Awesome electronic devices teardowns

I don’t do this often, but I think this guy really deserves some promotion. Recently, I’ve started watching this Youtube channel named “bigclivedotcom“. It’s nothing spectacular in terms of visuals, but the content is amazing if you are a tech freak like I am. Sort of like Ashens (some other guy doing gadget reviews on a sofa, anyway… 🙂 ) without the sofa and nasty food, but with soldering iron and multimeter. Them both being British is just a coincidence 😛

This guy tears down but is not limited to electronic devices of all sorts, ranging from LED’s, electric water pumps, demagnetizers, arc lighters, butthole heaters and vibrators to making honey rum and vodka. If it runs on any kind of power, he’ll tear it apart, explain how it works, he’ll comment on device construction, what could be done better or what is already done well and will in pretty much all cases also explain with a blueprint schematic on how circuitry is designed.

He’s also really good at explaining things on “dumb” level so you can understand explanation even if your electrical knowledge is very limited. And I think that’s his strongest point. Dumbing down highly technical stuff so anyone can understand it, but still keeps enough technical stuff so even very advanced viewers can see useful info.

Here is one of his more typical recent videos for a taste…

Pretty cool isn’t it? I’ve already learned so much stuff about things I’ve used myself, but never really bothered to look inside the device even though I roughly know and understand the basics around it.

If you like this sort of stuff, check out his:

bigclivedotcom webpage:

bigclivedotcom Youtube channel:

If you have any suggestions for upcoming reviews or questions about his existing videos, you can drop him a comment or even an e-mail. You can find e-mail address on his webpage. Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel because he makes videos quite regularly.

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