Kaspersky, fix the stupid Cloud Free installer already

Ok Kaspersky, what the fuck is going on with your shit?! Kaspersky Cloud Free installer (for EU anyways) ALWAYS downloads some ancient version from 2021 and then you ALWAYS have to wait for days and weeks for it to fucking auto update to latest version. When it fucking wills, not when I’m installing the fucking thing. WHY?! Whole point of web installer is that you always download the latest version, so you don’t double download the god damn app and waste bandwidth and further annoy user. There are no latest offline installers and their web installer is this dumbass shit with old version. Fucking fix it already, for fucks sake. Every time I want to try Kaspersky again I have to deal with this shit and in the end I also always just give up and install Avast back. Everyone seems to hate Avast because of their single privacy flop from years ago, but they also seem to be the only ones who do their shit properly, be it offering offline installers, online installer that actually downloads latest version every single time you’re using the web installer, fucking Ransomware Shield (which Microsoft still hasn’t figured out after literal years and their dumbass useless whitelist), despite occasional issues or small bugs, shit just works.

How fucking hard is it for installer to actually download your latest version? God damn. I’d expect this from some garage company, not from Kaspersky.

I guess I’m back to Avast until Kaspersky fixes this shit…

1 thought on “Kaspersky, fix the stupid Cloud Free installer already

  1. Makes me wonder, if this isn’t used to circumvent some kind of legislation, so that when anyone is testing it, it installs old compliant version and then gives it few days before updating to newer less compliant version. Feels a lot like some sort of loophole where they know it will get through any official test and still find a way around it. Dunno why, but it feels like bit too much to be pure incompetence. Plus kind of odd that you can’t just run it and hit check for updates to update it on demand.


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