Fuck off Twitter, I’m not giving you my phone number!

Had problems with making extension for Firefox so I posted it on Twitter. Some dude offered help, I sent him a link to Mozillazine thread where I already posted for help and that’s the moment when Twitter sperged into fucking oblivion. “uh oh you exhibit actions of a bot” (I’m surprised they didn’t say I was a Russian bot) and then the thing just fucking died. When clicking “Verify” the shit just kept on showing 403 error in Firefox so I went to phone where I finished the fucking image captcha at which point Twitter asked me to enter my phone number to “verify”. Erm, how about FUCK YOU Twitter? I’m not giving you my fucking phone number. You fucking pretentious scumbags, locking out user accounts for harmless shit and then fishing phone numbers from users with excuse of “verification”. Been using Twitter to post all sorts of shit for like 3+ years and now you decide I’m a fucking bot. Go fuck yourselves, all of you fuckers at Twitter. Can’t even login using my alternate account to contact dumb fucks at Twitter, no, just cold block fucking everything from my IP. I can’t fucking be bothered to use VPN to bypass this fuckery. Aaargh, what moron runs Twitter? I’m surprised this garbage hasn’t imploded yet because it’s made by imbeciles.

I’d rather stop using fucking Twitter than give you my phone number. So, fuck you. Again.


Just tried to contact Twitter support and you have to be logged in with the locked/suspended account in order to contact them. I can’t fucking login you fucking retards. OH MY FUCKING GOD. It just does nothing when I try to login. What the fuck!?


After I finally managed to contact them and told them I’m not giving them my phone number, they manually unblocked my account. At least something.

2 thoughts on “Fuck off Twitter, I’m not giving you my phone number!

  1. I quit Twitter very soon after joining.
    First, I registered since i wanted to follow some interests I had, just to stay on track of things. But since my account was new, they decided that following 7 pages was very suspicious and locked my account with the phone number shit. I verified to delete my account. Then it kept re-activating every time i tried to delete it. So i changed my password and finally I could delete that garbage, but I bet my data is still there somewhere. Don´t do twitter kids!


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