Another mass shooting, blame it on all white men again…


So, there was another mass shooting in the USA recently, I’m not going to write about it, you’ll see it on news anyway since all news media will again overblow it trillion times and repeat it like you’re watching Teletubbies, what I want to point out is again our white man Jonathan McIntosh who blamed the shooting on all men again. Bodies of the deceased haven’t even cooled down yet and he’s already pushing his lame ass agenda again.

I just wonder if he has looked into the mirror recently. I mean, after all, he is a man (presumably). If you’re so engaged into this, then take the responsibility and do something about it as a man. Just saying. After all, you are the most vocal about it. Blaming it on all men and asking why is it only men who do this is not exactly a solution or even a reasonable question.

And there we also have a guest appearance of the Vereen “I’m not racist” Jubbal who immediately had to point it out it was “white men” who always commit shootings. He just conveniently forgot the last big shooting was done by a black dude, execution style live on TV (those two TV reporters). I guess he has a memory of a gold fish…

These motherfuckers are barking at the wrong tree. Well, it’s the right one because they don’t want to solve the issue of men doing the shootings, they just want to push their retarded agendas that only benefit them and no one else.

If most shootings are done by men, you don’t solve the issue by blaming it on ALL men you fucking morons. I’m a man and I’m against this shit and I’m also not going to do any mass killings. So why the fuck are you blaming it on my gender? Is it my fault just because I was born male? It’s not like I had whole lot of options selecting what gender I want to be born into…

If anyone was really interested in solving this issue or at least trying to understand it, they’d be asking criminal psychologists, not fucking Social Justice Warriors, news media and “transformative pop media critics” like McIntosh.

So, McIntosh, if you want to be useful, go and interview a criminal psychologist and make a proper piece on it, not just asking uh oh “why is it always men” in 50 Tweets released in a 15 minute timeframe an hour after shooting was committed…  But I know you won’t do it because you’re an asshole not interested in even virtually solving this issue, you’re just interested in pissing on people because they happen to be of wrong gender. You bigoted fucker.

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