#GamerGate SPJ Airplay – GamerGate on Ethics


So, as planned, SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Airplay happened on 15th August 2015 in Miami where GamerGate representatives talked about ethics in games journalism and mainstream media. And I think it was a huge success. Few things didn’t go as planned, but a lot did and we got the message out and showed all the unbelievers that GamerGate is in fact about ethics and not about harassment. We talked actual ethics with professionals like Ren LaForme and Lynn Welsh who live and breathe for ethical journalism.

I’ve waited for so long to post the info because we were waiting for the 3rd recording with good audio and it’s here and you can watch it now.

Abridged Cut of the live stream compiled and edited by @theLEOpirate

As expected, assholes posted a bomb threat. Actually, 10 of them. The first one came in directly to SPJ Airplay event and since security measures were done, it was dismissed as fake. The later ones were called in directly to the Miami police which force evacuated the event. But we are gamers, we don’t just give up and go home when someone threatens or challenges us. So gals and lads continued discussing ethics one block away from the Koubek building outside on insane Miami heat. Now that’s dedication!

3rd part recorded outside of Koubek Memorial Center after the bomb threat

Behind the scenes and afterparty documentary by Honey Badger Brigade

Uncut recording of SPJ Airplay live event:

SPJ Airplay Morning Panel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW2D-OPscw4
SPJ Airplay Afternoon Panel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nck57J7GcsI
Periscope live recording by Derek Smart after the bomb threat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLOLvokxE0U


Despite all the things and disagreements that happened with Michael Koretzky (the organizer and moderator of the first two SPJ Airplay panels) before the actual event, I’d like to thank him for bringing everyone together and making SPJ Airplay with GamerGate a reality. SPJ Airplay wouldn’t have happened without him and I thank him for all this. He was the first one to ignore all the bullshit harassment narrative and give GamerGate a chance to tell our side of the story and why GamerGate exists, because everyone else were shutting doors in our faces and censoring us. So thanks again Michael Koretzky!

I’d also like to thank morning panelists, Mark Ceb, Ashe Schow and Allum Bokhari, afternoon panelists Cathy Young, Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yannopolous as well as non-GamerGate side with Ren LaForme, Lynn Welsh and Derek Smart as well as everyone else present there but not named. Thank you all for taking your time to represent gamers and ethics and show the world what GamerGate is really about!

Update 2015-08-21
Added documentary video from Honey Badger Brigade

4 thoughts on “#GamerGate SPJ Airplay – GamerGate on Ethics

  1. Reblogged this on Cirsova and commented:
    For those who don’t have the time to watch the 7 hour Sargon/Veemonro stream covering the whole thing, LeoPirate (a former supporter of Anita Sarkeesian who has since been crusading for refunds on the undelivered Tropes vs. Women project) put together an excellent 17 minute digest. Additionally, here’s some of the outdoor panel which was not part of the Sargon stream.
    I’ll admit, I liked Derek Smart more after the panel than during the pane, so this post also has a link to his fotage sans live-stream yaking. Also, Ashe Schow ❤ You justified my reader-crush.


    1. Hehe, yeah, LEO has the skills to condense important info in a very short timeframe. And yeah, I also have a crush on Ashe. She’s not only really good at discussions, she’s also cute as hell 🙂

      Btw, Derek Smart dropped some based comments during the second panel. Not sure if LEO included those, but they are in the uncut version below.


      1. I’m impressed that it took him less than a week to go through all of that footage to edit something that good together. I think Derek sort of shifted from being kind of flippant about the whole thing to taking it seriously as the day went on. By the time he was doing his own man on the street interviews, he seemed to know what’s up. I don’t know if there was any hope for that Ren guy. Ultimately, I wish that someone like Lynn had been moderating in the first place. That lady knows what’s up.


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