Russia faking Nazi arrest using The Sims games instead of Sim cards…

When you thought Russia couldn’t dive into depths of any greater stupidity and being even bigger meme of itself, they’ve done it again. This time it wasn’t another random spontaneous combustion on board of their ship or an fuel depot, it was official video of their glorious FSB doing arrest of alleged “nazis” who were plotting alleged assassination on Putin.

Apparently something got lost in translation during preparations to stage this fake arrest video and some dumbass prepared 3 copies of The Sims games instead of 3 SIM cards for the phone.


There were also some books with signatures and one of signatures said “Unreadable signature”. The uncensored video that I managed to dig out was recorded at 480p and that part was entirely unreadable as the recording was so blocky and compressed, but I read online that this pair of fuckups, The Sims games instead of SIM cards and literal “lorem ipsum” in place of signature that should be scribbled in unreadable form raised all the alarms that Russia tried to fake the arrest of alleged “nazis” and cocked it up big time. Because we all know there aren’t any nazis at all. Except the ones coming from Russia to attack Ukraine. Then again this also explains their utter incompetence in Ukraine if they can’t even fake a video without fucking it up. The alleged world superpower can hardly handle Ukraine alone and they are barking at the NATO alliance. Fucking hilarious. I can’t believe Russia is so fucking incompetent.

Russian officials later censored the boxes of The Sims game to cover up their fuckup.

Here is uncensored version with poor quality:

Video got removed after they realized what a monumental cockup they made fabricating bullshit. LOL

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