OSRAM Diadem Chrome comparison

As much as I like fiddling with computers, I also love cars. I’m not a turbo Jedi just yet (fiddling with engine, mostly because of moronic homologation rules in my country), but I do all the styling myself. Mostly subtle stuff like full interior LED replacement, LED parking/side lights, LED license plate illumination etc.

Today’s afternoon project was replacement of all standard orange indicator bulbs with OSRAM Diadem Chrome.


Diadem Chrome promises stylish silver light internals instead of orange ones. Some also refer to it as “fried egg effect”. Can it deliver? I think it can and it did. Check the side by side comparison photos before and after replacement. These are from my car, because I couldn’t find any real good ones on the internet when I was deciding for these bulbs.







Looks pretty good in my opinion. The mini styling project cost me a tad over 40€ and like half an hour of work 🙂 I’m very happy with the results 🙂

5 thoughts on “OSRAM Diadem Chrome comparison

  1. Hmm… My first impression was that this might be a bit confusing for ppl, who are used to regular “orange” indicators? Or not? 🙂
    I’m sure you had to change homologation for these lights too, right?


  2. Nope, these are street legal out of the box. And they look silver only when OFF. When they blink, they emit the same orange light as regular indicators.


  3. I was wondering whether these lights emit a weaker light than regular orange tinted bulbs? I’ve heard that some do and if you ever do a swap like this on another car, maybe you could snap some pictureS? (Don’t have a car to test this on myself unfortunately, just asking out of curiosity :p)


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