Youtube playable again on AMD E-450 with Firefox 43

You probably remember my mega rant from few months ago when combination of Windows 10, forced AMD Catalyst drivers on top of AMD E-450 APU with Firefox turned Youtube into sluggish unusable mess even at 480p?

Well, it’s very late December 2015 now and basically with release of Firefox 43, Youtube became playable again. Page itself is still sluggish since tons of scripts hammer the weak AMD E-450 CPU, but once video starts rolling, it’s smooth even in HD.

I don’t know what happened, but from the looks of it, Mozilla lifted the AMD E-450 APU (more precisely HD6320 GPU in it) blacklist from Firefox, which was entirely preventing it from hardware accelerating the video, making it sluggish.

I hope it’ll stay in this functional state, because I kinda like this laptop. It was cheap but is quite reliable and works well. I’ve installed SSD in it so it’s very quiet and cool, would be a shame to sell it because it’s not really worth anything these days.

Anyway, nothing super special, I just wanted to let the word out 🙂


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