O&O ShutUp10 – Windows 10 Privacy Tool

We all know how weird Windows 10 behaves with its data mining. But since we’ll have to eventually switch over, here is a solution. O&O’s ShutUp10 tool that gives you easy way of disabling all the (or at least majority of) data mining or otherwise privacy related crap in Windows 10.

I currently don’t have Windows 10 installed anymore, but the tool is made by a well known German software studio “O&O Software”, better known for their O&O Defrag tool. O&O ShutUp10 requires no installation so you can easily run it without any crap left behind by the tool itself. And it’s free!



There is also another tool with similar functionality. Check it out here:

6 thoughts on “O&O ShutUp10 – Windows 10 Privacy Tool

    1. Windows 8.1 is actually pretty good. I now actually like its big Start menu. And Win8.1 is billion times better on tablets. I’ve upgraded my ACER iconia W4 and Windows 10 totally sucks on it. The usability of tablet and dektop mode is so moronic I can’t stand it. One or another are too limited or retarded to use where Windows 8.1 had a nice blend of both in a single unified interface. Personally, Windows 10 is a big screwup and only reason I’ll be forced to upgrade to it is DirectX 12. Nothing else. Which is really stupid. But oh well.


  1. Run Classic Shell (free download) if you don’t like the interface of Windows 8/8.1 or 10. Windows and 8 newer really shine on newer hardware such as Core i series processors and fast solid state drives. I just make sure to always run with Classic Shell as I prefer the Windows 7 interface but with much better performance. Eventually you will be forced to upgrade and they promise lifetime support on 10 (we will see). The upgrade is free for the first year, then they will remove the free upgrade option. If you at least get Windows 10 installed and activated within this time, you can always remove it and reinstall it at a future date.


    1. It’s not the interface that bothers me, it’s basicalyl the same as Windows 8.1, it’s all the dumb design decisions for functions and how OS behaves as well as all the forced bullshit driver updates. It’s an absolute nightmare to work with drivers because this god damn OS keeps on force installing them. I don’t know what retard at Microsoft thought this would be a good idea. We already had bunch of problems before where you had to control it yourself and now they basically force all those problems on you. Fucking MS.


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