only seem to have problems with women being objectified as some sort of side elements in the games, but completely and entirely ignores the fact that male characters in games perform the exact same role so many times as well. But hey, we’ll just skip that shit, since it’s not helping my extremist views and propaganda, right? Right?

Why can’t people just leave bullshit politics and extremist views out of the games, movies and other crafts and arts? If game designer decides to make a story where a woman gets killed as a side character, then so be it. If it’s one of leading characters, so be it as well. If they decide to make her with gigantic boobs, then let them fucking do it. It’s an art and yes, games ARE modern art. And art doesn’t always have to be politically correct, realistic or make everyone feel good or happy. In fact, most of the art was brought to life because of controversies or opposing views. If we all of a sudden won’t be allowed to express anything anymore, we’ll be stuck in this retarded boring reality. Which goes against the purpose of art itself. And that’s what people like Anita are trying to achieve. She doesn’t care about the ridiculously masculine men being depicted in various games and movies. Hey, me as a skinny guy, I’m being offended that only such masculine mega dudes can be protagonists. Why can’t be a skinny pale looking shy guy? But I’m not going out there bitching about it, because I know and am fully aware that it’s a made up stuff, fantasy, imagination manifested by the game designers to display us some sort of story or a product in the ways they wanted it. It’s what it is. She doesn’t display the murder of a character Hawk in Soldier of Fortune either as a shocker moment. He wasn’t all that important to the game story all things considered, so he kinda falls in the same level as that exotic dancer in Mafia 2. Only difference is that he has a name and that dancer did not, because the story didn’t tell us that. But maybe her name was, I don’t know, Jennifer. Would it make a difference if developers included that piece of info? And lets don’t forget how crazy muscled up Hawk is. She doesn’t care about that either. Not at all…

hawk_deathShe doesn’t display or comment the cringing of the male victims when you shoot them in the balls in the very same game (Soldier of Fortune). Hey, only ladies get hurt in games. Mhm. I’ve played Soldier of Fortune a lot and I don’t recall any special animation for female characters when being shot in the crotch/nether region (and yes, there were female characters), unlike there was for male characters (despite assuming women would react the same way if injured in the private parts). This game is so sexist, I assume with absolute accuracy that the entire team consisted of female developers. Hm. That’s the kind of conclusions Anita is constantly and repeatedly pulling out of her bottom.

I’ll have to repeat myself over and over again like a broken record for certain things. Games DO NOT reflect our actual lives. If you look negatively at them for every single fucking thing, of course you’ll get butt hurt by every god damn thing in them. Just like religious fanatics can find an answer for God in every bloody thing they look at. And I hate those kinds of people. They are so stuck in their own mentality point of view, they can’t see past their own ass.

In games, one time a woman dies, another time a man dies, next time there is this badass black dude and the other time it’s a perfectly sculpted shirtless white guy jumping on the screen and then I can see some tities (yay, tities!). Half an hour later I’m driving a 1 million € Bugatti Veyron and bashing cops off the road and in the next moment I’m a guinea pig (G-Force game, loved that game). Did I mention I was also operating a 80 ton mech as well and performing operations in WW2 and Vietnam war? Men playing as female protagonst. Are you maaaad? These are all games, products of someone’s imagination. Sometimes they hold on to certain historical details, but for the most part, they are 99% fiction. I love to experience all this diverse worlds, be it realistic or absolutely twisted and inhumanly creepy or crazy. And you want to take this away from me. Why? What have I done to you? What has anyone done to you for you to be such a Nazi telling us what we should or shouldn’t play?

I never had any problems of any kind of depiction of women in games. In fact I never really looked at it as a problem until people like Anita started pointing them out in their stupid attempts to raise some sort of awareness. Awareness of what? That all women are goddess and all men are trash? I’m a very open person and I can change my views if someone presents me valid arguments. I’ve changed my views on gay people, I’ve changed my views on religions and I’ve changed my views on certain aspects regarding women in our society as well as so many other things. Valid and reasonable arguments can be very powerful tools to affect intelligent people. But those people made valid points and when I started thinking about those issues, they made sense. But Anita’s kind of feminists are not providing ANY of the evidences to change my view. In fact they look utterly retarded from my perspective. I respect women, sometimes too much for my own good for which I won’t go into details, but what she is saying about depiction of women in games is absolute nonsense and rubbish, which was also provided in some examples above that contradict her claims within the very same games.

