Windows 10 Core Isolation Control 1.0 released!

Microsoft has introduced several new security features in Windows 10 Spring Update/April Update, one of which is called “Core Isolation” and is designed to prevent attacks from inserting malicious code into high-security processes.

In theory, it’s a great feature. In practice, Microsoft cocked it up. Again. Not with the feature itself, that should work fine, but with controls for it. And I can’t believe this slipped past their QA control given that I noticed the feature being broken in 1 minute after trying the Spring Update.

You can enable it just fine under Security center, but if you for whatever reason want to disable it again, you’re greeted with this message:


I’m the bloody Administrator. What the hell? Well, after some fiddling, I managed to figure out the controls for this thing and created a tool to manage Core Isolation externally.

I present you Windows 10 Core Isolation Control tool:


It’s a simple tool to flip Core Isolation controls ON or OFF regardless of what Security Center interface says. I even made it aware in what state Core Isolation is, so you basically don’t have to use Security Center anymore to control it (or check its status).


6 thoughts on “Windows 10 Core Isolation Control 1.0 released!

  1. I strongly recommend to everyone to leave Core Isolation to off, I just tested it and immediately it had issue with Logitech driver fro keyboard and mouse, it partially broke functionality. And it really messes up with any anti-cheat services, like BattleEye, used by PUBG and Fortnite. It is really messy feature that is about ready to enter alpha stage and not full release, despite good intentions. Personally I will leave it off, because I don’t feel like figuring out what else it could break.

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    1. Shit, wish I saw this before, came here to share the same info. I spent hours testing, uninstalling reinstalling LGS, then I figured whats new and discovered it was Core Isolation turned it off and hey fucking presto was that. It fucked up my Kraken x61 drivers too so people if you don’t want a cooked CPU DON’T ENABLE CORE ISOLATION.


  2. You seriously just saved my bacon. I enabled core isolation & after, couldn’t successfully boot out other than in safe mode. It kept showing a BSOD service exception for the Ryzen Master driver. Core isolation can’t be disabled in safe mode. This utility fixed it & my computer is alive again. F Microsoft.


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