Wolfenstein: The New Order short review

Because I’m lazy as fuck, I’ll try to make my short reviews even more compact. This will be my first attempt, but I might refine it even further over time 😀


  • amazing presentation of alternate reality World War 2
  • presentation of story through game is really interesting and engaging
  • very engaging gameplay with stealth and/or mad Rambo “modes”
  • skills force you to utilize more arsenal depending on what skills you want
  • nostalgic original Wolfenstein 3D levels via Nightmare levels
  • generally good graphics and audio
  • has FOV controls


  • stop taking my bloody weapons away all the freaking time!
  • because of losing weapons every mission, most skills like extra throwing knives can’t even be used properly
  • constantly getting stuck inside vents for no logical reason
  • texture pop-in effect is infuriating
  • game knows no anti-aliasing and refuses to accept from graphics driver control panel (had to use SweetFX SMAA to improve edges slightly)
  • half an hour of stupid unskippable intro videos


Brilliant game gameplay, story and presentation wise that is somewhat ruined with technicalities like horrendous texture pop-in when looking around, complete lack of anti-aliasing, getting stuck inside vents into invisible barriers and god awful losing of weapons on every mission and every major incident during game. Would still highly recommend it because it’s still a very good shooter despite those negatives. A true successor to the original Wolfenstein 3D.

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