If one is a total douchebag to women, it’s not because he is playing what she calls “sexist” games, but because he simply is a douchebag. There is no other way of saying it for men who treat women like shit. But she throws all of us men into the same bin, like we are all the same fucking bastards. Should I generalize that all women are stuck up bitches like Anita? No, because I know 99,999999% of women are amazing human beings. And same can be said for the exact same percentage of men. But there is always that 0,000001%…

If I can daydream and imagine any kind of things in my mind, why shouldn’t I be allowed to do similar things in games if they are being provided to me? Who the fuck are you to dictate what are we allowed to play in games? Women also play games that she hates so much and they don’t give a flying fart about the topics Anita is complaining about. It’s just a game to them. Because unlike Anita, those women are smart, intelligent persons and not mindless brainless retarded zombies nitpicking shit for their, what it seems like a failed attempt at feminist world domination campaign. Those smart, intelligent women understand the games are just that, entertainment, fantasy, manifested imagination of someone who may just as well be a female game designer (Anita will of course pretend there aren’t any, because all game studios are sexist establishments).

So, why don’t you just leave us gamers, developers and games alone? If I dislike something, I don’t play that shit. I don’t go into wars against turn based games, because I dislike them and demand that only real-time games should exist. That’s what you’re trying to do Anita. So, just stop it will ya?

Seriously, Anita Sarkeesian, can I donate you a reality check? Because you are clearly unable to separate fiction from reality. There is one reality where we are in and there is your fictional “reality” where women are so horrendously oppressed in every single part of our society, industry, arts, games, business, everywhere. I mean, your reality must be fictional, because we aren’t seeing what you are seeing. And what is hanging between my legs has nothing to do with the viewing perspective on this matter.

Sexist comet landing

If you haven’t been following the recent major events in the science field, here is a brief intro. ESA, the European Space Agency made a first ever mission to land a spacecraft on a comet (67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko) and gather gravitational, structural, chemical and other properties of the comet itself. The mission was done by Rosetta and Philae robotic spacecrafts and is considered as one of the major space exploration milestones ever attempted that might reveal ground breaking information regarding space and its many secrets on how it was formed and how life might have formed on planets since comets carry many organic compounds and also two which are among the most important to form life as we know it. Water and oxygen. It is very possible that comets are responsible for seeding life on planets. Even our own planet Earth. And Rosetta mission will potentially bring us tiny bit closer to the origin of life info if you want it to be scaled on how important it is.

However, the mission has been a bit overshadowed recently in the media because of Dr. Matt Taylor, a brilliant scientist from UK, who was the leading scientist on the Rosetta project. And the only reason for all the outrage was this:

Image courtesy of www.independent.co.uk
Image courtesy of http://www.independent.co.uk

Still don’t have a clue why certain people were outraged over him? Let me tell you. The whole rage going on about it was because of his shirt which was labeled as “sexist” because of few drawn female characters in tight dresses with slightly larger cleavages and breasts.

At first I couldn’t believe what I was reading. We’ve made one of the most important space explorations in human history that in my opinion falls in a second place right after the moon landing as far as the importance goes and there are people out there that are so fucking short-sighted that they are more concerned over a fucking shirt he was wearing on conference, basically disregarding the importance of the contribution to the human race he and his team at ESA made with Rosetta mission. These feminist imbeciles even went so far with bullying, that lead to this guy apologizing in tears. Are you fucking kidding me? He shouldn’t be apologizing for anything. Ever. And not because his mission success has a higher importance than woman rights, but because he did NOTHING wrong. First of all, the originally offending shirt that is depicting sexy blondes dressed in tight dresses with slightly larger breasts is not offending at all (see the image above and wonder what the fuck is wrong with it…) and secondly, it was a gift given to Matt Taylor by his wifes’ friend Elly Prizeman. Wait for it… Elly is a WOMAN! Matt Taylor was wearing her shirt (that she actually designed and tailored as a gift for him) to honor her by simply wearing it. You know, as a gesture of showing her that he appreciates the gift. Something any normal human being does to show that gift was important to him/her. He just happened to wear it on a public conference for Philae landing (which meant a lot to Elly, because the event was so big and important), not knowing he’ll be hit with a shitstorm of complaints from feminist retards. Elly even had to go so far and defend her friend Matt with her public response which you can read here.

And here I am wondering where our civilization has gone for people to complain and worry about something so fucking unimportant as the wrong choice of style for a public conference. What, should he come there in a sterile white dress in a hope he wouldn’t offend anyone that way? I bet there would be some fucks who would start bitching about discrimination of black people and start connecting him with KKK or some other shit. I mean what the fuck. He and his team which also consists of WOMEN just made a historical space exploration mission and these feminists are bitching over a shirt he was wearing? If the shirt he was wearing was full of bulky muscle dudes, no one would really give a shit. But since it had sexy women depicted on it (just sexy, not even naked!), whole hell broke loose. There is just no facepalm currently known to mankind that would properly display my outrage towards these idiots. The closest one I can think of is the one where palm of the hand actually punctures through the skull and comes out on the other end. But I still feel it’s not quite the right one…

I perfectly understand it when people are fighting for woman rights, because lets face it, women are still greatly oppressed in many parts of the world, but these feminist morons are crossing the line here. They are not fighting for anyone’s rights here, they are just bitching over something completely irrelevant in a western world where despite them constantly bitching how women are poorly treated and all, they have nothing to bitch about. And that’s my opinion from my own experience and if it’s this way in our country, many far better developed European countries fare even better. I work in one of the largest companies in our country and many leading positions in the company are covered by female workers. We are talking CEO, COO and so forth positions as well as various other head of department roles among centers throughout our country. My boss is female and I had many others before her and we got along great with all the respect and everything. I have 2 female co-workers and one other male co-worker and we are treated exactly the same in all aspects I can think of in the department where we work.

I also have a further explanation why things tend to look so bad in statistics that they usually show all over the place. Those kind of statistics that would show how ESA Rosetta team had 90% of team consisting of men and 10% of women. I made these numbers up, but I know that women did work on Rosetta project and they also work in other ESA projects and are in a minority. The reason is not in horrifying oppression of women, but the fact that women in general aren’t all that interested in such fields. There are work places that are dominated by man, because they are simply generally more interested in them. Like electrical and mechanical engineering, chemistry and physics fields, car industry, military etc that is generally dominated by men and fields like fashion, beauty and styling, social fields and communications, schools and kindergartens etc that are in general dominated by women. It’s just the way how human nature kinda directs our lives on a subconsciousness level. But that doesn’t mean women or men don’t decide for a work that is not dominated by their gender. There are women working in science and engineering fields as well as men working in fashion, styling or social fields. It can easily work both ways. In fact, I can easily say that men who display interest in feminine fields are getting bullied more than women do, if they decide for more “feminine” work. Imagine being at school when you decide your profession specialization and a guy says he’ll go into fashion designing. He’d most likely be labeled as gay very quickly. You know, the “Are you gay or something?” nonsense? But if a women says, I’m going to the engineering school because I’m interested in I don’t know, computers, people would look kinda confused for a second or two and the day would continue like nothing happened. I’ve seen and heard about such cases so many times. Anyway, just to point out the obvious thing that feminists tend to just kinda push somewhere in the background…

Even the name “feminist”, which is the bunch of people who were bitching about it in the first place describes absolute interest in women rights only. If you want to do something good for this world like these men and women at ESA did, stop bitching over unimportant stuff like the above shirt and actually fight for equal rights, because believe it or not, there are also men who are in a worse position than women. Sure they are in minority, but no one can outright say it as a fact that it’s not happening. Who is fighting for their rights? No fucking one. Because even if they’d complain, no one would believe them. That’s what such one-sided extremist movements are doing to the western world. They are shifting from one extreme to another instead of making them equal. I support getting things on an equal level by all means, because everyone should have exactly the same rights if you have a penis between your legs or a vagina. It shouldn’t matter. At all.

This was just a general rant over certain group of people who label themselves as feminists (or shall I say extremist feminists, because, to be politically correct, we shouldn’t generalize things). The above block of text is one of the reasons I’ve even opened up a new category “Political Correctness”. I had no intention to bring politics and other life “nonsense” to a techy blog, but since the blog is kinda oriented around my life, I’ll expand the stuff I cover as I go. And since I’ve been studying human rights, religions and other social stuff lately on my own, I’m going to cover that as well from now on.

And following that, I also have a more detailed article planned regarding the topic of above shirt and how certain parts of our society is turning into a turd. It also happens to involve games that I love, so I feel I have to cover that as well. The above “shirt” story is kinda a prologue into this field that I wanted to write about long ago, but have so far only covered violence in games and not depiction of women in them.

And to end this story on a more positive note, even though I haven’t been following the Rosetta mission up closely, I’ve been reading about it and I’m very proud to our race (as humans) for making achievements like this. Because they show how men and women from different countries of different skin colors and religions can step together for a greater good for all mankind. Some may say it’s a waste of money to spend millions and billions on sending spacecrafts on some icy space rock, but these fragments of information are telling us who we are, where we came from, how life may originated. The really important scientific stuff. So, congratulations to Matt Taylor and his team at ESA and don’t let these extremist bullies make your life miserable ever again over things that are below the level of importance of a decaying dog turd in my backyard lawn.